How To Be The World’s Greatest Father (a.k.a. Best Dad Ever)

Today I took the boys to three parties. Not just one, not just two, but three. On my own. Me. A dad. Yep, just me and the boys.

Pffft I hear you say. Mums do that all the time. True, but I’m a dad. A man who has fathered kids. You know, the one with the penis. The one who doesn’t have those “natural maternal instincts” like a mother has.

So you’re reading the title World’s Greatest Father (a.k.a. Best Dad Ever) and thinking this is some sort of joke. But it’s not. And I am NOT appointing myself either title. This has been chosen for me. Not by my wife. Well, not her alone, but a panel of mothers. Let me explain…

Last night my wife went to a make up party. I’m not going into details with that because she’s had one here and quite frankly, they are boring. Don’t get me wrong, these parties are as good as any excuse for women to get together, have some bubbly and cheese (there has to be cheese, doesn’t there?) and something in the chocolate variety, and then talk about crap stuff that women like to talk about. Note I didn’t say “bitch about?” (Seriously, I’m told that when women get together that DOESN’T happen).

Anyway, during the night my wife made mention that I was taking our boys to three parties while she was working and the group of women she was with were astounded to say the least.

The three presents wrapped up ready to go

Some said their husband would struggle to do one on their own let alone do more than one. But this isn’t the first time I have done it and my guess is, it won’t be the last time either. What’s so hard about it? Sure I had to plan the day right.

The first party was at 10am and it was a 10 minute drive from home. That party was for a boy who lives up the road from where we used to live. We’ve remained friends with the parents and we invite their kids to our kids’ parties and vice versa.

party number 1
The first party at our former neighbour’s house. Fancy dress with lots of Spidermen and Ninja Turtles.

The next party was a 20 minute drive away and I left just before 11am to arrive about 10 minutes late. It was at a play centre and it was the first invite we received so it naturally was the first we accepted. As play centres are costly per child we couldn’t be real late as the food and festivities commence 30 minutes after the start time and I feel it’s rude to not turn up when you say you’re going to.

party number 2
The second party at a play centre. Musical chairs was being played here.

And seeing this was a party for one of Master 5’s school mates and the kids would no doubt be talking about the party next week at school, I didn’t want him to miss more than 10 minutes. Our son is shy and often withdrawn so taking that into consideration, we couldn’t have stayed at the first party any longer than we did.

The actual party was booked for 90 minutes and kids normally stay for two hours from go to woe, but we were having so much fun that the time flew and before you knew it, it was 3pm.

The third party was at one of our neighbour’s place. The mother of the boy turning one walked past our house while my wife was outside with the boys one afternoon and she gave my wife an invite because she wanted to meet more of the neighbours. That’s a pretty nice gesture. The parents of the birthday boy are from Tanzania and Zimbabwe and we are gaining a big African community within our region of Sydney so being invited into a group that I haven’t had that much dealing with was a treat.

party number 3
Master 5 was kicking around a soccer ball in our community park. Some party people are in the background enjoying the party.

The party started at 1pm but was going on until 5pm (as per the invite) but when we walked home just past 6pm there was still about 40% of the guests still there (although most were making tracks). Because of the long duration of the party, and knowing that Master 5 would want to enjoy the second party for its full duration and then some, when my wife accepted the invite to the third party she mentioned we’d be there around 3pm.

Unfortunately at that exact time I had to send a text to the mother explaining we’d be much later seeing Master 5 decided that it would be more fun to split his chin open requiring surgical glue to be used to seal him up at the local medical centre rather than putting his shoes on and leaving when Daddy said “okay, it’s time to go.” Instead he ran off hoping to find one of his friends who was still playing, but he tripped and fell and let the blood flow from his chin. (Yes, instant karma is a bitch, and he’s learning that the hard way).

The medical centre is in the same centre as where my wife works so she took a break to take Master 5 to get his chin sealed up while I sat in the car because Master 2 decided to fall asleep at the most inappropriate time (even though technically that time IS when he’s due for his daily nap).

If we discount the fact that the trip to the medical centre was needed which required my wife’s assistance, all in all it would have run smoothly that all three parties could have been attended and enjoyed, and all handled by me.

Me, a mere man. A dad. A dad who, by my wife and her friends’ vote made me the World’s Greatest Father or the Best Dad Ever.

And I’m humbled by that title, but question its relevance when there would be plenty of mothers, many single mums, many married but with a husband who would struggle to attend one kid’s party let alone more in one day, but who would do this on a regular basis. And I expect there’d be dads that do this too. Not because they have no choice (mum working, they are a widower, they are a single dad with their weekend falling on a day with multiple parties), but because they want to.

Have you had to do the multiple party in one day by yourself? What about having older kids being invited to many parties and having to juggle between taking them to one, and having to play tag with your partner to get as many of your kids to as many of the parties they are invited to on time?

5 thoughts on “How To Be The World’s Greatest Father (a.k.a. Best Dad Ever)

  1. I have never gone to that many parties in one day, but from time to time I have been bestowed with the ‘best dad ever’ title. Frankly I think mom’s think that the bar is rather low for what the best dad looks like.

  2. Well done for managing to fit in all three parties! Like you, I feel that people sometimes go over the top at times when it comes to praising devoted or engaged fathers as if their dedication is something out of the ordinary. It’s definitely praiseworthy buy I guess you have to ask yourself if a woman who took their kid(s) to three parties in one day would be heralded as the world’s greatest mother.

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