How To Teach Your Children Not To Be Prejudice

This morning was the last day of my couch tour around Germany before heading off for a work conference and training in the country’s mid-west in a place called Wuppertal, about 30 minutes from Dusseldorf. This morning I had breakfast with our tour director seeing that she was more or less “off duty” and didn’t have to sit separately from the group as is the protocol on these tours. (She always had all meals with the driver).

We had a few deep conversations over the almost 12 days we were on the road. From the continued discussions about Nazi Germany after our local guided tour of Berlin, to discussions about her home country of Croatia and the crap she and her country endured back in 1991. But today’s topics were a little light hearted and rather jovial until she quoted a Star Trek reference about coffee.

Holding her mug of coffee to her lips she took a sip and then said;

Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised. It’s got me through the worst of the last three years. I beat the Borg with it.”

“You know that, right?” she added. “It’s from Star Trek…”

“I don’t know that one. I’m not really a Star Trek fan. I’m a fan of Star Wars,” I replied.

“But you can be both. You don’t have to just like one…”

She’s right you know. I have an aversion to Star Trek solely based on the whole “you can’t be a Trekkie and a Star Wars fan” argument. But, of course you can. star trek coffee meme

I have written about it a few times since starting this blog; don’t push your prejudices on your kids. Although I was only 3-years-old when Star Wars came out, I can still remember seeing it at the movie although I have the feeling they had a second run when I was a few years older; possibly when the second movie came out.

So at 5-years-old, our eldest son should be ready to sit down and watch Star Wars and the subsequent movies with me. But should I stop there, or should I go on to explore Star Trek with him? Having watched only one of the movies (from memory), I don’t know a thing about the series and I feel a little lost seeing that there are six television series versions spanning 39 years of production, and 12 movies over a 34 year history.

I believe that many of our fears come from the unknown and our inability to allow ourselves to learn something new. From these fears come our prejudices. I am sure that not knowing what, why, and how the Jews lived their lives is part of Hilter’s prejudice against them back when he promoted his ideology and wanted to get rid of them.

So, unless I want to promote this sort of mindset in my own children, maybe it’s time that I sit down and watch them, if that indeed what my son/s choose for me to do.

I will leave you with this quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation;

“If there is one ideal that the Federation holds most dear, it is that all men, all races can be united.” – Captain Picard

6 thoughts on “How To Teach Your Children Not To Be Prejudice

  1. First off, what is a couch tour?
    Secondly, I think you are right we tend to fear the unknown and that fear can grow into something worse. Generally when we are exposed to something, it is easier to accept.
    That’s probably true of movies also, but I have not thought much about it on that level.

  2. I have always been more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars, not that I dislike Star Wars mind you. And yes we must tear down the fandom walls in the name of a tolerant society. If us nerds can’t get along who can?

  3. I like both, although I got into Star Wars before Star Trek. I shall be foistering both on my own kids in due course I am sure. I’ll have to overcome my own prejudice against the prequel trilogy though….

    I will say this about Star Trek – the movies are terrible – the point of being comic. And season 1 of any Star Trek series is also pretty ordinary (they take a season to find their feet).

    Good luck!

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