Community Service Announcement: Some Dads Don’t Have Blogs

blogless joel
There are no pages view statistics for Blogless Joel, only tears

I have blurred his face to protect the innocent. This dad and his child look happy enough, but behind the laughter there are plenty of tears, for this father doesn’t have a blog. We will call him Blogless Joel, but he could be one of the millions of dads out there that do not have their own blog. For every blog like mine there are literally hundreds of dads just like Blogless Joel that also do not have a blog. For every Blogless Joel there is also a Blogless Billy, a Blogless Frankie, and yes, even a Blogless Tommy.

I know what you’re thinking; not all fathers need blogs. Not all fathers want blogs. I can sort of understand and appreciate that, but I say to these selfish non-blogging dads;

“What if you couldn’t have a blog?”

What if you really wanted a blog but the Government said no?

What if you really needed a blog and your landlord said “it’s part of your rental agreement; you can’t have a blog.”

What if you were stranded on a desert island after your plane went down while you were just trying to deliver a basketball to a random sports fan? Oh, there would be plenty to blog about on that island. But, no. blog. for. you.

For those of us who do have blogs, we are the lucky ones. I don’t take this blogging lightly and I sure as Hell thank God every day for blessing me with the privilege of having my own blog. And that’s the other thing, blogging is a Divine Intervention. A gift from God.

And because of this, we are holier than thou. Basically, for us Dad Bloggers, our shit don’t stink. (Sure our kid’s shit stinks, and we’ll write about three weeks worth of blogs about changing that stinky nappy. And not for praise, but to tell the other dads out there “there is no shame in changing a stinky nappy” because that is what Dad Bloggers do).

So where does that leave dads like Blogless Joel? Does he have hope? Does he have a future being a great father without having a blog?

I don’t know. You’ll never know. Without a blog, we’ll never know about it.

Please buy an orange ribbon to raise awareness for blogless fathers

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