Police Remembrance Day: A Day to Teach Your Children Respect for Authority

police remembrance day
Police Remembrance Day 29th September

Yesterday I posted a humorous story about Orange Ribbon Day to raise awareness for blogless fathers. It was well received and in less than 24 hours it has had (possibly) the most likes, a reblog, a few shares and some positive comments. It was mostly an inside joke but seeing that there were many who weren’t privileged to the esoteric nature of the post who enjoyed it, I might consider writing many more humorous posts. In fact I will. Just not today.

Little did I realise that when I wrote that last night it was on the eve of Police Remembrance Day 2013 (the actual remembrance day is the 29th but as it falls on a weekend this year, the services are held today). I have taken this from the Australian Federal Police’s website;

“National Police Remembrance Day is a significant day of commemoration where people can reflect on each individual police force and remember those officers killed on duty. It provides an opportunity to honour all police who have given their lives serving the Australian and Southwest Pacific communities.”

So that is remembering those who served in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and the Solomon Islands.

Sadly, when I turned on the news this morning the lead story was about a police officer who was shot in the neck on the Gold Coast at about 1:20am this morning. He is expected to make a full recovery, and I am sure that like me and many others who acknowledge Police Remembrance Day each 29th September he will be in our thoughts today.

I don’t know if it was planned, or if there is an algorithm that just selected today’s date on the calendar, but today is also the day that the two people will be sentenced for the 2011 murder of another police officer who was also shot on the Gold Coast. Sadly, that office didn’t live.

In the attempt to display as much transparency on this website as I say in my disclosure page, I have vested interest in wanting people to respect police officers;

  • My best mate’s father was a sergeant in the New South Wales Police Force and after he left the Force he went into private security. Sadly he was shot by two armed gunmen in November 2012 and is lucky to be alive.
  • I have a family member who is a Police Officer.
  • I want the streets to be safe.
  • I want our kids to be safe.
  • It is the right. thing. to. do.

So to those who have lost their lives protecting ours, I say thank you. And to those who are are serving in the Force today, all of my respect is going out to you.

But my thank yous and my respect is merely lip service if I don’t bring up my own children to respect those who are merely trying to protect them, their property, and their loved ones. So I make this promise to you. I will teach them to be respectful. I know what I expect from our police force. I am sure that’s all you ask from me.

how you raise your children

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