Is My Child a Biologist?

WARNING: This blog contains traces of poo, but for most parents, that’s as common as their morning coffee…

gifted childI have always wondered when I started becoming aware of my own body. Not in the body image sense, but in the way it functions.

I have witnessed both our boys on their “journey” of self-discovery; I don’t mean in the spiritual pilgrimage sense, but discovering their eyes, mouth, nose, hands and, well, penises. It is funny to watch sometimes – not the penis discovery, that’s just awkward sometimes – but I can remember when both of them were just infants laying on their back, staring up at the ceiling and then discovering that they had hands. It is possibly one of the simplest forms of enjoyment watching them discover these things, but when they get older and more aware of themselves, that’s when the real fun begins.

Yesterday, while changing the nappy of our younger child, the older one came in to help me out tell me random stories as I carry out my parental duty.

My wife and I are the masters of the rhetorical questions you ask kids and nappy changing time is no exception.

“Who’s done a poo?” we ask the child who has, well, um, done said poo.

Yesterday during this episode of “Dad Changes A Nappy” <font face = ironic> (apparently us fathers still need to announce it) <font face> the following conversation between me and my client (the toddler with the nappy full of poo) occurred;

“Who’s done a poo?”

“No poo, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….”

“It doesn’t smell like just wee,”I said while peeling open the tabs. “There it is, Poo Central.”

At this point, Master Almost Five piped up with an interesting observation that he has made which sparked the idea for this blog.

“Dad, did you know that when I do a poo I always do a wee, but when I do a wee I don’t always do a poo?”

That is true. I can confirm that what he discovered is definitely the case as far as half of his gene pool goes. But I googled it to be sure and found a Wiki Answer to the question “Why do you pee when you poop?” where the answer came back that we don’t always do it, but I’m sure you clicked on that link to read it for yourself. Of course, I actually entered “why do you urinate when you defecate” which not surprisingly appears pretty high on the returned automatic search results in Google. It seems lots of people want need to know the answer to this question.

The point of this blog is not to discuss the bowel movements and associated bodily functions of my child, but to highlight that each and every day your child, like my children are learning things about themselves and things that we should be encouraging them to explore in greater lengths. We should never dismiss a question they ask because it is an embarrassing topic. We shouldn’t dismiss the statements they make like ours did with his story about his poo and wee. We should develop their curiosity and maybe we will learn something new with them.

And that’s the other thing I would like to add; if you don’t know the answer, google it. Sure you should not rely on Dr. Google when it comes to medical problems, but there are honestly some great resources online, many that you can trust to – at the very least – answer the basics of your question, or point you in the right direction to carry out further reading (sites like Wikipedia often quote sources and include links to reputable websites).

So I googled the question “Is my child a biologist?” and I was surprised to see that this was not a popular search, if even the search had been done before me. I mean really, I’m more likely to find a site that will insist my child is gifted rather than let me know exactly the direction of further education I should be pushing a 4-year-old into.

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