How to Sell Your Baby Online….

ebaby logo
eBaby, a place to sell your baby…… stuff

…Baby Stuff Online. Sorry, that heading is misleading. I meant to call this How to Sell Your Baby Stuff Online but I stuffed up, and once you’ve created the title, is it really important to go back and fix it? Nah.

So there have been quite a few dumb parents who have tried to sell their babies or young children on eBay. Seriously, did they think that they could get away with this? Sadly, yes. Here’s an example from 2011 about a mother in Victoria, Australia trying to sell her kid.

Now, just for the record, there’s no such thing as eBaby. Also for the record, I don’t own the trademark for eBaby. And just in case any of those parents who have considered selling their kids on eBay have landed here thanks to a search engine result finding my erroneous title to this blog, I created this logo for parody purposes.

But this is not really an article talking about selling your kids, this is actually about selling their unwanted, pre-loved or used goods on sites like eBay and Gumtree.

Something you need to know about me. I have spent my entire working life in Sales and Marketing. And even longer than that, I have spent my entire life being marketed to; on billboards, on television, on radio, in newspapers and magazine, online and off-line and point-of-sale. As someone who loves advertising I can tell when I am being marketed to, and trust me, I have used some of those techniques myself to sell to my own customers over the years. But, a natural born cynic I can tell when I am being marketed to when I don’t want or need to be marketed to, and that’s when I start to get turned off by advertising.

Did you want to read that last bit again? I’ll wait. Actually, I’ll write it again to make note of it;

“…when I don’t want or need to be marketed to…”

“Who needs to be marketed to?” I hear you ask. There are plenty of times that you need to be marketed to. Well, when I say marketed to, I actually mean in the old school sense – that is to say – where the company who has made the product, or the distribution network they are selling it through explains the benefits of the product rather than showing you young and attractive people using the product and making you wish you were young and attractive again (← possibly unnecessary word removed) while using the product.

And that’s the point to this blog. When I am on eBay I don’t need to be marketed to, especially when I have narrowed my search to that particular brand for that particular product.

I am sure you have seen it a million times before; someone is selling a well know product – for this example a stroller – and while creating their advert they visit the website of the manufacturer and pretty much copy and paste the marketing material, pictures and specifications of the product verbatim. They are trying to sell you their Hugadoo Monkey Convertible Stroller (name changed to protect the innocent) and think by telling you the benefits of this on their eBay advert you will buy this over every other stroller out there.

But hang on a second; didn’t YOU already visit hugadoo(dot)com (not a real website) and find this out yourself? Didn’t you already see the full page advert over the last eight months in the We’re Having a Baby Magazine? Didn’t you visit the Hugadoo stand at the last parenting expo? Didn’t you see the positive comments from other parents in the parenting forums? And didn’t you see your friends on Facebook share the pictures of their Hugadoo Monkey Convertible Stroller and you said “I just have to have one” and with that you did all that research I mentioned?

And then, like so many of us, didn’t you go into your local baby shop only to find out that if you did buy the Hugadoo Monkey Convertible Stroller you first needed to visit your bank manager and re-mortgage part of your house? And so it was at this point that you turned to online classified websites like eBay and Gumtree to look for pre-loved strollers; namely the Hugadoo Monkey Convertible Stroller.

So here you are, sitting at your computer, logged onto eBay or Gumtree or Craigslist swimming through a sea of adverts for the stroller of your dreams and seeing half-a-dozen or more adverts for this second-hand stroller that are exactly the same, rehashing the same old marketing and “file photos” from Hugadoo’s website, and all you really want is to know how much, what condition their one is in, and where you have to pick it up from.

When did every “man on the street” become a home office advertising agent?

2 thoughts on “How to Sell Your Baby Online….

  1. Spot on!!

    You just summed up my experiences finding the American version of the Hugadoo Monkey Convertible Stroller (the baby is on the right side…wink), and my experience purchasing a motorcycle a few years back.

    It’s really annoying … all we want to know is like you said: condition and price. I’m going to use these principles in my work website – thank you.


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