Two Things That A Dad Can Get Right

Yesterday we decided to go to our local shopping centre with two goals in mind. The first goal was to get a haircut for our eldest son. The second was to get a new car seat for our youngest son who has outgrown the one he uses in my car which was the original baby to toddler seat we bought for the first born.

We arrived at the shops around midday and our first stop was at the hairdresser to see if they could fit our son in. Unfortunately they had a wait of 90 minutes and my wife told them that we’d put his name down but we’d go and see if we could get it done sooner. The place that she put his name down was at a women’s hairdressing salon where she has been before, and where I used to go before I started growing my hair long again. Both the boys have had their hair cut there before. As we turned away from that salon, I noticed a “new” men’s hairdresser. I say “new” because it is actually a relocation after the owners were kicked out of another centre.

We went across to the other side of the mall and enquired about the waiting time. There were four other boys, all with relatively short hair to begin with waiting for what I thought would be fairly quick haircuts so I told me wife that I would wait there with Master 5 and told her that she could take the younger one to the play area. She did this but soon went by the hairdressers en route to the food court as Master 3 was getting hungry for some lunch.

Once they finished lunch she headed up to the hairdresser where Master 5 had been in the seat for less than five minutes getting his hair cut.

“Oh no, what have you done? It’s too short…” my wife said with horror in her voice.

Now as I mentioned, I have been growing my own hair long and haven’t had a haircut myself for more than a year, but the choice to have long hair is my own, and I don’t believe in forcing long hair on a child, especially a boy if he’s not ready to have that as HIS style. The boys that had their hair cut before him all had the electric shaver taken to the backs of their heads at the very least, so I thought that we would go for something different for him.

I asked him if he wanted to go really short on the sides and at the back and make it a little funky on the top (although I wanted to keep some length in the top and front). I told the guy cutting his hair to make it look cool, make it look modern and make it look good. Seeing that this dude is not your old style barber that I was faced with back in the 70s and 80s, I knew he’d do a good job. His own stylish “beard on a young bloke” look assured me of this.

“I like it. It’s not too short…” I replied.

My wife was a little dramatic and quizzed the hairdresser on whether he was going to leave some length on the top. As I mentioned, I had already instructed him to do so and he mentioned that to her.

And then he was finished. And my wife absolutely loved it. And our son was smiling from ear to ear. He loved it to. And within a minute of him jumping out of the chair he was happy to pose for a few photos my wife took and then uploaded to Facebook.

So that’s Dad 1 point, Mu… you know what? It’s not about keeping score…

While Master 5 had his lunch and then a play I went off to look at the car seats. On arrival at the department store that is currently having a baby and kids sale I was greeted with pallets of car seats out front of the store. There were two that met our needs and that I liked, and both were reasonably discounted so were going to be getting a bargain. Not being convinced that these were the only two to consider I went in the store to the baby department.

The reasons why I wanted to check out other options was that the one I really liked was too wide at the top meaning we couldn’t carry a fifth passenger comfortably in the middle seat as we do now. The other one that was suitable was in tenth position out of two choices because of this reason;

imageMother’s Choice. A brand that has been around for as many years as I have. And maybe back in 1974 when they created this brand the decision about baby products might have been the domain of women, but in 2014 I know that I am not the only dad helping to make decisions, or making these decisions outright.

Having seen that the two out the front were the best options, I called my wife on the mobile to get her to bring the kids to the store so that I could get the little one to sit in the seat and make sure his shoulders were above the minimum shoulder height line. And they are.

She liked the same one I liked most but I pointed out that it was too wide up the top and looking at it, she agreed. As she walked away telling me that we’ll just do with his old one for a little longer I pointed out the Mother’s Choice one. She told me she saw that one too but wasn’t sure if it was suitable.

“I think it is suitable, but I don’t like the brand name…”

She told me I was being silly and that if I thought it was good then maybe we should get it. Or, as she just pointed out, we could use the existing one a few more weeks. So, notwithstanding the name, I bought it.

Another decision to me. That’s one small step for dad, and two giant leaps for fatherhood.

But in true me fashion I decided to contact the company to see why they still need to market solely to mothers. Here’s the email I sent;

I just purchased one of your car seats yesterday so I say this as a customer;

 As an active father and one who makes choices for my children such as which car seat to buy, which stroller to buy, and which high chair to buy, etc, and as someone who converses with many other fathers who make these same decisions, I wonder why you still feel the need to have this as your opening line on your website;



“Mother’s Choice is the practical choice for the mothers of Australia.”



I understand that the company name and brand is well established; 40 years this year to be exact (and the same age as me I might add), and I noticed that you have “parent’s corner” which is much more inclusive than “mother’s corner” which you could have obviously have used, but wouldn’t it make sense that in 2014 when dads are being part of the decision you market to us as well?

I will keep you updated once they reply…

Lastly, I just wanted to add that this post is NOT sponsored by Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers (I have used a picture of a packet of their nappies as my header picture), but if they had that brand in Australia I would definitely buy them (if they quality was good enough). Parent’s Choice as a brand name??? Imagine that concept.

5 thoughts on “Two Things That A Dad Can Get Right

  1. Interestingly enough, Parents Choice is a brand here in the states. Why more companies don’t see that dads are being more active with their children and in the family is beyond me. It seems like a battle everyday that we fight.

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