Why Is Every Mummy Blogger an Alcoholic?

Tonight is the last night before my wife returns home from her holiday in Singapore. As many of you might remember, last week I made a list of six things I was going to do while she was on her overseas holiday. And I did all of them and more.

Although her overseas trip was only for five nights she actually spent six night away from home choosing to stay at her friend’s house who lives a short taxi ride from the airport as opposed to our hour long drive to get there. I sort of wish she went for longer so that I could prove myself to be a self sufficient single parent – not that I would want to be – but I relished in the “challenge” to take on a young boy and a toddler by myself through all the tantrums and fights that were to be expected.

As much as I miss her, as much as well all miss her, I wish that she was gone for seven nights so that I could have done the whole week’s routine on my own. I know that I couapple ciderld do it. I know that I could get the boys ready for preschool and day-care, make lunches, take them to extra curricular activities outside these schooling organisations, and generally keep the normal routine going like clockwork.

One thing that I didn’t add to that list but I did anyway was have a drink while cooking dinner to transition from my work day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today (Monday) and to compliment the fun day I had with the boys all day on Saturday and Sunday. I went out on Wednesday and bought myself a six-pack of cloudy apple cider to be my drink of choice. And I guess that it was fitting that she was gone for only six nights; that’s one drink from the six pack per night. How convenient?

Now I know what many of you are thinking; you shouldn’t be drinking when you’ve got little kids to look after. Au contraire (I think that’s French for “shut up, what would YOU know?”or something like that).

I follow lots and lots of parenting Facebook pages. I follow lots of businesses who sell children’s products and service on Facebook. And I follow lots of bloggers, many of whom are mothers. And one thing that I have noticed; mums who run Facebook pages love sharing drinking memes. Things like “mommy needs a drink,” and “go to bed, mummy needs some wine.” I am sure you’ve seen them, and if not, I’ve included some below.

So basically I figured, if I am going to get through the single parenting like a mum would – and everyone knows that mums are so fantastic, they keep reminding us as shown in these memes (click here) – then I better get some alcohol in me. Now I am not much of a drinker; I only had two light beers on Saturday night at the 40th I was invited to, but I enjoy a glass of red with dinner three nights a week. But red wine is not really alcohol, it is good for your heart they say, so it’s more of an elixir rather than anything else, right?

And while apple cider is hardly the “hard stuff” I felt that I should have something that would make me a better parent, and I’m not one for a “chardy” or “champers” (they’re pronounced shardy and shampers for those not in the know) so a cider it was.

Liquids have definitely played an important part in my life over the last five days, from the extra coffee I’ve been having each morning, to the herbal teas I have been enjoying throughout the day (that’s one showing in the picture that I brewed earlier today). I have also won a few battles with offering the toddler a few extra sips of milk each night and letting the older one have some soy milk to compliment his dinner each night too.

But as of tomorrow night, that’s it. I am back on the wagon; or is that off the wagon? I can never remember which one is which. Tomorrow night starts the dry spell that I will be imposing on myself so that we can prepare to go back to the healthy eating and drinking to take us into this coming summer, and I really want that beach body this year.

So from tomorrow night on, it will be a different sort of six pack that I will have on my mind until the coming long weekend. Did I mention there’s a long weekend coming up? And I promised to bring the carton of beer to the party…

Diet starts the following week… (And I am pretty sure there’s a whole stack of those memes being shared by the mothers too).

So here are those alcoholic mum memes for your enjoyment. Click on them so you can see them better. Tip for mothers; if you don’t get the joke you might need more wine… or less…

6 thoughts on “Why Is Every Mummy Blogger an Alcoholic?

  1. Ah, this is helpful. So, if I want to be a good parent, I have to be like a mummy-blogger, and thus I need to drink a bit more. OK.

  2. Ha Ha … Yeah there are loads of these floating around the net. I totally understand that feeling of needing some sort of comfort / reward at the end of the parenting day … but I usually turn to the dark chocolate rather than the wine … not so good for the beach body lol!

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