A Dinner For Mum and Dad, a Dinner For the Kids, and How Chopsticks Can Help a Fussy Eater

Prawns and noodles
I’m not a chef, and definitely not a photographer…

The world’s longest title for a blog? Perhaps, but this preamble pretty much sets the scene.

What’s on the Plate?

Tonight’s dinner for my wife and I was made up of – going around the plate from the top left hand corner – green prawns (I use frozen), spring onions chopped, bean sprouts, reduced salt soy sauce, mirin, grated ginger (on the spoon), one bundle of soba noodles (I use dried), garlic (which I later grated), and a carrot chopped to matchstick size. The sliced zucchini and sliced carrots plus the other bundle of soba noodles was for the kids.

Missing From the Plate

While I was taking this picture I had sesame seeds frying in a scraping of raw 100% organic virgin coconut oil. The aroma was amazing. I know they should have made it onto the ingredients tray, but I had a busy afternoon working and I was running a little late with the kids meal.

Prawns and noodles 2Dinner For the Kids

Once the sesame seeds had browned slightly I scraped them out of the frying pan into a bowl. I wiped down the pan and then added some more of the coconut oil and started cooking the zucchini and carrots for the kids, while the first bundle of soba noodles cooked in a saucepan. The kids at almost five and just turned two really don’t go in for the fancy things my wife and I like, but I try to get them to eat healthy. As a result, the vegetables were cooked with the added flavour of nothing, and the noodles were going to be doused in a sprinkling of nothing so that’s all the flavour they need. (In truth they get to put a little bit of tomato sauce on their dinner, but at least they eat it. Or do they? More on that later…

Dinner For the Parents

Prawns and noodles 3

In some more coconut oil, I cooked the prawns and matchstick carrots together for two-three minutes before adding the spring onion for a further minute and then the bean sprouts for a further minute. While this was happening I already had the second batch of soba noodles cooking. Once the mix in the fry pan looked ready I drained the noodles and added them to the pan then the mirin, soy sauce, ginger and garlic – which had been earlier mixed together in a small bowl – was added to the pan. When they were all mixed and the flavour was spread throughout, I placed half of the meal in one bowl for my wife, the rest in a bowl for me and then sprinkled the browned sesame seeds over the top.

Eating With Kids

I try to give the kids a head start at the table. Their meals were served up first which allows for them to hopefully be halfway through when ours hits the table. But that doesn’t always happen. In fact, it rarely happens even when they get a huge head start. But I’m not giving up on this. I am a bit of an Asian food snob in the sense that I have to use chopsticks. My wife uses a Splade (often known as a spork) for her Asian meals, but there’s something a little more authentic about enjoying a meal like this with chopsticks.

And how this all ties into the Modern Father Online family friendly blogs is that chopsticks are a real handy way to get your kids to eat when they stop eating with their own forks. Both of our boys have loved it when I feed them from their plate using my chopsticks. When I make meals laced with chilli however, I tend to bring a second set to the table. So if you are ever stuck and need help to get your young kids to eat, why not try my Chopstick Method™?

3 thoughts on “A Dinner For Mum and Dad, a Dinner For the Kids, and How Chopsticks Can Help a Fussy Eater

  1. Brilliant!! I am going to try this idea when the older kids get whiny about having good food on the table. Which, by the way, your menu description made my mouth water, and its only 10am. Great post!

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