The Definition of Irony When Parenting…

On any given day our youngest will put up a fight with my wife or I and not want to take his pyjamas off to get dressed into day clothes.

Today was wear your pyjamas to school day at preschool. So, it would seem there would have been no battle this morning to keep him in his pyjamas. But…

Last night we had his birthday party at a local venue (yes, a Monday night, long story) which meant that we didn’t get home until late by which time it was too late to have a bath and get the pyjamas on so it was basically clean his teeth and then strike while the iron was hot and get him to go to sleep seeing that he was rubbing his eyes.

And that meant him sleeping in his in the clothes that he wore to his party.

And that meant him waking up in those clothes.

And that meant him kicking up a stink and not wanting to put pyjamas on. The same pyjamas that he would have spent the day in had he have been wearing them to bed the night before.

My wife put them in his bag and some time throughout the day one of the teachers was able to convince him to put them on seeing almost every other kid had their pyjamas on.

Sometimes I am sure the parenting planets align and send the universe (our household) into a spin.

The upside of this of course is that my wife and I had a good laugh about it and I get to tell the story.

Although sometimes I would rather do without the subject matter…

4 thoughts on “The Definition of Irony When Parenting…

    1. Being that it was a Monday night, and being that my wife had to spend a good portion of the day with him in public, and seeing that he isn’t a baby in a stroller any more, the pyjamas had to come off Monday morning.

      But next time, I’m taking your advice…

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