The 5 Things All Successful Mummy Bloggers and Mumpreneurs Do On Facebook

I’m using the UK spelling of Mummy because that’s what we do in Australia, but to help out my own SEO opportunities I’m going to interject this with the US spelling of Mommy so that when people google Mommy Wars, Mommy Bloggers, and questions like “how do I become a successful Mommy Blogger” guess where they’ll land? (Please Google, be kind to me).

But enough about me and my self-confessed shameless approach to getting more readers to this blog, I’m going to get the the point (or should that be bullet points?) Long before Facebook’s new algorithms came into practice, Mummy Bloggers have been trying to get more reach on Facebook by whatever means they can. Having involvement (or engagement as the marketing industry calls it) by means of their followers liking, commenting on, and better still sharing their status updates is paramount to getting more reach.

So how do the successful ones do it?

Firstly, it’s fairly easy to do most of what I’m suggesting because these ideas do not rely on your creative ability, merely your ability to follow the other Mummy Bloggers and save and post the same memes as they do. It’s really that simple. Original content sharing is not a key factor in any of this. Most of your followers will forget that the another page they follow shared the same meme only last week, and the best part is, unless Rain Man is amongst your followers, it doesn’t matter if you forget that you have already shared that meme before, so just share it again.

Also, this doesn’t just work for those mothers who are blogging, it also works for Mumpreneurs or Mompreneurs if you’d rather. And don’t forget those Parenting Magazine pages (which are actually just for mums even though they profess they are for both parents).

1. Share Memes About Wine

Every mother likes to drink. Every mother likes to like your memes about wine that you share on your page. Every mother likes to share that meme on her own page to remind all her friends that she drinks. It’s very important that mothers do this so that those of her friends who are childless and still partying eight nights a week will once in a while invite her to come out drinking.

Note; wine memes are best shared at night time, although if you have followers from around the world, it’s 5pm somewhere.

Check out this gallery of 41 wine memes that I collected only from the Facebook pages of Mummy Bloggers and Mumpreneurs. Feel free to save any that you haven’t already shared with your followers. Actually, feel free to save all of them. That’s 41 days worth of entertainment right there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Share Memes About Coffee

Coffee is one of the most addictive “legal drugs” available and many people, especially parents cannot start their day without a cup, or two, or more. The best thing is, these memes are almost as addictive as the drink itself. It’s almost the same as the wine memes for many mothers who need to remind you that even though they might have their kids in tow, you really DO need to catch up for coffee.

Note; coffee memes are best shared in the morning.

Here is the perennial classic that will get ALL mums liking your page. It’s funny because it’s true.

coffee memeAnd don’t forget that many dads get woken up in the middle of the night, and they’re not so keen on sharing those memes with the mother in the picture (yes, you CAN capture the male parent market too).

frabz-because-coffee-is-just-plain-fucking-awesome-863a5fAnd if you want to have a bridging meme between the morning’s coffee post and the evening wine post, this one and many like it are perfect for that occasion.


3. Share Bacon Memes

So this might offend those of your followers who don’t eat bacon for religious reasons, or those who are vegetarian, or worse still vegan. My though on the whole don’t eat bacon because of your religion is this; if God didn’t want you to eat bacon, why did it make it taste like bacon. (Bacon being the best damn flavour on the planet which is why some clever cookie invented those bacon flavoured vegetarian things they have at the salad bar in Sizzler).

Note; bacon memes can be shared 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Rate a Hunk

I love this one. Simply find a photo (or photos) of some Hollywood hunk, preferably without his top off, and then find a photo (or photos) of another Hollywood hunk, stick them together in a single picture and then ask your followers who do you prefer;

“Chris Evan or Chris Hemsworth?”

Chris Evans versus Chris Hemsworth

It’s an untapped market in the world of Dad Bloggers because asking your followers (many of whom are women) who would quite simply take offence to the “who is hotter, Kate Upton or Kate Beckinsale?” question will “unfollow” you. Rightfully so.

What would be deemed as sexist for a man to promote is simply charming and delightful on a Mummy Blogger’s page.

I love to join in whenever these are shared. I’m taking Chris Hemsworth in this battle because I’m supporting a fellow Aussie, and that hair, his is way longer than mine in Thor so he makes me look more masculine than he. I like that in a man…

5. Monday, Friday and Weekend Memes

Be alert, be prepared, be ready. It’s Monday and you need to inform everyone it’s Monday. So share this. You simply must…


Your followers will not only like the Monday shares, but if there was a love button, they’d press that one repeatedly on a Friday…


And don’t forget Sunday nights. So it’s not quite Monday, but a gentle reminder Monday is only one sleep away will have your followers liking this meme like there’s no tomorrow. Only there is. And it’s Monday. So, back up to the Monday meme we go…


So what’s this blog post in aid of? What am I trying to pull? Am I simply having a go at all the Mummy Bloggers and Mumpreneurs out there? No.

But I do want to highlight that those shares of the same unoriginal and repetitive memes is possibly the downfall of those who were using them to promote themselves in the first place. The good people of Facebook know that this was going on. They know that individuals were being inundated with the same old, same old over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Sure, it’s not just those mum pages that are to blame; having those joke pages all but dead any buried, the ones that shared those “1 like = 1 prayer, 1 comment = 2 prayers, 1 share = $1 donation” for personal gain without ever actually donating a cent is a good thing.

So if sharing too many memes, especially those that we’ve all seen a million times is something that I don’t think you should do, what then SHOULD you do?

Come up with original content. Share short stories about your kids. Report on funny things they say. Ask engaging questions of your followers. Ask questions on behalf of your followers.

None of these are necessarily original ideas from me (hashtag #ohtheirony); there are plenty of pages already doing this and getting lots of engagement. And maybe once all those repetitive memes have disappeared from everyone’s news feed, maybe, just maybe Facebook will change its algorithms back so that those simple status updates that get your followers liking, commenting and tagging in a friend or family member will take pride of place in ALL your followers news feeds.

Go challenge yourself. Go and create something original and see if it gets people liking it. Maybe more people will like that than those stolen memes you like to share.

Today I had one of mine shared. It’s one I created a few months back. It’s funny but it was shared by a home business promoting children’s products to (I hesitate to say parents, because it’s mostly) mothers. Ideally I would love to have mine shared by personal profiles because individuals get more reach than pages do first up.

And seeing that I have my website’s URL on my own memes, hopefully that will result in people visiting my site.

So can we go forward sharing original content and funny anecdotes of our own? I’ll let Ryan Gosling have the final word…



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