Why Am I Writing A Dad Blog

Why am I writing a dad blog? I am writing a dad blog;

  • To encourage other dads to be active

Being involved with every aspect of their lives is not only rewarding for you, but will ultimately benefit your children and bring a balance and harmony to your household.

  • To remind myself that everything I do must be for the betterment of my family

modern father online square - white background - jpegThis means that I must acknowledge that decisions I make not only affect me, but they affect my family. From how much alcohol I decide to drink to how much money I choose to spend on the latest gadget or hobby, I need to remind myself that what might be a great idea or bargain at the time, or what might bring me short term pleasure, is spending my time and our money on that really worth it?

I am not trying to be the “best dad in the world” just the best dad in my children’s world.

  • To change the public perception of dads

Not all dads are lazy. Not all dads are absent. Not all dads evil dictating overlords controlling their family. Not all dads are paedophiles. Not all dads are drunks. Not all dads are focused on career alone. The list of things that dads aren’t is endless. And so too, the list of things that modern fathers are is growing longer every day.

  • To change the public perception of men in general

Not all men are sexist. Not all men are misogynists. Not all men are big drinkers. Not all men are pigs. Not all men are selfish. Not all men are only after one thing. I could go one, but this isn’t the Good Men Project. This is just a Good Dad Project (now why didn’t I call this website that?)

  • To discover more reasons to write this Dad Blog

Never stop thinking about how you can change the world, or even just your own community, for the better.

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