The Toys Have Gone Viral

toy plane
One the runway is cleared of the large scissors, it’s ready for take off

I just got home from picking the kids up from preschool and day-care. We walked through the front door. In the foyer/entrance hallway lies a two inch high plastic Ernie from Sesame Street.

In my home office which is just off to the right lies a plastic tennis racquet, a Matchbox car, and a set of plastic drum sticks in the corner.

I continue through to the kitchen where a toy skateboard that my little one picked out as a prize last Saturday at a party is sitting on the side of the kitchen bench.

The kids run through our dining area and into the lounge room while I head upstairs to turn on the central heating. Today was the coldest day in Sydney in two years and although we’ve been having some beautifully warm and sunny days in Sydney this winter, today was not one of them. On the stairs – on the sixth one from the bottom to be exact – lies a plastic spade. At the top of the stairs we have a landing; it’s a room whereby all other rooms on the first floor lead off of and it is big enough to be a room of its own and a rather large bookcase and our communal dirty laundry basket live there.

On the bookcase lives our eldest son’s Ninjago, all lined up ready for battle. Just along from his Lego collection is an array of other toys; more Matchbox or Hotwheels cars, a few plastic insects and a bouncy ball, more relics from party bags gone by. Seeing that I am trying to write a blog a day – or even more to have up my sleeve when the well runs dry – I take note of these and decide to do a quick whip around to see what other toys are lying in places other than designated toy playing/storage areas.

In our guest room there’s a Formula 1 die-cast car sitting under the bedside table. In our master bedroom there is a toy jumbo jet on one dresser, a plush tiger sitting at the corner of the bed, and on my bedside table there’s a larger die-cast car with a wheel base as big as my mobile phone, and some random green plastic star which I think belongs to a shape sorter of some description. I will discount the children’s books that are there as well as they get read to the little one when I try to get him to sleep and he picks our bed as his nighty-night launching pad (yes, I cuddle him to sleep still each night).

Looking on the floor in our ensuite there is a weird looking creature sitting on top of a mound of plastic grass. I believe this is some sort of girl’s toy that we landed up with in our McHappy Meal when either my wife or I didn’t specify a boy’s toy. Not that that matters. Just a few centimetres away there’s a projectile lying in the corner. This is from a Skylander beast, another toy we picked up from McDonald’s.

We have a separate toilet near the main bathroom. On the floor of the “smallest room in the house” lies four more die-cast cars. I sort of feel that maybe the Hotwheels are battling it out against the Matchbox cars in the storm drains like you see in a Hollywood blockbuster. Or maybe not.

The other three rooms upstairs are the main bathroom, boy number one’s room and boy number two’s room. It is fair to say that all of these rooms should and would have toys in them so I am excluding them from this blog.

I walked back downstairs, head into my office and open up WordPress to start this blog and then left it open while I start the boys’ dinner. As my wife was working until 7pm it was a meal for the boys with our dinner to follow afterwards when she gets home. Now that I have the boys sitting at the table eating their dinner and glued to the television (I know, I know what you’re thinking, but at least I have them both eating) I continue my search for the toys that have gone viral throughout our house. On the other side of the dining table there’s two wooden stacking blocks and the wooden stacking block holder is not far from these. Under the table is a balloon – whilst not really a toy, to our boys they are more than an hour’s fun.

We have a little set of table and chairs that the kids used to sit at for all their meals before we convinced them to join us at the big table for dinner each night. Under that is another die-cast car lying upside down on its roof.

Our lounge room is the main area where the boys play with their toys and games. There are quite a few out at the moment that will be put away, but seeing my wife needed the space for Pilates this morning, she has pushed all the toys to the edges of the room like a snow plow making way for the traffic.

Surprisingly there are no toys in the laundry or the third toilet that is just off of our laundry. It would seem that if I need a toy free environment, maybe the laundry and the downstairs toilet might be my sanctuary.

We also have a double garage where toys are know to play by themselves Toy Story style (at least that’s the impression that I get when I find something that I put on a shelf laying in the opposite corner less than 24 hours later). Maybe it is just one of the boys getting in there and moving them, nut then again, maybe the toys do come alive.

The only place left is our backyard and the deck that spans the whole width of our house. There are many large Tonka trucks, fire engines, tippers and the like living there. There are more sporting goods like tennis balls, soccer balls, rugby balls and more toy racquets. It is funny but, seeing how cold it has been today, and seeing that the boys both spent the day out of the house at their respective places of child care, the only one who has been playing with the outside toys on the deck is our pet bunny. And he loves it.

Tomorrow (Friday) my wife is working the full day again and I have a pump coming down over night that I have to pick up from the shipping depot and deliver to a customer and then it’s back to the home office to no doubt respond to more emails. My wife will be playing soccer again as she does every Friday night and I will pick up the boys from care, bring them home and organise their dinner, bath and then bed times.

Right now it is fairly late in the night at our house (and all over Sydney too), and I have the dishwasher to pack before I head off to bed. So I know that we’ll be walking past Ernie again (I haven’t picked him up yet), the spade is still on the sixth step, and all those other toys would be laying where they were lying earlier this evening.

That pretty much leaves me with Saturday morning to get the house back into some sort of “normal” living conditions seeing that my wife will once again be working on a Saturday and I will have my list of things to do before I spend some quality time with the boys.

Have the toys taken over your house or do they only live in designated areas and end up in the bin if they stray from their approved home?



5 thoughts on “The Toys Have Gone Viral

  1. Try as I might I can’t keep toys from migrating all over the house. I have a 1 year and 5 and 6 year olds so I have become obsessed with keeping the older boys toys in their room only so we don’t have any choking hazards where we let the baby roam but I am constantly finding things that don’t belong.

    1. “I can’t keep toys from migrating all over the house.”

      I had to laugh. It made me think that maybe the toys should have to apply for visas to enter rooms in which they should be banned.

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