10 Ways To Confirm That You Are A Supermom Or Superdad

supermomThanks to Charlie and Andy of How To Be a Dad for sharing my post called Dear Mums, Please Talk to Your Husbands because I have gone from averaging 70 reads per day to having my blog read by almost 6000 readers per day. That’s a super effort by them. And that makes for a nice segue to the point of this article.

In addition to those memes that mums (<<< UK English) share there are countless articles written about and memes shared supporting the concept of the Supermom (<<< US English).

supermom (plural supermoms)

  1. (US, informal) A mother who looks after her home and children whilst being in full-time employment.

I created my own logo for Supermom as I didn’t want to infringe on any copyrights, and I expect you’ve seen all those cartoons depicting Supermom in a cape and/or full superhero get-up, some with kids hanging off her, some with her flying into the sky, some with a woman in a business suit ripping open her blouse to reveal her secret identity (the Supermom costume) underneath. Cute.

Typing Superdad into Google’s image search returns pretty much the same amount of pictures with the same depictions, only with a business shirt replacing the blouse as you’d expect. Also cute.

But here’s the interesting thing; type in “Supermom” into the Google search (not image search) and it returns the above dictionary meaning about a mother who looks after a home whilst being in full-time employment, but entering “Superdad meaning” returns this;

Superdad is a 1973 American comedy film by Walt Disney Productions and starring Bob Crane, Barbara Rush, Kurt Russell, Joe Flynn, and Kathleen Cody.

It would seem that a dad who is full-time employed and also looks after his children and does things around the house (and let’s call it equal work to the mother’s household duties) is nothing more than a dad. I was going to write “working dad” but the assumption is that the dad works, unless he is a stay-at-home-dad, and then by definition (going by the Supermom one that is) if he ain’t working, he ain’t no superhero.

My mum worked full-time. I can never remember a time before she retired that she didn’t work full-time. And so did my dad. My mum did the laundry, my dad (along with whoever noticed the washing hanging out) got the washing in. My dad did the grocery shopping, on his own. Both my mum and dad took turns in cooking (although my dad always cooked the meals on Saturday night and his speciality, the Sunday roast like he used to have back in England where he grew up.)

My dad did the handy man jobs. My mum bathed the kids. My mum helped me with my homework. My dad drove us places. My dad paid the mortgage and the bills (back when you had to go to the bank to put your wage in to pay off the house, and cover the cheques you would need to write to pay the utility bills).

It was a fairly even division, or co-operative attack on the daily chores. It might have swung slightly in favour of my mum doing more domestic chores, but as my brother and I got older we took over many of her chores whilst my dad still had to be handy with the power tools and carry out dangerous and skilful repairs to the house.

But, by definition, with my mum working full-time, raising kids and doing housework, she MUST have been a Supermom. But, not my dad… Look, truthfully, if my mum was alive today I know she’s tell me that she wasn’t a Supermom, rather she just stuck her head down and did what was needed to be done to have everyone fed, cleaned, healthy, clothed and well, you know what it takes to run a household, so you can add to the list in your own mind.

And my mum would suggest that my father wasn’t a Superdad. Not by that definition given, but I know that with the mutual respect they had for each other, in their own mind each one was somewhat #super. (Yes, you can hash-tag that).

But enough of that garble, you didn’t come here to read that I didn’t have superparents, rather you want to know whether YOU are a superparent yourself. So without further ado, here’s the list I promised you.

Note; you need to be able to tick off 8 of these to confirm your super parenting status;

  1. You wear a cape, lycra costume and your underwear on the outside of said costume, and all are concealed comfortably under your regular clothes.
  2. Whilst wearing the aforementioned regular clothes above your superparent costume, no one can recognise you as opposed to when you’re wearing your superparent costume.
  3. In your regular clothes you are known by the name given to you by your parents, in your superparent clothes you go by a different name, one that sounds so contrived and might be based on your super power, other ability, or your appearance.
  4. You can fly without needing an aeroplane.
  5. You have superhuman strength, can stretch your limbs to 10 times the normal length, can take a bullet without drawing blood or create a force field to protect you and your family from harm.
  6. You have a league of other superparents that you socialise with and join forces with to take on a greater evil.
  7. You have an endless supply of money to purchase vehicles that can do all manner of crazy things (like a car that converts into a plane and then converts into a boat and then a submarine).
  8. Your local Chief of Police can contact you direct via a phone number only they have, or by shining a light into the sky with your logo displayed.
  9. You can morph into an animal or inanimate object.
  10. You have x-ray vision. Real x-ray vision (not the pretend type).

So how did you go? Did you have at least 8 of these abilities? And what other powers do you think a parent should have to be able to call themselves a supermom or superdad?

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