Have You Already Photographed Your Child’s Future Partner?

Back in 2010 a photograph was the focus point of a “news” story that reported a fateful moment when Alex and Donna Voutsinas had been photographed together, about 20 years or so before they actually met. They are calling it a fateful moment due to the fact that one of them was living in the United States, whilst the other grew up in Canada, so being in the same place, at the same time was not a common occurrence.

Our eldest son was not even 2-years-old when I read the story, but since then, and being the over thinker that I often am, I have wondered where and when it will be that his moment of fate will occur. Will he be getting pushed on a swing at a park only to have the little girl he will one day marry throw a tantrum because she wants a turn?

disney world fate meeting stroller married
Donna aged 5 in the pink top, Alex aged 3 in the stroller being pushed by his dad

In the five and a half years since he was born, I have taken thousands of photos of our eldest son. At the park, at the zoo, enjoying babycinos at a café, dancing on the steps of the football stadium where we’ve gone to watch a game. Have I already taken the photo that has captured his future partner? It is possible.

But then again, possibly not. It is possible that the person he will one day marry hasn’t even been born yet. Maybe this person has been born but is not living in Sydney, Australia. Maybe they are living on the Gold Coast. Maybe he will meet a beautiful Croatian girl from Zagreb whilst backpacking through Europe.

Maybe the fateful meeting doesn’t lie with him, rather it is with me or his mother. Maybe I have bumped into one of his future partner’s parents on my business trip to Germany. Or maybe it’s the child of one of my customers back home in Sydney (I am writing this in my hotel room in Frankfurt).

Maybe fate won’t play a part in his romantic endeavours. Maybe it will be boring. Maybe he will marry one of the little girls from his kindergarten class. Or primary. Or high school sweetheart. Any photos that she might pop up in that I have already taken would therefore not be some kind of fateful moment because there’s nothing fateful about bumping into someone you currently live less than 2 kilometres from.

Or maybe he will never marry…

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