You’re a Bad Parent if You Try To Dress Your Kids

Keanu on the phone
I think he’s calling his lawyer because I dressed him in clothes for the day…

This morning started like most mornings;

“Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, DAD, DAD, DAD,DAD….”

That’s our youngest. He is still in his cot so he has no means of getting himself out. Instead he just yells for me. Because I got up for him in the middle of the night (thankfully this is rare with this one) I was asleep in the spare room and my wife made it to his room first, but I had heard him and I was well awake. The fact that he is in a cot and needs one of us to get him out shows that he still relies on us for many tasks that his older brother can now do for himself.

Later on after playing a board game with him – he loves Pop Up Pirate – and once he had finished his breakfast we made our way back upstairs as we could here that his big brother was now awake. I opened his brother’s bedroom door and the little one went in and the two embraced in the biggest hug like they hadn’t seen each other for years. It was a beautiful moment. Both had smiles on their faces. The big one ran off to the toilet and I went into the little one’s bedroom to get him some clothes and a change of nappy. And this is when the morning dressing routine started…

When he saw me walk from his room to his brother’s room, the little one climbed on the bed and then waved at me and in his angry voice said “no Daddy, no…” Then he laughed and made it a game – like most mornings – of catch me if you can. Of course seeing that my stride is longer than his height it doesn’t take long for me to catch him.

He’s been through the biting stage. He’s still occasionally in the hitting stage. And he’s been there for a while and showing no signs of leaving it behind just yet; the crying and screaming stage. It is a struggle. I’m not the first and won’t be the last parent to go through this, but I’ve got to ask the question; why do toddlers not want to get dressed?

I wish we could sit them down and give them a survey to fill out. Maybe you could take the survey for your child.

So if your child was answering this poll, how do you think they would answer? And if the answer isn’t there, add your own in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “You’re a Bad Parent if You Try To Dress Your Kids

  1. All of our kids have been through this stage (the 3-year-old is still there, ugh!) and for them I think the answer to your poll is more likely “I’ll do it myself in my own sweet time even though I can’t actually mange to get my head through the right hole in my shirt and I get both legs in one when I put on my pants, so leave me be.” I suspect that was much too long to add as an option to the poll, though. I can honestly say for our middle guy it took a few days of going to kindergarten in his pajamas because we didn’t want to engage in the struggle for him to start letting us help as needed!

    1. A brilliant response. Thanks. You made me laugh. Although, I have to say, when I was halfway through reading the answer to the poll question I was going to respond with “I was going to add that almost word for word but it was too long” and then you stole my punchline. But I’d rather have it stolen than not used. Thanks again for your comment.

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