Are Your Family Portraits a True Portrait of Your Family?


  1. A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person.

  2. A representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film.

boys feet
The photo that inspired this blog

On Sunday we had some family portraits taken. Being literally in the middle of winter our choice of clothes was jeans, long sleeve shirts and knitted jumpers for us boys and a knitted dress for Mum. Although we put their jeans on before we left the house, because we were stopping at a cafe for a coffee and morning tea, we decided to put them in jumpers that they could get as messy as their babyccinos would allow them.

When we arrived at the park, as I was taking one of the boys out of the car I asked my wife if she had brought different shoes to the gumboots they were currently wearing. And she hadn’t. And I just assumed they’d have been dressed with their nice leather boots rather than the rubber gumboots before we left the house so, my bad…

At the park where we met Clare the photographer from Miss Perfect Party Planning and Photography, there was more play equipment and although we had already played on the equipment at the cafe, we got to play there before she turned up. After getting a call from her to say she was almost there we changed the boys into their nice shirts and new jumpers and we were ready to go.

The park has a path that goes around it where many of the locals walk their dogs or ride their bikes with the kids. The path proved to be a great source of photos including the one where we’re walking away with the boys looking back (take a look at the gallery below). As it had rained pretty heavily the few days leading up to the weekend, the ground around was pretty wet, and muddy where there was no grass just off to the side of the path.

Clare had taken notice that the boys were in their gumboots and that with their blue jeans and blue gumboots they were almost matching from the waist down. She suggested that the boys stand in front of a tree on a dry patch of dirt and although it was hard to keep the little one there for long, she was able to catch an awesome shot of the boys legs and feet. She was very excited about the shot and had to show it to me almost immediately. And then it hit me.

Although I have to admit that I was a little annoyed at my wife for not packing the dressy shoes, and even more annoyed that I hadn’t grabbed them myself, here we were, with a photo that has truly captured the boys, exactly how they have been all winter long. Because they are so young but love to play outside they grab their gumboots as they are easy to pull on. And it’s not just to play outside but to wear everywhere.

So whilst this shot doesn’t show the gorgeous brown eyes of our little one, or the cheeky smile of the older one, or even our whole family, as we were, dressed up in our Sunday best for the day; the picture of their gumboots is a true representation or impression of our boys, winter 2013.

Please note that Miss Perfect’s photos are not all in the square format but I have cropped them down for the purpose of adding them to this gallery. As she takes photos of many young children that are solely for the private viewing of many of her clients, her Facebook page that I have linked it set to private but you can message her or request to be added so that you can contact her. Clare is based in Sydney.

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4 thoughts on “Are Your Family Portraits a True Portrait of Your Family?

  1. Family portrait day is always a disaster in my home. I’m so glad to have broken free of the binds of being in a studio with only a certain number of shots to ‘get it right’. When the kids finally get it right then I blink! Your pics look great and thanks for sharing the day with us!

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