No One Wants Their Child to Grow Up to be a Scammer, Do They?

scam watch
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“Hello, this is Steven from Telstra…” comes the voice down the phone line. “Are you the person who manages the phone account?”

It is hard to tell the difference between the official Indian call centres and the scammers. Or is it? I get those call pretty much on a daily basis. On some days I have received multiple calls from possibly the same organisation, possibly a different one, but always from someone with a non-Indian name who speaks in broken English and claims to be able to fleece our bank account help reduce our phone bills.

And while I feel sorry for those who are dumb enough to fall for these scams, I also feel sorry for those who have grown up in third world countries who get suckered into being part of these scams. I’m sure the lies that are sold to them are the same sort of lies that the fundamentalists or extremists sell to the young and poor souls living in Islamic countries.

“Your target is not the victim, YOU are the victim.” That’s what they are told.

When it comes to us living in the Western World, we are rich. We have ill gotten money. The money needs to be shared. The money needs to be taken from us.

And there are the plenty more lies.

So what’s a blog about scamming doing on on a Dad Blogging website? Good question. I can see that I can’t pull the wool over your eyes. Well played dear reader. I know that I have mentioned this in an earlier blog; I work from home. I have two phone lines running into my home office; the home one and the work one. I get these sorts of call on both phones but mostly on the work one. This scam must work well with small businesses or offices.

The other day after receiving one of these calls I sat back slumped in my chair. Just outside my office I could hear the boys watching television. They were laughing and singing. It was nice to hear them not fighting over some random toy that neither of them would normally want until the other spies it.

how you raise your childrenI sat back in reflection and pondered this thought. So many times we asked our older boy “what do you want to be when you are grown up?” No parent truly expects their child who is not yet even five, their child who has not even started school yet, or their child who has not even experienced the world enough to have shaped this form of ego.

“Who am I? What am I doing here? Where will I be in five years time? What is my calling in life?”

It just doesn’t happen.

But when it comes to those who are being recruited for terrorism, when it comes to those who are being sourced for petty crimes, and when it comes to those who are being taught how to scam others, children as young as our eldest are being moulded to learn the tricks of the trade.

Sure they aren’t using kids to make the calls. These telephone calls can only be done by those who are older and wiser. Those who can think fast on their feet, and know how to close the deal or know how to back out and hang up on their supposed victim when the jig is up.

So I want these people shut down now. Not just to save those innocent fools who are easily parted with their money from being scammed. And it is not to stop my time from being wasted by these pointless calls, I’m never going to be scammed myself. What I do want though is to stop the next generation of children from being recruited into these scam organisations. Not just that, but I want their parents who can easily be taken away when they get busted to stop doing this. Think of the children. Please, think of the children.

I guess you could argue that they are doing this for their children. Really? Really? And do you want a side of morals to go with those lies? It is sad what they are teaching their children. Last Sunday night after I read another Dad Blogger’s post this thought came to me; how you raise your children doesn’t just affect them, it affects everyone in the world in which they live.

We are going to teach our children to help others. We are going to teach our children to be honest. We are not going to teach our children how to scam people…

5 thoughts on “No One Wants Their Child to Grow Up to be a Scammer, Do They?

  1. I think you’ve really touched on an important issue here. I also feel that some of the points that you made about scamming are also applicable to how some people in sales work by trying to convince people to buy things that they don’t actually need. Mobile phone salespeople are a prime example of the sort of person I mean, they so often try to encourage people to sign up to a contract that in not the best deal for them from a financial perspective. It winds me up to hear the way and ‘upgrade’ is talked about by companies as if it is something of a favour or reward when it often seems to be primarily a means for the company to tie someone into a new contract for 12-24 months.

    Like the comment above says, I think you really hit the nail on the heard with what you said about how we raise our children affecting everyone around them.

    1. Jonathan, being in sales all my life I would agree with you. I try to be as ethical as I can be only offering upgrades when necessary but always giving the option so that those who plan long term can see if the extended product life or energy savings IS ACTUALLY GOING TO benefit them. We have a situation at work at the moment where the customer is considering our energy saving option which for the product they are buying means they are baying between 25% and 33% higher in price than the standard model. We don’t believe that spending this extra money will save them in the long run. We estimate that it will cost them 10% to 15% in energy costs over 5 years and therefore we would suggest that them spending the extra money is not justified. Ever heard of a company talking their customers out of spending more money? No? It is the ethos of our company and in the long run, we won’t get bad press for ripping people off.

      Sadly though, for those who CAN benefit from our energy saving devices on products, they are not easily swayed as years of lies from other companies trying to get more money for different reasons that haven’t had positive paybacks means that we look like we are just trying to scam people. But if they knew about the flip side of our argument, I’m sure they’d see that we are not the bad guys.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. I certainly wasn’t intending to lump everyone in sales together in my last comment. I think that it’s great to hear about how your company seeks to balance meeting its own financial aims and coming up with a strategy that also meets its own customer’s needs and finances. I’d love it if this became the norm.

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