5 Reasons Why Father’s Day Means Getting Ready For Summer

This time next week it will be the first day of Spring with that season starting on the first day of September. On the first Sunday in September in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papau New Guinea we will celebrate Father’s Day. For me, both spring and Father’s Day are seen as preludes to Summer.

Earlier this year I wrote a piece called The 5 Reasons Why Mother’s Day and Father’s Day International Dates Need To Be Aligned which I published on Sunday 15th June which was Father’s Day in most countries around the world (well 76 of them) and obviously it wasn’t here. Australia as well as those other three countries that share Father’s Day with us all celebrate Mother’s Day with the bulk of the world (well as part of 82 countries that celebrate on that day). As I said in my earlier post, I really want Father’s Day to be on the same day all around the world.

If we did change the date of Father’s Day to be aligned to most of the world it would be Australia & Co changing to that third Sunday in June which means we’d be having it in Winter. And I know that I might not ever see the dates align for all those reasons that I gave, so I am going to have to be an optimist here and look at the positives.  So here are five reasons why I like celebrating Father’s Day in Spring;

1. Summer Related Gifts

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Mother’s Day is a month before winter so mums get given winter related items like slippers, robes, snuggle blankets. Father’s Day means getting things like t-shirts with cool prints on them, barbecue sauce packs and men’s fragrance gift packs from Lynx.

2. Father’s Day Barbecues

Mother’s Day is often advertised as “give Mum the day off” which really pisses me off (but that’s for another post) and the best way to “give Mum the day off” is to treat her to lunch or dinner at a restaurant, club, pub or bistro. On Father’s Day however, dads don’t need to be given the day off cooking. No siree Bob. Give dad the tongs, a few slabs of meat and a barbecue and he’s at home knowing that Father’s Day might be the grand unveiling of the BBQ for the coming summer.

3. Having A Few Beers

When the topic of barbecuing came up in my Dad Blogger group a few months back, I joked around saying that it is against the law for a man to stand at a barbecue without a beer in his hand. Now I am not a massive drinker myself so I like to savour my beer, wine and spirits drinking to special occasions and Father’s Day is definitely one occasion where I’m happy to have a few. Not to get drunk, that would be crazy. You don’t want to say to your kids “hey look at good old responsible dad who you are lavishing with gifts and love (or just gifts of love); he’s now a big drunk dickhead who will be feeling worse for wear come Monday morning.” You really don’t. Drink responsibly.

4. Spending Quality Time With The Kids

Spring means it’s getting warmer. Spring means that you are heading to the pointy end of the various football codes in Australia, and that means grand finals are on the way. Spring is a time to get your kids interested in getting out and throwing a ball if they didn’t spend all winter playing an organised sport. Get them interested enough and they might want to join you watching the grand finals come the end of September.

Father’s Day means going to the park with the kids. Father’s Day shouldn’t be about you Dad, sitting in a chair watching sport on television yelling at your kids to be quiet, or having your partner keep them away from you. Think about this married dads; Father’s Day for some dads might be one of only a few days that they get to spend time with their kids. Go and make the most of the day with those little people; without them, there’d be no Father’s Day for you…

5. Having The Day Off

Spring means the grass is starting to grow. Guess who has to mow it? Spring means having that Spring Clean-Out that you’ve so desperately thought about all through Winter. Spring means getting outside and doing jobs like preparing and staining the outdoor furniture and decking which you’ll be using all summer long. But not on Father’s Day. Sure you’ll do the barbecue. Sure you’ll change those dirty nappies and rush your kid to the toilet if you decide to go out for lunch, but you don’t have to do those tasks that are chores.

So give Dad the day off.

Please note, this is a sponsored post for Lynx men’s fragrance but the words and ideas are all my own. Happy Father’s Day.

What are you looking forward to getting on Father’s Day this year? Of if you’ve already had it this year, what did you get?

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