How Do You Name a Royal Baby in 2013?

I wasn’t going to write a Royal Baby blog, but seeing fellow Dad Blogger Henry Elliss (check out his Fatherhood2 blog) asked the question “How many of you are considering writing a post about the Royal Baby in an effort to jump on the bandwagon?” I thought, if there’s a free ride on the bandwagon, I’m hopping on…

william and kate
The proud parents of Cooper or Lennon perhaps?

And whilst the question came from my “Father’s Group,” it was a question from my “Mother’s Group” (that’s the other administrators on Toddler Hints and Tips ) on the Facebook page this morning that gave me my angle; “So who wants to take a stab in the dark at a name?”

Whilst the traditional names started coming thick and fast, as though some of the mothers answering thought that getting in first with George, James, or Edward would win them a prize, in “true me fashion” I had to think about giving an answer that no one else would give.

I thought about it like this; if William and Catherine weren’t part of the Monarchy, if they were just Billy and Katy from down the road, how would they as late Generation Xers name their child the way us non-royals do in since the the turn of the century. This is what I wrote…

“In the (modern) tradition of making a surname a first name, and naming your child after someone you admire, the baby’s name will be either Cooper named in honour of William’s favourite author Mark A Cooper or Lennon named in honour of William’s favourite song and the artist who performed it, John Lennon.”

When we were looking for the name of our second child (a boy), I had it in my mind that Keenan was a great name. It has been used before as a first name but it is more commonly a surname. I wanted to use the name in honour of Maynard James Keenan, the singer of the bands Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. My wife however pulled the plug on that name when she Googled it and found that Keenan Milton was the name of a professional skateboard rider who drowned at the age of 26.

So, like many other bloggers, social media and media outlets, I will put the question to you; what will they call the baby?

One thought on “How Do You Name a Royal Baby in 2013?

  1. I’ve recently been wondering what William would call his blog if he decided to join the growing numbers of UK dad bloggers đŸ™‚ When you’ve just set up a Facebook page for your own dad blog, you can get a free royal feeling of your own when a solitary individual has liked at the regal expression ‘one likes this page’ appears.

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