How Are You Celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

I was a little disappointed when I dropped our eldest of at preschool today. They were not celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and none of them had heard of it. Come on guys, you’d think that an organisation that is involved with kids would keep up to date with celebratory days like this. It is any excuse to have a theme day, dress up or just to make everyone feel inclusive, especially when so many institutions avoid things like Easter and Christmas so as not to offend those who are of other religions.

That’s Not My Pirate is one of our toddler’s favourite books. And although the ship can’t go in the bath, the pirates love to…

We have a few pirate related toys – one of which I had to throw out as it was destroyed somewhere between Easter when it came in a pirate themed chocolate egg package and a few weeks ago when I had to lower the sails and lower the Jolly Roger and sink the ship (well throw it in the bin). But it did bring joy for the four or five months that it survived the toddler who received it as their gift.

Please note that this is note a paid advertorial for any of the toy, book, game or costume distributors, nor the stores that are mentioned with the pictures below. I am just letting you know where you can purchase these from if you would also like to join in the pirate fun. And trust me, I have only scraped the surface for the amount of pirate related items there are for children.

Our toddler loves the book That’s Not My Pirate and it would be one of his favourite books to read with its interactive pages letting the child learn about different textures. That book comes in a collection of That’s Not My… titles including trucks, robots, dinosaurs and many more. I would recommend these books to anyone who has a toddlers who loves books. Our little one got a four pack of these books for his second birthday and he loves them.

The toy pirate ship in the photo in was another gift he got for his second birthday. Missing from my photo (but shown in the gallery below), and no doubt hiding out somewhere in our house like the scurvy dog that he is is the Captain of the pirate ship. It also came with a little jail cell and pirate flag plus a crocodile. The crocodile has been a saving grace for me in the last week or so as the toddler is hating bath time. I simply fill the bath with bubbles, stick the screaming child in the bath, make the crocodile stick his head out of the bubbles saying “snap, snap” and laughter and a pleasant bath-time ensures. I believe this pirate set aimed at toddlers might be an exclusive to Kmart Australia (well I can’t speak on behalf of retailers in other countries) and whilst the pirates, the crocodile and the jail cell are bath friendly, the pirate ship is electronic so it is not a bath toy.

As a family we also love playing Pop Up Pirate. As this is a game of luck, not skill it can be played by our 2-year-old and he can actually win a game. The funny thing is, when we started playing this with him he would try to steal everyone’s swords and it made the game unplayable with a toddler. There were also times when our 4-year-old made the game a little less fun during the “but I wanted to win” stage which thankfully he is over now. And that is one of the problems with that game, you can’t skew the outcome in favour of your child who is having a tantrum about not winning. Our maybe this is the perfect game to teach them that life is not all about them winning all the time.

We are only 41 days away from Halloween and I am sure that there will be a few pirates roaming the streets looking for some loot. Kmart Australia has some reasonably priced costumes (one at $10 and one at $15) and if you want to go to a bit more expense and if your child is into Disney’s Jake And The Never Land Pirates then Target Australia is where you can get that costume or clothing and other merchandise for that Disney franchise.

I guess it would be remiss of me if I didn’t include a link to the official website of the originators of the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I have been a fan of this day for as long as I can remember so it is no wonder that I was disappointed this morning when I dropped our son off and there were no signs of it. I know school (and some preschools) are all about the Three Rs, but it would be great if next year they could recognise a day when we can celebrate just one big ARRRRRR.

And to finish off here is the most favourite pirate in our household; The Wiggles good friend Captain Feathersword, the friendly pirate…

Are your children celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Do you celebrate it?

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