Why Mums Shouldn’t Work and There Should Be NO SaHDs

If you’re a working mum having a little trouble in the daytime working landscape dominated by menfolk, I’m here to help. Nothing makes your eyebrows curl into question marks like HOW MEN WHY??? when it comes to why you don’t get paid as much, and why you don’t get all the good positions on the Board, or in senior management.

Photo Credit: Channel Nine Australia – House Husbands is out on DVD – go and buy it and I will feel less guilty for stealing this photo

Why is that? Is it because men are holding you back? Is there some big conspiracy where all the men get together and say that women should not be allowed to make as much money as them, or have the top jobs like them? No, I don’t think there is.

But maybe the blame needs to be pointed directly at women like Jenna Karvunidis who wants to segregate those stay-at-home-dads from the stay-at-home-mums because she fears for her marriage.

You know what? That’s the excuse I am going to sell to my brothers. That the excuse that I am going to offer up next time the feminists go on their rants about why women are not promoted to the senior roles. Meetings go for a long time sometimes. They can go really late in the afternoon, sometimes into the evening.

Now I know you have your mother or mother-in-law to pick up the kids from day-care, preschool or school. And I know that you might have help from a nanny or even your own stay-at-home-dad, or maybe just a dad who is flexible in his own employment and he can cover raising the kids. Sweet. But what I need you to know is this; you’re a hot, attractive, intelligent woman and even hotter and sexier when you’re sitting across the board room table from most men. You can’t be in that room because your beauty is too tempting.

Heck, I have a wife and kids at home. I can’t go jeopardising MY relationship by letting you into that locked board room with us guys. I mean, as soon as it is just down to you and one of the guys (or if porn has taught me anything, and I expect is hasn’t) you could take more than one of us on. So now you don’t just want to ruin MY relationship, you are trying to ruin the marriages of the whole board of senior management.

Oh I hear your cries. BOO HOO. You are just a career woman trying to make her way in this big bad world of business. Na-uh. No you ain’t. You are a hussy. And I ain’t got time for dat.

So, you know what you need to do working mum? Quit your job. Quit you job and stay home with the kids.

You need to quit your job so that the stay-at-home-dads who are having trouble finding like minded parents (yes, that’s either mums or dads, but mostly mums as they dominate the landscape, remember?) can go back to work and work instead of staying home looking after and raising their kids. They cant be doing crazy shit like that. That’s just crazy talk, you crazy talking crazy talker.

Or maybe Jenna Karvunidis is just completely wrong and I don’t have to finish this ridiculous piece of writing that I am doing just to get my ironic point across.

Yes, forget what I just wrote, and forget what Jenna wrote too. The only one who is “cray-cray” here is her…

Just for the record, if finances permitted, I would be a stay-at-home-dad in a heart beat.

3 thoughts on “Why Mums Shouldn’t Work and There Should Be NO SaHDs

  1. Love this and the whole movement! The same media towards mothers that is sexist toward women is equally sexist to men and it’s often sadly overlooked. I love seeing passionate people taking a stand. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing!
    Helping men and women everywhere by being a great father and a great role model to young boys (and girls!)
    Xoxo, caity

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