Do You Want To Write A Dad Blog?

Do you want to write a dad blog?
Write a blog about your kids?
And maybe write about the things you do
Like cleaning up the poop and finding a clean bib?

I know it’s kind of crazy
That a dad might care
Enough to write these things down
Do you want to write a dad blog?
It doesn’t have to be a dad blog…

When it comes to parenting blogs, those written by mothers outweigh fathers by a ratio of lots more to not as many (source: trust me, I know these things). When I joined my writer’s group on Facebook called Dad Bloggers there were a little over 300 in the group. Almost 12 months after joining we are a few short of 800 and the group is still growing.

The thing that I like about this group of writers is that whilst we are all chest beating alpha males (not true but) men all the same, with opinions of our own, and arguments about whether Star Wars is better than, well, life itself, we can basically agree on one thing and one thing alone; we all want to be great dads and we want to encourage each other to be great dads and we want to have a dragnet effect over all fathers, bloggers and non-bloggers alike and promote being a great dad as an important part of a man’s life ***and breath***.

Well, one who is a dad that is. But it’s more than that.

Writing a blog like this is like going to church. Well the original reason for going to church. Not the new modern age version of what church is, but why I imagine it was created in the first place; to help people become better, well, um, people. Having this blog is a daily reminder that there are things that need to be done to ensure that my kids are looked after and raised right. I believe having this blog makes me a better dad.

When it comes to watching football on television or building a Lego set, I stop and think, what would Modern Father Online do? He’d want to help build that Lego set, right? You bet. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not 100% sacrifice, but it’s more give than take when you become a parent and sometimes I think some parents forget that. But maybe not those who blog, because maybe those who do write a parenting blog are forced to care.

That’s not saying that those who blog are better parents; by no means are anyone of us the proverbial Supermoms or Superdads. In fact, sometimes our failures are the things that we write about to make others aware that when they fail they are not alone, but we are all in this together, growing, learning, failing and occasionally winning. Not Charlie Sheen type winning, but having a few small victories along the way.

I was thinking about this in the shower this morning (picture me in my swim shorts if that helps); are those parents who take photos of their kids, run around after their kids watching what they do all day, taking in the kid’s school work, sporting endeavours or extra-curricular activities and then blurting our their doting tales on social media merely over sharing and bragging about their kids, or are they doing something else? Are they taking interest in their kids and promoting that to other parents?

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or whatever the social media platform you might want to add, each of these are micro-blogs. Whether it’s 140 characters on Twitter or a spiel on Facebook where your friends and family need to click the “read more…” link to see your manifesto style blurb, if that update is about your kids and what they are achieving, you might be a parent blogger. An albeit private blogger, but a blogger all the same, if not in micro-blogging standards.

But maybe, just maybe you think that having a public blog like my one would be pretty cool. And for the most part, once you get past the death threats from your trolls and personal attacks from those who disagree with you when you put forward an opinion piece, once your thick skin has well and truly hardened, you can see that the community of parent blogging (minus the occasional Mummy Blogger Wars™) is one that is very supportive of each other with a common goal; be the best parent you can be.

So mums and dads, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Do it, start a blog. Go forth and prosper. Become an activist, a story teller, an online diarist, or someone who wants to help other parents by giving advice and spreading the good word on how rewarding albeit punishing at times being a parent can be.

And as I mentioned; mums still seem to be more prominent in parent blogging circles so we can always use more dads in the online communities making the world know that dads care just as much as mums do. And if you’re stuck for a name of your blog, I have listed a couple of names you can use;

Stay At Home Chad – would be good for anyone named Chad who is a stay at home dad;

Because I Am Your Father – my mum bought me a fridge magnet that said “Because I am your mother” and I thought of the male equivalent as a name of a blog after I started mine

Dad Not Dud – a perfect name for an activist who might like to promote positive dad images on television, in movies and especially in commercials

And whilst this is just a short list of names I though of, I am embarking on promoting all my favourite Dad Bloggers that I have networked with in my first year of being a dad blogger myself as my first anniversary for this blog is only a couple of weeks away. Stay tuned, keep reading my blog, follow my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and in the coming month I will be launching what I’m calling Phase 2 of my blog to celebrate moving into year two of my blog.

And like always, thanks for reading…

8 thoughts on “Do You Want To Write A Dad Blog?

  1. Here’s another blog name, free of charge: – Focuses on the dad’s role in breastfeeding and his love of all things boobs.

  2. I’m not sure I want to really start a dad blog, I love starting blogs, but I’m not sure a dad blog is right for me. I’m still new to the process and not sure I have a ton to contribute right away. It might be a better thing to do in a couple of months.

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