Snake Daddy, Snake

This morning while I was hanging out a load of laundry on the line our toddler searched for our pet rabbit that my wife let out of his cage earlier on.

As I reached down to pick up another item of clothing to hang up I heard a shrill that was half “excited toddler” and half “OMG scary.”

“Snake Daddy, snake”

Seeing that we do have a bunny and snakes can smell out small animals, topped with the fact that we’re experiencing exceptionally warm weather for winter in Sydney which could bring a hungry snake out of hibernation (yes all of that seriously went through my mind) without any hesitation I swept up the little one and retreated from the direction in which he was pointing.

Standing my ground, with the toddler hanging onto me like he was a koala in a tree on a windy day, a wave of fear swept over me.

“Snake, snake.”

I couldn’t see it but he could. He kept pointing and saying snake over and over.

And then I saw it. But there was more than one. Did we have a nest in our backyard?

I sort of hoped so. Those little skinks (lizards) would be good at eating all the bugs that might attack our vegetable garden.

Yes, that’s right. The snake turned out to be lizards. I’m very happy with that.

When have you been alarmed by your child only to find out they were excited rather than scared?

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