Does Every Dad Blogger Have an (Un)hidden Agenda?

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I believe that every blogger has an agenda. I am not suggesting this is the sole purpose to their blog-site, nor am I suggesting that every blogger started because of their agenda or that’s the only thing the ever write about; but invariably blogs can take on a very narrow tunnel-visioned path and that is not a bad thing; it can often be what makes the blog so appealing.

When it comes to (as Wikipedia calls it) Family-and-homemaking blogs, – those that the mainstream media call Mum(my) Bloggers and (Dad)dy Bloggers – there is often an undercurrent that is evident in the title, in the look or feel of the site, and often very evident in the majority of blogs that are being written, even if they claim they are more than a one-trick-pony.

I asked a question to the other Dad Bloggers in the Facebook group called Dad Bloggers. And just before I go on, yes many of us Dad Bloggers do not mind being called a Dad Blogger unlike those Mum Bloggers who are taking offense to the term. And for many of us I believe it is our agenda, not just our gender that is the reason we embrace this.

So the question I asked was “What type of Dad Blogger are you?” I gave a few examples based on blogs that I have visited and some of the personalities that I have met in the short just-two weeks since I joined the group.

  • The Gay Dad?
  • The father of twins?
  • The father of an Autistic child?
  • The hippie or new age dad?
  • The widower?
  •  A Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD)?
  • The Rock (or musician) Father?
  • The comedian father (I know that’s all of us, but I was looking for a real life on stage comedian dad)?
  • The Geeky Tech-Head dad?
  • The Christian dad?
  • The father of a disabled child?
  • A father who is teaching their child two or more languages?

We don’t all have to be under just one umbrella and many of the other men came back stating that they could fit under more than one of these categories, and then some came back saying that they fit under others like;

  • The Military Dad
  • The Atheist Dad (although one said he was the “Obnoxious Atheist Asshole Who’s Sporadically Amusing But Has a Tendency to Consume Other Dad Bloggers’ Souls” Dad).
  • The beer drinking dad (although that’s not anyone’s agenda for a blog, us dads just like to joke… and have a beer)
  • The Single Dad
  • The Working Dad
  • The father who has adopted a child
  • The Ex-Christian Dad
  • The father of a child who needs hearing aids
  • The father of a son who cries a lot
  • The father of a child with Down’s Syndrome

The Dad Blogger known by his alter-ego Little Bird’s Dad is that very father of the child with Down’s Syndrome. I’m not singling him out for any other reason other than I promised to include a link to his blog in this blog of mine as when I put the call out for photo contributions for another one I’m writing he couldn’t join in because of his anonymity.

Actually, I lied. I am singling him out because I love his agenda. He recently wrote a blog that really touched my heart and did what any good blog should do; make the reader think, and then change their mind if they come in with a prejudice or an opposing view on the topic you are writing about. Okay, I don’t know anything more about Down’s Syndrome than what I’ve seen in movies, television shows or news programs like 60 Minutes. But after reading this article, I wouldn’t have a fear or disappointment if I found out my next child had this genetic disorder.

And what of my own agenda? What is the category that I will admit to being pigeon-holes into? I too fit into many but none that really define the style of parenting I offer. None that define the what this blog site is actually about. So am I distancing myself from those who can be defined as having a single agenda? No certainly not. I wrote my piece on why I decided to write this dad blog and it explains a bit about where my head space is in this crazy world of online parenting blogs.

But it is the first item on that list that really got me involved and what I felt was my need to start my own blog – To encourage other dads to be active. One of the problems that many bloggers face is that they are often read only by those who care for their cause or are in the same boat. Basically it is a case of preaching to the choir (or preaching to the converted, if you prefer). I want to change that, and I know many of my fellow Dad Bloggers want to do the same.

Little Bird’s Dad already did…

In the days, weeks and months ahead I am going to look into many of these types of Dad Bloggers in more detail, and although I know I have access to the information through the private Facebook group, if any of my fellow Dad Blogger members want to add a link to their blog that best describes their agenda please do so that the readers that are exclusive to my blog might be interested in visiting yours. And if you are a dad blogger but not part of the Dad Blogger group, please feel free to post your link too.

11 thoughts on “Does Every Dad Blogger Have an (Un)hidden Agenda?

  1. Egads! and agenda? I guess I’d choose too many fingers in too many pies dad (but that sounds kind of dirty, so maybe not that). I’m a SAHD of three, writing a dissertation, teaching at university, running a non-profit, refereeing rugby around the country, sidelining as a writer and editor, and trying to be a good husband too. And this is after taking several things off my plate last year.

    I write about all that, plus sports, politics, and about my own parents and childhood. I have no advice on parenting or anything else because I feel that every family is different and what works for me may not work for anyone else. But I also believe that kids usually turn out alright. Hopefully readers will find something they can use in what I express. At the very least I hope they get a chuckle out of it.

    I’ve linked to a post I think represents my agenda, or at least a decent part of it.

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