This Little Piggy Went to the (Television) Market

abc for pigs
I fixed up the logo on ABC4Kids. Maybe ABC4Pigs might be more appropriate…

Pigs. What is the attraction? The Muslims and Jewish people aren’t too fond of them. But it would seem the kids are.

On our kids favourite television channel, the Australian Government run and funded ABC4Kids there are currently three pig themed shows that I know of.

In addition to these shows where pigs are the main characters joined by other anthropomorphic animals such as bears, dogs, cows, the list goes on. But pigs are now the main stars. Pigs are the main attraction. I wonder why this is.

Pigs are often seen as unclean, especially in children’s books I grew up with where they can often be seen rolling around in or covered in mud. But the likes of Peppa Pig, Olivia and Wibbly Pig are far from dirty creatures. Okay, Peppa and her family do love a jump in the mud every now and then (who doesn’t) but that’s not what her adventures are all about.

Peppa Pig

Our little one is the fan of this one. He loves Peppa and her little brother George. We have a PVR that as of this morning had 365 recordings of this show even though there are only 209 episodes. I expect we have many duplications amongst those recordings. Probably even have about ten recording of the same episode. There are a few that seem to be on every other day.

Our youngest son got the Peppa Pig dollhouse for his second birthday. I wrote about that here.

Wibbly Pig

I can’t comment too much about this one. I know the boys watch it. I’m not really sure if I have sat down and watched this one with them.

If you can give me your thoughts on this in the comments below that would be great.


I have watched this one a few times. There are two things I like about this show;

The whole world is made up of pigs. It’s not pigs hanging out with other animals like Peppa Pig does. In Olivia’s world, everyone is a pig. I’d love this. You would never here that old feminist mantra “all men are pigs.”

The other thing I like about this one is the theme song. It reminds me of a punk song from quite a few years back. I have been racking my brain for the last four years trying to place it. I know one day I’ll here that punk song and Olivia will stick in my head, but until then, I’ll just rock out on the not-so-rock theme song of Olivia.

So tell me, who is your favourite anthropomorphic pig?

9 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to the (Television) Market

  1. I also really dig the Olivia theme song! 🙂 Favorite pigs? Well, you can’t go wrong with Porky, altho the stuttering gets old. And Babe is pretty awesome. But I think my favorite is probably the short but awesome cameo role of Spider-Pig from The Simpsons Movie. Or maybe it’s just the song. 🙂

  2. Although my little one loves both Peppa and Olivia, I find that Peppa’s family in particular is a little too conventional. Daddy pig is always funny and not very smart whereas mommy pig is well-organized, a rule-maker and yet cute and loving. At least mommy pig gets to work outside the home.

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