The One Thing All Modern Families Need

I met my wife back in August 2007. Of course back then she wasn’t my wife. That would have been weird if we were married before we met, and somewhat impractical as well. We were dating for only two weeks when my boss at the time came to me with the news that the company wasn’t offering company cars with our remuneration packages any more, rather they were offering car allowances suggesting that should look at getting our own novated (personal) leases if the cars were mostly used for work. The best thing about this arrangement was that instead of the company choosing the car that I had to drive, I could choose my own.

In August 2007 I was 33 years old and having been in an on-again off-again relationship that lasted over 12 years that didn’t result in starting a family (including over five of those years being married), I was hoping that my new relationship would turn out to be the one that did produce a family.

So it was, with that directive from my company to go forth and find a new car that I put this question to my girlfriend of only two weeks;

“I’m thinking about getting an SUV. I know it sounds a bit like a family car, but, should I get one?”

You might think it strange that I would consult her – after 14 days of dating – on this decision that clearly could be all mine, but when I met her I was driving a luxury sedan and I wasn’t sure if it was me or my car that won her over. Okay, okay, I note the irony of thinking about starting a family or even buying a “family car” with someone that I barely knew, and the fact that I even questioned whether it was me or the car she was in love with, but really, I just wanted to know if she was on board.

It was a great decision. That summer holiday period saw us taking three weeks off work to drive down the east coast of New South Wales starting at Wollongong and staying one night in a different caravan park where we pitched our tent before going off and exploring that area for the day. Having the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle or Suburban Utility Vehicle) meant that we could carry quite a bit of equipment and it was easy to get to things without having to unpack the boot (or trunk if you prefer).

Our trip saw us continue along the east coast of Victoria down to Lakes Entrance before we headed inland to Melbourne to stay a couple of nights before heading around to Torquay, home of the world famous Bells Beach before doing the drive along the Great Ocean Road which is something I had been looking forward to doing for ages.

It was only a month after our trip that we found out that we were having a “surprise” baby. Yes, just over five months into our relationship we were bonded by the pending birth of a child. It was at this stage that I was grateful more than ever that I purchased the SUV. And even more grateful once the baby was born.

Volvo XC60 Split Seating
Volvo’s XC60 has rear split seating and a decent boot space

From carrying the bulky jogger stroller that we purchased as our main means of carrying the baby (ours came with a bassinet insert for when he was really young), to all the things that you need to take when you’re travelling with an infant such as a baby bath, high-chair, and one million changes of clothes plus blankets galore, we really couldn’t have done this in anything less than the car we had.

I’m sure that others get around this problem of not having enough storage to carry everything by being conservative with what they take, but having the ability to not even contemplate the problem was peace of mind for us. This was especially important since I travel for work (interstate and country trips) and when our son was really young and I was spending a week or two interstate or even four hours away on a country trip for a few nights, I could take my wife and baby with me so that I didn’t have to be away from them. My company figured that as they were paying for a queen sized room just for me and that adding another adult and a baby wasn’t going to cost any extra, I was free to take them with me.

I am now on my second SUV and forever-more I will be an SUV owner. As our kids are getting older we don’t need to carry as many things like port-a-cots, high-chairs, and bulky strollers, but seeing we are a family who likes to drive to our holiday destinations rather than fly, the comfort that an SUV offers us whilst still providing room to carry all our luggage within the car itself rather than on the roof or towing it is great.

Now we all deserve a little luxury in our lives and until the end of September 2014 Volvo Australia is having a sale. And with the Volvo car sale MY14 Run Out Upgrade, luxury has never been so affordable.

The Volvo XC60 Luxury Upgrade is worth $5,000*. Their family favourite SUV offers stunning Scandinavian design, world-leading safety technology and a host of deluxe features such as active bending lights, key-less entry and drive, and voice activated satellite navigation. At the top of its class, it is no wonder this is their most popular vehicle.

Please note, this is a sponsored post for the Volvo car sale but the words and ideas are all my own. Happy driving.

*Upgrade value based on the manufacturer’s recommended drive away pricing. Available on eligible Model Year 2014 Luxury new stock vehicles ordered and delivered between 1 August 2014 and 30 September 2014. Whilst stock lasts. Not available to fleet, government or rental buyers, or with other offers.

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