Piñatas – Are You Seriously Going to Hit That?

A few weeks before Christmas 2011 we had an invite from our eldest child’s Family Day Care to attend their Christmas Party. Awesome. Games, food, drink, games, fun, games, awesomeness. RIght? Well…

I submit for your perusal the photo marked Exhibit A. As you can see in the photo, a headless Santa Claus lies in front of the children dying what I imagine could have only been a painful death.

Exhibit A - A Headless Santa lies dying
Exhibit A – A Headless Santa lies dying

You see, we had a Santa piñata. A piñata (which is pronounced pin-yar-ta, well in least my part of the world) is a container often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth; it is decorated, and filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration (thank you to Wikipedia for that description).

In recent years, in party supply, discount and department stores along with many online sellers, they have been selling thousands of these. From traditional piñatas I saw in books and on television growing up (donkeys and stars) to every licensed character under the sun and more, they are everywhere and used for many occasions. As I mentioned, Christmas parties, plus birthday parties, a celebration from the United States called Cinco de Mayo as well as Halloween parties, piñatas are becoming a “hit” at every celebration. Pun very much intended.

And that key word “hit” is motivation for this article. You see, for what it’s worth, I like Santa. But Santa piñatas are turning up at many Christmas parties. Let’s look at it like this (role playing always gets the point across);

Parent – “Go on hit Santa”

Child (crying) – “But I love Santa. Santa brings me presents…” (Sobbing continues whilst child reluctantly hits the papier-mâché Mr Claus.)

Parent – “Just go and hit the jolly old man. Do it. Do it. Do you want the candy or not?”

So what are we telling our kids? Hit things that you like. And let’s not stop at Santa. Let’s roll out these targets too…

Look, Halloween is only a week away. Yes, the scary celebration. You know, the one with all the creatures of the night; monsters, the undead, the supernatural. There are definitely some things like Dracula, ghosts and mummies that I would gladly take my piñata basher to. And that makes complete sense. But when you look at the items above, the princess, the crab, the Wiggles and the donkey, do you really want to hurt them? (Cue; Culture Club…)

Sure, I’ve always been a fan of spanking the monkey, and sure I’d a hit a little ass now and then, but not literally.

But we have our eldest son’s party looming and no doubt getting a piñata might be on the cards. But seeing we are having a ninja themed party (or Ninjago to be exact) then maybe instead of whacking one of the good guys (there are a ton of Ninjago good guy piñatas available) we should really look at attacking Lord Garmadon or the evil snake dudes. And let’s not forget the skeleton guys from Season One or the Stone Warriors from Season Three. No, let’s not. But do you know what? You can only get the good guys to hit. That I don’t get.

I think we might have to make our own one this year.

SO tell me, are piñatas the must have at all your celebrations?

(I have included links to the websites I borrowed these pictures from. If you have been influenced in buying a piñata for a party, please consider clicking on the link I have provided. I don’t get anything from these suppliers for saying this, just the guilt trip lifted from me for, you know, that whole copyright thing).

6 thoughts on “Piñatas – Are You Seriously Going to Hit That?

  1. I hate pinatas. Always have. Weird phobia of mine, or something. And yet, in the last year, my kids have been to three birthday parties with them and are now asking for pinatas at their birthday parties. My son will be 7 in September. I’m trying to figure out where to buy or how to make a Lord Garmadon pinata (which is how I found your blog). I hope this phase (of pinata love) passes quickly.

    1. I take it you’re in the States or Canada by your title Mom, and I have to say, you think YOU’RE having trouble finding a Lord Garmadon pinata??!?!?!?! Try living in Australia and looking for merchandise like this. I get so jealous when I extend my search outside of Australia on eBay and EVERYTHING I want is available in America. I too was looking for a Lord Garmadon pinata for our son’s 5th birthday last year. There was a group Ninjago pinata available but I didn’t see the point in the party goers hitting the good guys. We just went to another party 2 weeks ago ago there was a turtle that everyone was hitting (not a TMNT type turtle, a “realistic” looking one). I like turtles. Apparently, based on the way the kids hit the pinata, I might have been the only one there that DID like them. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I’ve been living in Australia for quite a while and yes, it’s very hard finding the pinatas my boys always wanted. Wish that we have more stores that stock them.

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