7 Things I Don’t Want for Father’s Day

Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand falls on the first Sunday of September. Today is Saturday 31st August so that can only mean one thing; today is Father’s Day Eve. Like every Saturday, my wife works so it is the day I love spending with the boys and after a morning of the little one helping me hang out three loads of washing (for him, helping means jumping on the trampoline and yelling out “watch me Daddy, watch me Daddy”), and the older one along with the little one and me playing ninjas and generally mucking around, we went up to the shops so I could get my own father his present.

While we were at the shops I noticed many point of sale displays, racks of clothing out the front of stores, and cleverly placed “Don’t Forget Father’s Day Tomorrow” signs trying to entice last minute shopping for the old man in your life. And let me tell you, there are plenty of pointless items on the market that I am sure are just manufactured and sold to people who have nothing else to buy for their dads.

So here are seven items that I do not want for Father’s Day.

(And because our kids are not yet five and just turned two, Mummy is the one who gets the things from them for me, so this list is addressed to dedicated to my wife…)

Click on the first picture to bring up the slide show with my comments…

So dads, is there anything that YOU want to add to this list?

4 thoughts on “7 Things I Don’t Want for Father’s Day

  1. Totally with you about not wanting any old random piece of junk that happens to have ‘dad’ or ‘world’s greatest dad’ on it. I’m in the UK and I experienced my fist Father’s Day this June. My wife and i went out for lunch with our son and then to a pottery place where we painting a few mugs and plates on which we also got him to do footprints.It was really nice to do an activity that was fun and go out somewhere as it made the day feel more special.

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