Is It Time For This Company To Change Their Advertising Slogan?

With our eldest son starting big school this year I have really taken notice of all the back to school marketing. The other day I saw this advertisement and whilst I grew up singing the jingle, I’m now wondering whether, in these modern times when there are many stay-at-home-dads, widowed fathers, single dads and proactive dads who look after their kids just as much as any mother would, should Tip Top Bakeries should change this slogan.

Tip Tip Bakeries have been using the “Good on ya Mum, Tip Top’s the one” slogan and jingle for as long as I can remember, and he’s an example that goes back to 1987.

Today was day five of our first born son’s life at school, and out of the five days he has attended, I have made his sandwiches three of those days, and fully packed his lunch-box on two of those occasions. So maybe a “Good on ya Dad, Tip Top ain’t bad” slogan is well overdue.

Back in 2010 they dropped this slogan in favour of Australia’s Favourite Bread. I’m not going to argue with that because I haven’t seen the figures, but I am sure they have the data to support that. But it only took them about a year for them to bring this back when they launched this cute “favourable to mothers” advert which had a surprise twist at the end.

But that’s all we got. And that’s all it seem we’ll ever get because the Facebook page and website plays solely on the “Good on ya Mum” motif and there’s little to no mention of dads except for that now distant memory of “…and dads” being added at the end of that one advert.

As I mentioned in my recent article “Would You Like Sexism With That?” about McCain’s Mum’s Cut Fries, I shop regularly for our family’s groceries and have input into what our family will buy and consume. So how does a display bin at the end of a supermarket aisle with “Good on ya Mum” supposed to entice a dad to want to buy that brand. I don’t feel like they want me to buy it.

I am not calling for a boycott of this product because they don’t work and I have no real issue with the brand as a product. I just hope that brands like these will engage dads in their marketing because it will be good for their business with more and more dads taking an active role, and it will help in the battle that dads like me fight nearly every day when we are promoting dads as something more than the stupid deadbeat dads portrayed in most adverts and television shows.

You can check out some other sexist adverts by clicking here…

5 thoughts on “Is It Time For This Company To Change Their Advertising Slogan?

  1. Brilliant, love that men are standing up more and more to be recognised equally in the home and family. For so long you have been ignored and for me, I want to see little boys growing up knowing being a Full Time Dad is equally as great a life choice for them too. All goes toward making the world a better, more loving place. Good On You Dads

  2. It’ll be good when the advertiser you’ve mentioned here realises that treating dads as afterthought when it comes to talking about parenting and families isn’t actually all that progressive. Let’s hope that it happens sooner rather than later!

  3. Ugh. Tip Top’s ‘famous’ ad achieves the incredible, what with managing to be sexist to male AND female parents in one fell swoop.
    Newsflash, bread-folks – women don’t like it when you make assumptions about their role in the family. Men feel the same way.

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