A Song Written For An Unborn Baby

I believe it was back in 2007 that on a Sunday or Monday night whilst hanging out with my mate James and his wife Nicole, she mentioned to me that she was hosting the baby shower for her best friend’s unborn baby that coming weekend.

Nicole came up with the idea of James and I writing a song and knowing that I had a digital 12 track recording studio at home I could record the song so that it could be played at the party. The following night I wrote some music and came up with an idea for a chorus to the song. I took that idea (the song’s hook) back to them the night after that and we started writing the rest of the lyrics.

James and I had been song writing partners on and off since we were 13 years old and now 20 years after we started writing together we had a very special song on our hands to write; one dedicated to an unborn baby.It was still a few months before I would meet the woman who would go on to be the mother of my own children, but I felt that having just spent some time in a relationship with a woman who had kids, I had already felt the sort of bond you can get with, even they are not your own. That was the inspiration for this song.

By the Wednesday night of that week I had been in lock down recording the guitar parts, bass, keyboards (the “string” section) and programming the drums. Normally James would play bass on my demo songs, but every Wednesday night he hangs out with his father and that’s a bond I didn’t feel we should break. And we were after all working to a deadline.

We enlisted Sonia to sing the vocals. She was the original lead female vocalist in the party band I joined along with James and his old band mates once we had all given up the dream of playing our own songs in bands that weren’t making any money, and playing to small often unresponsive crowds.

On Thursday night she came over to do all the vocals. Although she had the lyrics printed out in front of her, I still had to coach her to how I wanted the vocals to go. As the co-writer, composer and producer of the track I had the sound of the vocals and harmonies in my head, and not being the brilliant singer that she is, I had to bust by throat to reach those high notes that I was looking for, especially in the last chorus where the interjection of “I’ll teach you to fly” comes in by the backing vocals slightly before the lead vocals sing the same line.

It’s by no means a very polished production and if I could do it over again there would be things I would change and improve on, but that’s the life of a writer. Well, that’s at least what goes on in my head whether it be one of my songs, or even this blog. Sometimes I go back and read some of my old posts and think that there was a better way I could have written a line, but once it’s published, it’s published and I don’t think it would be right of me to change it.

So I present to you a song the I called (I’ll Be Your) Guardian Angel. I know that regular readers as well as friends of mine will wonder why I used that motif when I’m not a religious person, but James and Nicole are both religious and so too is the mother of the then unborn child. Besides, I like to write songs about mythology; seeing many of the heavy metal bands I listen to write about that.

This song is a radio friendly ballad that could never be on the radio unless a producer better than me (Mutt Lange, anyone?) could come up with a 3 minute 40 version. Still, here it is for your enjoyment.

(I’ll Be Your) Guardian Angel

It’s strange that I feel this connection with someone that I haven’t met
But the bond that I have with your mother is something we haven’t lived yet
In time everything will change the ties between us could grow strong
And this is the promise that I make and that’s why I wrote you this song


I’ll be your guardian angel and you’ll be and angel to me
I’ll teach you to fly, be there when you cry, just know that I’ll always be there
I’ll give you your wings, amongst other things
Just know that I’ll always be there I’ll always care

It’s strange how I know all about you I’ve known you before you were here
And now you’ve arrived I can hold you and whisper “welcome” in your ear
In time the world will seem so strange, the times you feel you won’t belong
There’s no need to be afraid, that’s why I wrote you this song



One thought on “A Song Written For An Unborn Baby

  1. Ben, bassist Tom Spagnardi, and I worked on songs in the
    basement of my Jersey City brownstone, and then showcased them at The Bitter End
    and Sine. How many drummers have been asked by the uninitiated, “And do you play any other instrument. You get there, set up your kit, and introduce yourself to the other musicians.

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