Thanks for visiting my website. Originally in this section I wrote a short manifesto as to why I am writing these blogs and articles but then I wrote an actual blog about it so you can read that here. But you don’t care about the “why” when reading someone’s “About” page, you want to know the who.

My name is Darrell. I have a wife and (at the time of writing this) two boys, but that could change if my wife gets her way…

When I am not writing or spending time with my family I work full time selling industrial pumps.

In my past life I wanted to be a rock star. Not a musician or just a member of a band, but a fully fledged, card carrying, groupie magnet rock star. I play the guitar, bass, keyboards and occasionally sing. I have a home studio where I put down my ideas for new songs, but since becoming a dad in November 2008 I have only done that a few times. Once the kids are older I hope to go back to that and involve them in the writing, playing and recording process.

I enjoy virtually every sport but am not a sports nut – that is, I don’t spend hours on the couch watching Fox Sports or ESPN, but I do like to have the cricket on throughout the summer and try to watch my teams in the NRL and AFL when I can. My thoughts on our boys playing sports is this; I will encourage our boys to participate in whatever sport they wish to. But it will be their choice.

So that’s what this website is about; my experiences as a modern father, my thoughts about parenting, and news from around the globe that I find relevant enough to share with you, and I’m doing it all online…

Darrell Milton – Writer, Editor and Publisher.

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  1. Fathering (and blogging) Blind

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