Why Do So Many Young Girls Prefer Frozen’s Elsa Over Anna?

Recently we had Book Week at my son’s school. Book Week for those not in the know is a week long celebration of books aimed at getting children in primary schools to read more. There are visits from authors and artists who have written and drawn books for children, a book fair and the annual dress up like a character from your favourite book for the Book Week parade.

Now by “dress up as a character from your favourite book” I think the schools must mean “dress up like a character from your favourite movie, cartoon or whatever Kmart has left on their shelves for you to buy your kid” because our son went as a ninja, half the other boys in his school were Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, Batman or one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a good percentage of the girls were Disney Princesses. And this year, in particular, there was one Disney Princess that ranked higher than all the others…

Frozen’s Elsa.

I have been thinking about this for a while, even before the Book Week parade I have seen many young girls dressed up as Elsa. At the shops, at parks, at birthday parties (even those that aren’t costume parties) and even in the waiting room of my local medical centre. Elsa is everywhere.elsas-elsas-everywhere

But not Anna.

If you google “Frozen costumes” you will find that there are many online stores selling both the Anna and Elsa costumes. In researching this post I contacted Costume Box who claim to be Australia’s number one online seller of costumes and who better to ask about the Anna versus Elsa costume contention. After speaking to one of their customer service representatives on the phone I followed up my line of enquiry with an email. I wrote;

“It seems that I see hundreds of Elsa costumes everywhere and there are many in those cheap shops (possibly fakes) but when I look online at stores like your I see that there are just as many Anna dresses for sale as there are Elsa dresses.  If you would know a figure on how many more Elsa costumes sell than Anna costumes, that would be great.”

 And this is the reply I received;

“I don’t know an exact figure unfortunately, but I do know that we sell heaps more Elsa costumes than Anna.  We do sell the Anna costumes, but the Elsa ones sell far more quickly.” (Jade – Costume Box Customer Service via email)

Now I need you to know that is was Jade who wrote the word “heaps” in bold in her reply so I’m going to suggest based only on anecdotal evidence, that if the contest between Anna and Elsa to sell their costumes was the 110m hurdles, Elsa would be running past the finish line as Anna jumps over the first one or two.

So why is Elsa more popular than Anna?

A Question of Hierarchy

Disney's Elsa Corenation
Photo courtesy of Disney – copyright 2013

Is it because Princess Elsa becomes Queen Elsa upon the death of their parents? Does every little girl who is currently pretending to be a Disney Princess hope to become the Queen one day? I don’t think this would be a likely reason as Disney’s queens are often evil step-mothers, evil sorceresses, or second-class characters. Elsa is the first official Disney Princess to become queen in the blockbuster movie in which she stars.

Also, once Elsa becomes the queen she doesn’t paint a very promising picture that this responsibility that’s been bestowed upon her is one of happiness and grace. In the hit song Let It Go she sings;

“A kingdom of isolation, And it looks like I’m the queen…”

It’s interesting to note that originally, before the song Let It Go was written and played for the producers of Frozen, the role of Elsa within the movie was for her to become an evil queen just as many queens in the history of Disney or the fables, fairy-tales and fiction upon which the Disney films were inspired. The direction that the song writers took her character in within the space of that 3 minute and 39 second musical piece was enough for the producers of the film to get the writers to change everything that happened after that point in the story.

Little girls playing princesses aren’t looking for responsibility. They want to frolic and sing with the animals, swim and sing with the sea creatures, run and dance through the woods, maybe even whilst singing. Being a princess means having fun, not drowning in ceremonies, protocol and mountains of paperwork (that one can only assume a Disney Queen must read through and sign quite often).

Blonde Versus Brunette Rivalry

Disney's Frozen Anna Elsa
Photo courtesy of Disney – copyright 2013

Is it because Elsa is blonde? Do blondes really have more fun? Popular culture would lead you to believe that and maybe that has trickled down to the younger girls in society and their want of being blonde and wanting more fun. Mattel’s Barbie is a blonde and adored by many young girls. When you look at cartoons where there is rivalry between to female characters, the good character is generally depicted as blonde or to have a lighter shade of hair, whereas the evil character will be a 50 shades of brunette or have the darker hair of the two. Although there is conflict between the sisters within the film with Elsa being portrayed as the villain within those scenes, that is not a big focus of her character outside of the film.

The fact that the ending patches them up and shows that it’s their love that saved Anna, the marketing pictures and posters showing them looking lovingly into each other’s eyes in a sisterly manner, and the absence of marketing the movies as “Anna versus Elsa” (except for the snowball fight advertisement you might have seen on YouTube; as shown in the header picture of this post) means that their conflict has little to do with the perceptions of the movie. Little girls playing Frozen may role play the scene in the Ice Palace, but one would think that having them as friends and playing nicely together would be the main focus of role play by young girls.

A Little Bit of Magic

Disney's Elsa Doing Magic
Photo courtesy of Disney – copyright 2013

I recently at a birthday party and was talking to mother of two Kelly O’Shea. I’ve known Kelly for a few years as she and her daughter have attended a playgroup with my wife and eldest son for about four years. Her daughter was not dressed as Elsa but was wearing a Frozen t-shirt. I quizzed her daughter about which of the two sisters she liked best and the answer was a resounding “Elsa.” Then I discussed my observation about young girls favouring Elsa with Kelly and wondered why that would be the case.

Magic powers. That’s it in a nutshell for her daughter, and I would expect that might also be the same reason why many other little girls would love to be Elsa.

From the ability to create the icy wonderland out of nothing and “build a snowman” as a young child to the power to create the ice palace and transform from her the boring high-neck dress to the gorgeous flowing and sparkling ice dress, those magic powers of Elsa’s are the key to her popularity.

Why Anna Would Be A Better Role Model?

Anna_FrozenAnna’s role in the movie seems to be lost on the young girls dressing up as Elsa and I think that this is a sad reflection of the mindset of young girls. Sure the allure of those magical powers and that sparkling dress are great selling points for young girls, but surely in this postmodern feminism climate made up of liberal feminism ideals where women and girls can show the world that they are equal in the abilities and actions, Anna is a better role model because of what she does throughout the movie;

  • Without magical powers she is able to hatch a plan to bring her sister back and save Arendelle.
  • Without magical powers she is able to negotiate with Kristoff to help her on her quest up the mountain.
  • Without magical powers she is able to escape from a pack of vicious and hungry wolves.
  • Without magical powers she is able to escape from the giant snow creature and fall off a cliff into the snow and survive.
  • Without magical powers Anna is able to hold on long enough and not die from the frost that is taking over her.
  • Without magical powers Anna sacrifices herself to save her sister.

Okay, I know she freezes by some mystical intervention and it’s her frozen self that stops and breaks Hans’ sword, but everything leading up to that moment is all carried out without the aid of magic.

And it is Anna who is the little activist who suggests that Queen Elsa runs a transparent kingdom where the gates of the castle are never closed off to anyone. She’s like Anonymous and Wikileaks rolled into one; there’s no secrets and full transparency in her ideal government.

I asked my own son who is a massive fan of the movie who is his favourite of the two. For him it’s Anna. I asked him why this is the case.

“Anna is the first one to have a pretty dress.”

Okay. Random. I wasn’t really expecting that answer so I probed him some more. I asked him to tell me about Anna’s role in the movie. Keep in mind he’s a few months short of turning six.

“Anna has to go on an adventure to bring back Elsa and save Arendelle. And she does some really fun things…”

Now we’re talking. He gets it.

But he still won’t let me buy him an Anna dress….

BREAKING: Not just the plot, but the script and the song title to the Frozen sequel can be found here.

Do your children love Frozen? Are they on Team Elsa or Team Anna? Why do they prefer one over the other?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) course at Swinburne University and hope to be able to do further research into the psychology behind topics like this in the future. Who knows, maybe my thesis for my Ph.D might in Disney movies…

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206 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Young Girls Prefer Frozen’s Elsa Over Anna?

  1. Hi. My daughter is too young to understand anything in the movie, she just likes to dance to the music. But after watching the movie myself as an adult, I was surprised to find that I like Elsa MUCH more than Anna. I understand and get the points about Anna going on an adventure, hatching a plan, being brave, transparent, etc. And as cool as that is, once the funeral is over, my preference is for Elsa. Before I begin why, I also have very young nieces who love this movie, and I agree, a lot of it is magic and they perceive her dress to be prettier. Also one is an older sister and says she likes that she’s the older sister like she is.

    But for me.. Honestly, Anna lost me when she became an airhead, boy crazy fool. I also disliked the “squeaky clean” air-headed image of the Prince. Anna did gain back some favor with me during her adventure when she was taking charge, trying to fix things, trying to support her sister even after the accidental freezing of everything. But they still continued to made her an airhead periodically and continued to have her latched on to her prince that she just met and became engaged to. And THEN as if she hadn’t learned her lesson she just INSTANTLY realized she was in love with Christoph IMMEDIATELY AFTER being completely betrayed by the first guy she had fallen in love with. So not only was she a boy-crazy, airhead looking to have to find “The One”, she was one of >those< girls who has to jump from one relationship to another. Gimme a break. GAH.

    I loved the humor and grounded nature of Christoph. Also he seemed to know what to do–knowledge is power.. And I loved the grace and elegance of Elsa. Elsa seemed more princess-like because of this. And she didn't need a relationship to give her worth. Her magic was not just beautiful, but it, along with her stoic nature made her seem strong. She endured a lot being hidden away and alone and scared for most of her life, and who could not root for her when she decided she was going to be true to herself even if it meant a different sort of isolation than she'd had before?

    Anna seemed powerless when Elsa seemed to have extreme power (even if she had trouble controlling it). I mean, even on her adventure, Anna needed Christoph for pretty much everything. She was determined, sure. But she seemed to lack intelligence, self-control, self worth/self esteem and strength/power.

    Just a few thoughts… 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment but, you’re over thinking it. lol

      But so am I.

      And so are many others.

      It’s a kid’s movie for Pete’s sake.

      But how cool is it that there’s so many levels, so much depth (or even shallowness) in the characters.

      Thanks again for your commemt. You make so much sense and I have to agree with you on many points.

      1. Can you please delete my comments? I apologize for causing a disturbance in your comments section.

        I didn’t mean to act out.

    2. I disagree for me elsa seemed like the stereo type of a man strong in power weak in emotion not really knowing she was actually not learning to control her powers but instead giving into the fear of not being able to control them. Also anna did everything on her own like fend of the wolf on her own, command Christof’s horse, speak to Elsa in the castle on her own and ultimately save her self on her own through her act of true love which just happened to also save the kingdom,really ana saved everyone without magaic whereas Elsa for most of the movie bar last scene caused harm with her magic.

    3. A co-work and I were discussing this at work the other day. It seems even little girls named Anna prefer Elsa, We talked about the allure of power, being a queen vs staying a princes s, having powers instead of being normal. We also discussed blondes being seen as having more fun and being the most beautiful like daisies and sunshine rather then dull brown, though Anna appears more red then brown to me, which is often seen as different rather then beautiful and normal. However, the reasons we came up with as to why little girls prefer Elsa over Anna is because little girls are really just like Anna and they are emulating her by preferring Elsa over Anna. They know that without Anna and her love, Elsa would have stayed an unloved and unloving Ice Queen. Though some might might prefer Elsa because they hope the “Annas” in their life will love them unconditionally like Anna loved Elsa. All in all it is interesting as to why there seems a preference.

    4. Elsa sings “the song”! Simple as that for my 3 yr old daughter. Adults over think everything – remember the Noddy fiasco years ago.
      (I also prefer Anna 🙂

    5. Both my daughter and I like Anna better. In a nutshell, Elsa reminds me of my insecure overly cautious x-best friend who never has a lick of fun. Elsa actually makes all of the things she is afraid of happening, happen by overthinking and overstressing on it all! She’s a week woman (as Jon donaldson so eloquently stated) that can only find strength in solitude and yet falls apart around other people. Anna is who she is no matter who she is around. She’s independent, yet not socially challenged. I agree with all of your points you made and have discussed them with length with my toddler. Now, before she turned two, she preferred Elsa ONLY due to the “let it go” dance number. Anna is the true hero of the story and, without her, the kingdom would have been doomed.

      The blond thing cracks me up because to me Anna is strawberry or red. I hear often that guys prefer redheads, so I’m not sure why Vidalee says that redheads are more “different” than beautiful. Then again, I think brunettes are now preferred over blond too…I think the blond preference is leftover from the 80’s.. Though beauty is clearly a subjective thing, we’ve moved far from the Aryan ideal of blond hair & blue eyes. I think more often than not beauty icons are now more exotic.

      So, in a nutshell, Rebecca is correct… she gets the glamorous number with the magic and the sparkles and the glitter. I was surprised to hear my daughter want the Anna costume over the Elsa and it sparked great conversations with her. Teenagers probably identify to Elsa as they all feel that their parents are expecting them to be someone they feel they are not. I honestly expected “let it go” to be a preteen medley for angst filled teenagers everywhere!

      1. Who cares if Elsa’s that way?! I like that way! Besides, I’m not big on fun anymore.

    6. I agree completely. As an adult watching, I prefer Elsa only because Anna is clumsy, laughable, and made to play the fool again and again. Not that she doesn’t have determination, Elsa just comes off as the stronger, more mature of the two. I guess that is mostly it – Anna is just so immature. Plus they push the “let it go” song so much more than any other song in the movie -anyone who has the DVD knows they play it on a loop in several languages. The only song they push is Elsa’s song, and my daughter, who is 2, is all about the music.

      1. Anna is not a fool. She’s just clumsy. Have you heard Kristen Bell’s interview on Anna. Some girls relate to Elsa and some to Anna. Some girls have Anna’s personality trait. Anna has muscle strength but she is immature but she’s the baby of the family. I love them both but lean towards Elsa because she is A. Strong B. Mature C. Has a strong message for young girls. I agree that Let it go is DA BOMB!

    7. Anna is not boy crazy she just hasn’t experienced love before. Also Anna does have powers but it’s no magical. Anna also doesn’t rely on Kristoff with everything. After all Elsa saved her from the frozen heart not Kristoff plus she rather been frozen to save her sister than letting her be killed by jerky Hans. Elsa is independent and also amazing! Elsa has a warm heart even though she is cold. It’s about sisterly love not boy love. I like them both.

  2. My daughter (almost 2) loves Elsa because she loves the song Let It Go. She calls the song Go. She calls the movie Go. She calls Elsa Go. We took her to see it as her first theater movie when she was barely 1. She’d walk around the house singing the word ‘go’ after that.

    I prefer Anna. She’s cute, spunky, funny, etc. She is very naive especially about love, but she’s spent pretty much her whole life locked in a castle and ignored. It’s not her fault. Elsa was at least locked up with attention and instruction. Through the childhood scenes you never see the parents interact with Anna at all, only Elsa. She’s still friendly, loves people, and tries her best to do what is right and protect the people she loves even though she has none of the background knowledge or experience to do so.

  3. I thought it was more of a “madwoman in the attic” thing. Elsa is the one with power (which kids really want) and she still has to be locked up to completely use it. I think it’s sad for our girls. Also Elsa completely enjoys her power! She loves her power and being able to give it free reign (lol). I think the words of the song back this up. Writing about Disney movies would be interesting! Good luck!

  4. The reason little girls like Elsa is because she’s beautiful and powerful, most kids don’t look into the personalities, the actions, the adventure. They just love Elsa’s song and love Elsa’s soft, fluffy hair, and want to be perfect like that. In reality, most people know that Elsa is a horrible person, and Anna is beautiful inside and out

    1. She isn’t horrible just misunderstood and also beautiful inside out. One reason some people are able to relate to her better. Its not just her magic and appearance but also her personality that is alluring to not only children but even adults. Coming back to Anna of course she is full of life and fun but we already have quite a lot of characters like that in the past, so compared to Elsa, Anna doesn’t stand out much.

  5. Elsa is NOT a horrible person. I don’t quite understand why more people don’t address how wrong her parents were in teaching her to fear her gift. They even called it a curse, but really, it is a gift in that she was able to give others joy with it (at the end). Elsa lived much of her life fearing her abilities much more than embracing them, and instead of being able to foster her powers and growing with them, she ended up hating them, hiding it, dehumanizing herself by denying herself, and ultimately hurting people because she lacked the self-awareness to control them. It is a very sad predicament, and Elsa’s story is much more of one who must learn to overcome fear and fear of being happy. The person she had to learn to love, was herself. And that’s a lesson many girls in modern times need to learn.

    Although I completely agree that it’s her magical powers and flowing dress that makes her more appealing. She also has more swag. She’s also a queen. She’s also the “grown up” in the story, and Anna seems more so the side kick in her goofiness.

    Anna is a wonderful character, and after watching the movie, she displays many invaluable traits girls should foster, like being positive, loving, determined, persistent, self-sacrificing…

    But I’m still not surprised Elsa takes the cake. 🙂

    1. Her parents never called it a curse, Elsa did. Her parents weren’t the ones learning about ice power, Elsa was. Her parents tried so hard to keep her calm and happy, Elsa freaked out. Any danger Elsa believes is inside of her is there because she convinced herself it is.

      1. Her parents insisted she hide her powers made her ashamed. The trolls even said she needs to learn to control them but the parents didn’t interpret their advice right & forced her to hide it.
        Girls like Elsa because she has the only strong solo along with the sparkly dress & magic.
        There probably are other psychological reasons but, ask a little girl & it’s the 3 above.
        I originally thought Anna makes more sense because she’s funny had more songs & her songs are more fun but she has no solos & theLet It Go scene is far more dramatic with the magic & the beautiful snowy wide views. It just stands out more than anything else in the movie.

      2. I like Elsa because I have deep depression like her, and all the Disney princesses should have depression, after all, their parents died for the most part, though Elsa is the only one to show it. Cinderella did say, “In dreams you can lose your heartache” but that doesn’t count because she doesn’t really show real symtoms. Elsa is relatable too, because I have had those moments where everything falls apart and I just want to run away. Also, I am warm natured and like the cold too, and love winter! I love Anna too, though Elsa is more relatable to me because Anna went all “marry in one day” -y, and Anna shows less depression symptoms and Elsa’s are more similar to mine.

      1. Actually, Elsa ran away because she was scared that the angry townspeople will kill her and that she will end up hurting others if she stayed their longer.

        I cannot deny that Elsa ran away from her problems for 80%-90% of the movie, but she had sympathetic reasons to do so.

        She was traumatized about hurting her sister again. So secluding yourself for the sake of others is NOT self-sacrifice?

  6. For me the answer is blatantly obvious I think little girls are just as sick as big girls that most Disney movies where a female is the main character being only a romance story. Yes it’s nice to see no doubt but as hard as it is to believe there are several other aspects of life for girls just as much as there is for boys such as family, growing pains etc. and, this is at least how I felt as a little girl, if you don’t care about romance but see it being depicted everywhere and as a phenomenal you can feel a little lost because romance is apparently suppose to be the most important thing for a girl. That’s why I loved Mulan so much, she was one of the Disney Princess movies released during my childhood and while I thought the other princesses looked pretty I couldn’t understand why their “problems” were so major especially since they all basically stemmed from being just beautiful but then like Elsa, Mulan’s story comes along and boom! She has a responsibility/duty she’s not ready for like we all are at some point and legitimately not feeling like she belong and she becomes her own hero with her prince loving her for that not just because she was beautiful or needed rescuing. It’s the same situation with Elsa with the added bonus of having family problems because it is possible for a girl to love her family and not want to ditch them the second a boy walks past. Granted little girls probably don’t delve that heavily into the story and like you said focus more on the pretty dress and dancing but subconsciously there’s probably a contributing factor that for the whole movie Elsa wasn’t chasing a dude or desperate for romance and actually is flawed which giving their formative life stages and interactions with boys at their age, hair pulling and teasing really doesn’t make you want to swoon, she’s a lot more relatable hence more popular amongst young ladies.

  7. In where I live in, frozen came out as the title of and its now officially the third most watched movie in our movie history. And a lot of adults and kids say that they never would have even watched the movie unless Elsa was in it. And the imspressive thing is that, Elsa is rather considered even more popular among adults here. Kids buy elsa&anna dolls together for their sisterhood but adults? Only Elsa. Not only we have Elsa dolls and tshirts, we have elsa cakes, elsa bumper stickers, adult size elsa costumes, everythigs’s all about elsa. A lot of people say that they literally fell in love with this cartoon character. So I was wondering, ‘I guess it’s natural that kids like Elsa more since she’s magical and beautiful but even elderly likes Elsa more?’ and then I was impressed by your article so I personally searched and asked people around why they like Elsa more. And from what i know, in my country, people like Elsa more because she reminds them of themselves. Especially the women adults.

    Personally I asked my own 10 year old baby sister why she likes Elsa more, I thought the answer would be “Because she’s so beautiful” but the reply was that because she’s in the same shoe with Elsa not Anna, and she thinks she’s more like her. Elsa is a character who hides her true identity in order to fit the society’s standard and tries to look perfect to hide her complex. And we can see ALot of those kinds of women in here, we are in sympathy with her and we easily relate to her. Although frozen is actually the story about Anna saving the day and reunite with her sister, Alot of people see it different here. They think its actually a story about Elsa’s struggle and salvation. I saw a lot of viewers say “I’m so glad Elsa was saved and her pain was over” first thing they got out of the theatre. And although some might say Elsa’s blode, blue eyed, super hottie like appearance seem like she’s a typical beautful barbie doll, we rather find her the most unique princess here. She’s a loner, cause trouble, often scared and depressed.. a dark disney princess. U never see that pretty often since all disney princesses nowadays are all optimistic, have many friends, curious and always on the good side. This factor made Elsa a really “Easy to remember” character for us even though her appearance was quite short. I got a lot of replys that though Anna is unique too, her cute peronality kinda reminds us a little of rapunzel and ariel. Ironically we consider anna as the typical ordinary type disney princess. (course I think she’s unique) So in short, I think Elsa is popular not only because of her good looks but because she’s unique, and her character represents weak, isolated people, a character that we can eaily relate to and feel sympathy for.

    1. I understand what you’re saying about sympathizing with Elsa, but she’s not the only Disney princess without many friends. Belle was the odd one out of the entire village, and Aurora was completely cut off from the world. Yes these girls are all optimistic, but you’re making it seem like Elsa was the only one away from society “nowadays.” However, Rapunzel is one of the newest princesses and she longed to see the world beyond her windows.

      I also think we can feel sympathy for Anna and easily relate to her, as she is the most awkward out of all princesses! She’s also the only one who felt inferior to an older sibling, which makes her easy for many people to relate to.

      I also don’t think too many people consider her the ordinary princess. A lot of middle-schoolers I know (not little kids, but still) appreciate that Anna risked her life several times to have a relationship with her sister, and to help Arendelle.

      1. I don’t think Anna ever felt inferior to Elsa. She was just left wondering why Elsa shut her out when she needed her the most. Elsa may not be the only character who was isolated from the society, but she was definetly viewed as a threat by the same. Elsa spent most of her life living in fear of hurting others, as a result of which she ended up pushing everyone away because she in a way felt not just a threat but also an alien in many ways. Anna definitely risked her life to save her relationship with her sister, but then again it is something that Elsa would have done too for Anna, after all they are part of the same family.

      2. Yes, you’re right about people sympathizing with Elsa. And I’m one of them because I can see myself in her.

      3. I can see myself in Elsa too, but not only her, I also relate and sympathize with Anna. She went through a lot, even though she suffered less than her sister.

  8. Like Keira commented, Elsa is powerful. She’s a superhero-princess (my 4 year old’s words). Media producers seldom create male characters without some sort of special strength or superpower, because they know boys aspire to be strong and powerful. What few seem to have realised is that girls want to be strong and powerful too. My daughter’s favourite line (that gets sung over, and over, and over…) is “be the good girl you always have to be”. She understands, even at 4, that society expects her to be good not powerful. Elsa manages to be 100% girl but with power too. What girl wouldn’t want that?

  9. I am unspeakably glad to have come across your article. Everything you said sums up my feelings perfectly and you have my full and sincere support. I thank you so much for writing this article.

    Anna, compared to Elsa, is not as beautiful, not as poised, graceful and has no magical powers. And I love her exactly because of that. She isn’t some perfect model we can idolise and look up to – she is a person we love because we can relate to her. We love her because she is loving and forgiving. She befriended Kristoff, a man seemingly an outcast from general society, and even the Duke of Weselton. She loves and forgives Elsa unconditionally, even though their relationship has been strained since the incident when they were children. When Anna was grieving their parents and begged her sister to come out and share it with her, still the door wouldn’t open. Even though Elsa turned away from Anna without giving any reason, Anna would go after Elsa the instance the latter ran away and even admitted her fault in the argument they had. That love is nothing but admirable, in my opinion.

    The message of the movie to a young generation of girls was ‘you don’t need a man to save you’. But by idolising Elsa, young to teenage girls are saying ‘you don’t need a man to save you, you need magic powers.’ Not courage. Not strength. Not love. Girls want a deus ex machina to appear and resolve all their problems for them. To me, the phenomenon is sadly saying, or implying that girls don’t want to go through a struggle themselves to discover their true strength and beauty, they would rather have it already laid out for them.

    I have so much more to say but I think the main points are said now. Again, thank you for your article. It brings me hope.

  10. I just came across this and I liked reading something as thoroughly explained as this but I have to respectfully disagree. I think both sisters are strong in different ways, and I’m sad at how much Elsa is misunderstood in this article. I would like to address a few points…because I believe no sister is a better role model more than the other, they are both strong in different ways. But I have to counter your pro-Anna argument a little bit…

    You said…
    “Without magical powers she is able to hatch a plan to bring her sister back and save Arendelle.”

    Anna didn’t do all that because of how strong she was but because she got lucky. Every single time. Anna was a reckless girl through and through. She based most of her decisions on impulse, and she could have died so many times if not for how lucky she was. It’s like telling young girls they can be as reckless as they want because everything will turn out ok in the end if you believe in love. In the real world, that won’t work. At all.

    “Without magical powers she is able to negotiate with Kristoff to help her on her quest up the mountain.”
    Very reckless decision. Again. Doing it at night, when wolves were around. Kristoff wouldn’t have lost his sled if not for Anna insisting to go right away.

    “Without magical powers she is able to escape from a pack of vicious and hungry wolves.”
    Only by luck. If Kristoff wasn’t around, she would have been dead, falling down the cliff, all because of her reckless decision.

    “Without magical powers she is able to escape from the giant snow creature and fall off a cliff into the snow and survive.”
    Words can’t described how lucky Anna was. Why did she cut the rope? What kind of message would this scene send to the kids? If any of them think they can do this in the real world, then God helps them.

    “Without magical powers Anna is able to hold on long enough and not die from the frost that is taking over her.”
    Something that wouldn’t have happened if she had realized that the danger of Elsa’s powers were real and lethal. Elsa realized this, and she was the one who thought further ahead, the rational one of the two. The one who wouldn’t risk going back if she still didn’t have 100% control over her powers. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if Elsa had followed Anna’s advice to go back to a kingdom who thought she was a sorceress, without the real answer to keep her powers in check. Anna didn’t know the answer either.

    “Without magical powers Anna sacrifices herself to save her sister.”
    And this, I applaud her. Her love for her sister is real. This is the only time where Anna’s strength really shined and why she’s a good role model.

    What I’m trying to say here, I think you gave too much credits for Anna, but too little for Elsa. How many little girls you know could go through what Elsa went through for 13 years? Desperately trying to suppress her feelings to keep her powers from showing up, living in isolation under the order of her father, still responsible enough to keep up the good girl act even after her parent’s deaths all because she didn’t want to hurt other people, and on top of that the weight of becoming a future Queen because she didn’t want to disappoint her father, the late King? One can’t ask for a more responsible daughter than Elsa.

    Elsa might be magical, and beautiful, but she was also a kind-hearted tortured soul, who exiled herself because she didn’t want to see other people being hurt or even killed because of her. And she would do anything, even take an extreme precaution if needed to stop that from happening. A lot of people can appreciate that she is hyper responsible, she is logical, she always thinks far ahead, she holds her responsibilities (of not hurting other people) higher than her own feelings, and she tried her hardest to keep people save at her own expense. People love her because she has noble qualities, and she showcased that since the beginning of the movie. Maybe not all people can see it, but most can.

    1. Okay, I am standing and applauding that response. When I wrote this I didn’t foresee it being such a great discussion but then when you read through the comments made by those who have read it and agree but want to add something or “respectfully” disagree and come in with counter arguments you can see that Frozen is far from being a kids’ movie and like so many great stories it can be discussed from all angles.

      I thank you so much for your well thought out response and while you have truly brought me down with those points as far as anyone in the Elsa camp will take on, you are right to suggest that both sisters have their individual strengths. Thanks for the comment.

    2. A wee correction she would not have fallen of the cliff without kristof she saves HIM from falling of the cliff and her aiming a fire barrel at the wolf was skill not luck also she takes responsibility for her own actions by offering to buy a new shed as soon as it blows up. Elsa never does that till near end.

    3. You’re right that Anna succeeded in a lot of her journey because of luck, but you might be forgetting it’s also because of the choices she made with her heart.

      She could have easily been dead without Kristoff, but trusted him with her heart, and so, succeeded. Anna hadn’t seen the outside world for years. It’s OK if she doesn’t think about dangerous night animals, because, her intention in her heart was to meet her sister as quickly as possible to apologize, and inform her about what she’d done.

      It’s true, Sven was the one who was able to make the miraculous jump over the ditch, but Anna was the one who was able to keep Kristoff from sliding right into the ditch. And even if Anna’s reckless choice to immediately leave was the cause of Kristoff’s sled being lost, she didn’t count on him helping her anymore, and promised to replace all of his belongings, all out of her good-heartedness.

      So, you see, Anna doesn’t teach girls to be reckless and you’ll still succeed, she teaches them to make the best choices, and to help others as much as you can. She teaches us not to return anything bad. If your Elsa does something wrong to you, don’t reflect her, do something right.

      Elsa tries to control her power during childhood, but after her parents’ death, forgot entirely that the purpose of hiding is to learn, she changed it to bottling up every emotion and hiding from society because she just has to.

      She eventually forgets that she is trying not to hurt people, especially Anna, and decided to ignore her no matter what. She decides not to reason with her, not to explain small things to her, and to walk away because she feels incapable of anything. She just keeps telling Anna to leave and stay away from her after letting it go, but doesn’t care that she started screaming out of control when all Anna wanted to do was convince her to believe in herself.

      She doesn’t apologize after slowly killing Anna out of her own anger problems, she, first, gets her thrown out by a monster, and, in the end makes a big show about how her powers can be beautiful, not dangerous, in front of her kingdom.

      Elsa was taught noble qualities early on, but turned forced them to turn into self-pity.

    4. I agree with Swan on this one. Every time I watch this movie again with my daughter, I find myself getting more and more irritated with Anna until I kind of hate her. She’s lonely growing up? Aw, so sad. Seems like the loneliness of knowing you will kill the people you love if you touch them would be a lot worse.

      So nice that Anna sacrifices herself to save her sister–from a guy who wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place if Anna hadn’t decided she was going to do what SHE wanted, when SHE wanted to, and family and responsibility and kingdom be damned.

      “Can I talk to you…alone?” asks Elsa? Nope! Anna wants to get engaged to some yahoo she met at a party a few hours ago, so she’s going to make you talk to her about it in front of everybody! Because she’s…spunky! And because she doesn’t think for even half a second about how what she does affects others! Yay! Such a great model for young girls!

      She cares so much about other people that she will…hand over the entire kingdom and all those men, women, and children to that random guy she has only known for a few hours. Smart. She cares so much about other people that, once the dangerous snowman has left her and her friends alone, she has to go and antagonize him again and endanger everybody because…she feels like it.

      I’m going to search for my sister in the snow without even changing out of my party dress! My horse could run off and die and a search party get lost looking for me, but who cares about that? Oh, did my forcing us to go at night get us chased by wolves and almost die and crash your sled? Oops, sorry. Oh well! I’ll buy you another, I’m rich and all.

      You’re afraid your powers will hurt me? You don’t want to do this my way? Too bad! My way is the only way, always. I’m not leaving until I get my way! I’m right here for you, see? The fact that I’m trying to help means I know best how to do everything. I know you didn’t ASK me to be there for you, but you’re just wrong, I know your needs better than you do, so I’m going to make you do what I want. Oh, whoops, now I’m all frozen. Darn. How was I supposed to know that would happen?

      “What happened?” asks Hans. “Elsa hit me with her powers.” I’m going to leave out the part that it was by accident, and that it happened because I was badgering her and refusing to listen to her. And oh yeah, I forgot to ask those magical trolls about how to unfreeze the kingdom. I was busy playing dress-up and then letting some guy save me by taking me to some other guy.

      If a brainless airhead who doesn’t think for even a second about the needs of others–oh but look, she’s cute and clumsy and well-meaning–is supposed to be a feminist role model, that is a sad, sad state of affairs. Is she better than the vacuous and useless Snow White and Sleeping Beauty? Sure. But that’s not saying much.

      1. Look, I’m a 14 year old girl and I see some of your points, but I have to say, you are totally over-thinking this! I love both Anna and Elsa. (But I do prefer Anna just a bit more, but that’s because I can relate to her more than Elsa.) both characters have their admirable traits, and both characters are flawed as well, and that’s why I love them. Elsa isn’t the “better” person” here. Neither of them are. I may not understand things as well as adults do, but I believe each of them are both amazing role models in their own special ways.

      2. I forgot to add! Darrel, I think it is a great idea to write about Disney movies! Some are really quite deep and should provide excellent material for your studies! Plus, you know, it can be really fun! 🙂

      3. Completely agree with every word you say.. and people who root for Anna conveniently love to sideline these flaws and paint Elsa as a person who has it very easy all the time.. Anna is worst role model for girls.

      4. Why do people on this post seem to want to malign one or the other of theses characters? Their flaws and redeeming traits are what makes the story. Remember folks, this is an animated Disney movie! Parts of this story are purely for comedic relief. Not to mention these characters are two very young women. The central core message is about being there for the people you love, in this case, your sister. Life is all about the gray not the black and white. I personally do not get engaged with sterile two dimensional characters, and I don’t think all children’s movies should revolve around perfect role models. I think both these characters are flawed and fabulous – like all of us. I’m just curious about the Elsa preference. BTW I consider myself a feminist and what I struggle with most is how judgmental and unsupportive other women can be with each other. I find all this Elsa and Anna slamming disturbing. Sympathy and compassion are very good tools for children (and adults) to learn.

      5. Elsa is no better though, “a mother and a feminist” she ran away from her powers, hoping they will go away.

        It’s really sad that people only look on Elsa’s side and ignore Anna’s. They all think Anna is a villain because she is so “d*mn selfish” and it is “all her fault.”

        This is why I hate Frozen now, it’s fanbase keeps spreading so much nonsense about pitting sisters against each other and the stupid Jelsa shippings!

        I overall like both Elsa and Anna equally. Though I prefer Anna a bit more due to her unpopularity.

        I can relate to her adorkable qualities and action-girl physicality while I relate to Elsa’s introversion and disorders that are constantly showing that my parents tell me to hide.

  11. These comments are going really, very deep into the movie, and that’s the way I like to about movies. Especially Frozen. Characters are a really complex aspect, but most little girls think this way: (Keep in mind I got this from a real person.)

    Elsa has powers. Her voice is more… girly than Anna. She made Olaf, who everyone likes. She’s kinder than Anna. She cares more. When Elsa left to live in an ice castle, Elsa told Anna to go because she wanted to protect her but Anna kept insisting. Elsa wanted her to be safe. I like her better.

    1. This is, however, how I think:

      Ok, let’s just start by saying I know why people consider Elsa a good, innocent person. I understand that she was put through a hard life, and that she had a good intention. I know that she wanted to keep Anna safe from her. But she thinks about herself too much. She never looks at Anna’s miserable side of the situation. Elsa turned away Anna for years, when she could’ve just got to know her, and talked a little once in a while. But she locks herself in. Anna didn’t have anyone, and she had no reason to hope for better. She had gone through being shut out for years, but on Elsa’s coronation, she hopes for the best. She stays positive, and believes that even after all these years, things will get better. She finally gets to meet her sister. Elsa gets so frustrated, turns away and tells her that it can’t be like this forever. Whenever Anna asks Elsa anything, Elsa smiles, then merely turns away without giving any answers, expecting Anna to plainly sut up, and never ask anything. That’s exactly what Anna does because she doesn’t want to upset Elsa. Elsa is unbelievably lucky to have such a caring sister. Anna is so desperate for love, she wants to marry the first man she sees. And instead of reasoning with Anna, Elsa says she can’t marry a man she just met, and turns her away, once again. And then in the first real conversation she has with her sister, Elsa tells Anna to leave, because she told her she couldn’t live how they did. Anna only ever shouts at Elsa once, and not only because she told her “no” again, but because she never gives the slightest bit of explanation. When Elsa lets out an icy blast, the first thing she does is run. She doesn’t call Anna over. She doen’t try to explain. She runs. There are people who think “Oh, Elsa is afraid of herself. She wants to keep Arendelle safe.” But Elsa gives up on Anna, gives up on being queen, and gives up on controlling herself! Look, after Elsa turned Anna away her whole life, Anna still says it’s her responsibility to get her back. Anna loves her sister so much. I also have a problem with what she says in Let it Go. Sure it’s great when it comes to music, but she says the cold never bothered her, carelessly ignoring all the people in Arendelle, freezing to death because “the cold never bothered [her], anyway”. People say she didn’t know about what was happening in Arendelle. But she says “let the storm rage on”. Not only that but she’s viewing everything beneath her from a balcony on the second floor of a palace on the top of a mountain. And now Anna compliments Elsa’s ability. Elsa says “Thank you. I never knew what I was capable of.” She doesn’t ask Anna why she’s here. Or explain to her what’s going on and why she doesn’t want to be with her. She simply tells Anna she’s a danger to Arendelle, and turns her away… again. Elsa tells Anna she’s not safe around her, but wait. She’s safe being chased of a cliff by a snow monster? If you’re going to defend Elsa by saying she only created Marshmallow because she felt “threatened”, keep in mind that that’s something bad about her personality. She’s pessimistic, and once she discovered that she can create living things with her power, she created a monster. And also, it’s not her parents’ fault. They treated her with happiness and constantly showed their love. And also, don’t say that the only reason Marshmallow chased the trio off a cliff was because Anna threw a snowball at him. He threw them out of the palace anyway. And even though Elsa keeping Anna away has been most of Anna’s past, Anna loves her sister enough to die for her, instead of saving herself, which she could’ve done. Suddenly, Elsa acts like the most important thing to her in all of her life is Anna. Excuse me? But wait, I don’t hate Elsa. She does have a reason to do what she did, although she definitely could’ve thought straighter! I used to think Elsa looked better than Anna, but then I imagined her without makeup… Also, Anna doesn’t wear makeup, and looks adorable, anyway. She also doesn’t strut with her hands in the air, wearing a silky, slit skirt with a long train cape dragging behind her. But Elsa’s makeup does go beautifully with her face, so she’s quite pretty looking throughout the movie. Don’t get me wrong, Elsa was obviously in a stressful state of confusion. The choices she had to make were tough. She was in uneasy situations. But when the time finally came to make a choice, she made all the wrong ones. The only good choice she made was to hide, and try to control her powers. It technically wasn’t her choice, because the trolls told her that there’s great danger in her power, and that she must learn to control it. So she’s obviously going to try. Most people say that Elsa feared her power, and that flurried her emotions. Think about it. Elsa flurried her emotions, so she couldn’t control her power. Elsa scares her power more than it scares her. That’s her problem. Her parents try to soothe her, but she panicks. All Elsa did for several years was try to learn how her power is controlled. I don’t think she was mature for trying. She never figured it out. She overestimates everything, causing her to be unfriendly with Anna. Elsa is a villain, the worst type of villain: a villain that wants to be treated like a hero. She wants everyone to treat her like a queen without giving her royal responsibilities. Anna manages to never point this out and always look on the bright side of everything. I also think that Anna understands her responsibility as a royal. After being struck in the heart with ice and chased of a cliff, she worries that she can’t go back to Arendelle with this weather. She is also still thinking about Kristoff’s business which makes her a pretty selfless person in general. Anna knows that, with Elsa running off, Arendelle counts on her. Anna doesn’t want to let the people of Arendelle down by returning with nothing but an injury. Elsa, however sings “I don’t care what they’re going to say” and “I’m never going back”. Anna insists that she understands Elsa and that they can figure out how to end the winter. Elsa, obsessed with her power asks Anna what power she has. The truth is, she has love. More than Elsa was ever willing to give to her.

    2. It’s great that Disney allows such flawed characters and faults in the story that we can pull the characters apart and not the movie itself. This movie, to young kids is just another singing and dancing princess movie, but to us older people, we can see so much more. Thanks for your comment.

      1. I just wouldn’t call myself an “older person”. I’m actually in middle school and this was what I entered in the Anna or Elsa Debate with my friends. =D I could give you more material from it. The conversation started back several months ago, but it’s still going on.

  12. From what I’ve witnessed, most people in my age group who are fans of Frozen (I’m eighteen) prefer Anna and have a hard time identifying with Elsa and her reasoning behind concealing her feelings for her entire life and pushing Anna away instead of entrusting her with her secrets. However, I personally much prefer Elsa over Anna. I very, very closely relate to Elsa— I watch the movie and it’s as if I’m watching an animated version of myself on the screen. She’s reserved, introverted, yet polite and mature. But what really hits close to home is her inability to show her emotions. She spends a bulk of the movie concerned about concealing them— she doesn’t want anyone to know what’s wrong. It took me a long time to realize that I was doing the same thing in my own life. Luckily, like Elsa, I have a few good Annas in my life who I’ve finally realized I can open up to. I suppose it’s true that love will thaw a frozen heart. (Elsa and I are both INTJ personalities. Anna is ENFP, as are most of my close friends. I guess our personality types fit well together.)

    1. Elsa is not mature in any way.

      (Forget how that sounds. For all I know, YOU might be amazingly mature.)

      Not Elsa.

      It’s not mature to leave your only sister to tear up outside your door after returning from your parents’ funeral.

      It’s not mature to decide that you don’t want to control something you’ve been trying to for 13 years.

      It’s not mature to constantly walk away from the sister who ventured through snowy mountains to reach you, and then expect her to leave without having any idea just how dangerous you can be.

      It’s not mature to scream at that same sister because you feel pushed to do something you’re incapable of. At least apologize afterwards, but no. You create a monster to throw her out.

      Honestly, immature is a gross understatement when it comes to Elsa. She’s inhuman.

      1. You lie like a dog, Reader. Are you blind to Elsa?! Seems to me that you’re too judgmental of her.

      2. Oh shut up, Anon. You Elsa stans need to leave, stop sticking your nose and tell us that Anna is f%@king annoying and does not deserved to be loved by ANYONE.

        Stop shoving Elsa into our faces and claim how “strong” she is. Having magical powers does not automatically make you “strong”, her actions in the movie proved otherwise!

      3. Why don’t you take your own damn advice and shove it up your ass? I’m tired of trolls like you who can’t seem to respect Anna haters and Elsa fans. If you ask me, you’re the one who needs to stop stickin’ her nose into other people’s business. Besides, Anna irks the shit out of me while Elsa’s more mature.

      4. Hey, “someone”, Anon was harassing her for her opinion, even though I partially disagree with her.

        Don’t say I started it because other people did first. Anon harassed the author, I was standing up for him!

        I know I was wrong for acting out a year before. But I don’t attack unless someone attacks FIRST. If anyone attack someone, I CHEW THEM OUT.

  13. To me it’s very simple. Elsa has the power! It’s all about the power like it has been for boy’s Superheros all over the years. Who doesn’t want the power, the glamour the prestige? It’s very difficult for kids to realise that true happiness doest rely on these, but let’s be honest these are what society teach them from very young. Even humble Mickie mouse has the magic abilities among the rest of Mickie mouse club house…
    Hope I make sense, excuse my writing, English is not my first language 🙂

  14. God, that’s easy. Elsa is an incredibly telling metaphor for what it’s like to be a woman and a thinker in our culture. We’re constantly cautioned about how we need to be careful because our power is so outrageously dangerous.

    Even little girls get it.

      1. One, you’re avoiding the original question by posing another question. Answer the first question before you send out your question.

        Second, Elsa ran away in an effort to prevent any of her magic from harming Arendelle. If she knew she was going to unleash a storm, she must have thought that running away would take the magic & storm with her. Turns out that Elsa’s magic remains anywhere she has been during her distress. Also, let’s say if instead of a kingdom frozen by a magic storm, it was a village ravaged by a flood. If the one who accidentally broke the dam caused the flood, is it better for him or her to stick around & help the village or leave to not cause any further destruction? Sometimes you have people with good intentions who only manage to make situations worse.

        Elsa is seen as a role model because she endured over a decade of self-imposed isolation & took undesirable responsibilities upon herself for the welfare of others in sacrifice of her own well-being & happiness. It was sort of mandatory that Elsa was to become strong from her situation. If Elsa did not take the extreme precautions that she did in the film, she may have done much greater damage to more people.

  15. Hilarious — I’m looking after my friend’s two-year-old son, Errol, and we’re watching Frozen. He’s obsessed with this movie. While reading this (very well-written) article, I was at the point where the picture on the side of the screen was the one of Elsa and Anna together, looking at each other. Ironic that Errol looks from the movie to my screen and exclaims, “Elsa!”
    Of course that’s who he notices first.
    I said, “Yes, that’s Elsa and Anna! Which one do you like better, Elsa or Anna?” and he quickly told me Elsa was his favourite. When I asked him why, he simply replied, “Elsa fall down.”
    He’s not the best with words yet.

    1. Elsa is also popular with older people. She is more realistic and cynical than her optimistic and idealistic sister, Anna. She is more complex and nuanced in that she has so many responsibilities put on her as the oldest sister. She has to keep her powers in check as her parents order her too and is rather matured and composed.

      She also has more character development than Anna, which is why she’s very popular. Anna stays the same optimistic, positive, brave young girl throughout the movie, but Elsa starts as a fearful, repressed woman before changing into a lady who discovers the power and importance of love.

      She also is not the typical heroine with pure-heartedness, openness, and romanticism like Anna and many previous Disney Princesses. Instead Elsa morally ambiguous, she is a shade of gray between the black and white spectrum, which is why people find her more believable than Anna.

      Elsa is the anti-heroine/anti-villain/hero-antagonist of the movie. She has good intentions at heart, but does questionable things to achieve them.

  16. I’ve been pondering this question, too, but I think my five-year-old daughter said it best: “Without Elsa, there’s no movie.” Now this is a kid who understands plot!

  17. Darrell, please watch “Blonde Blind” on YouTube. You will get some very important info regarding our society and blonde hair. It is getting pushed onto our children quite unfairly. Please tell your brunette daughters that they are beautiful and to never forget that.

  18. Omg! Finally someone understands my love for Anna over Elsa !!!!!
    I am a teen and I soooooooooo prefer Anna because she is the heroine , the strong one , the leader , the hero and main character , Anna goes through so much more PAIN THAN Elsa does and still saves the day and doesn’t run away like some other spoiled brat, but I just hate how everyone is still blind to that!!!!!!

    1. You’re the blind one here, you friggin ‘fanatic! If you ask me, Anna was being a spoiled brat because she insisted on doing things her way whereas Elsa went out of her way to do what’s right in ways that are mostly appropriate.

      Honestly, your fanaticism for Anna has blinded you on the reality of Elsa.

      1. No, you are a fanatic yourself, hypocrite.

        Elsa stans like you are flooding the Frozen fanbase by claiming that Anna is a bsd person.

      2. ^ Before you call anyone a hypocrite, take a good look at yourself. Honestly, I wish that the maker of blog IP banned you for good.

  19. I know this is discussion is 7 months old, but I thought I would leave my bit here anyway.

    I can’t really contribute to the “preference” topic, or the respective redeeming qualities… I have a different issue. My 2 year old and especially 4 year old girls now think they don’t have to do anything that princesses don’t do (and openly say so) such as eat, brush teeth, wear their glasses, clean up their rubbish etc. They watch Frozen, Sofia the First, anything with princesses or fairies it.

    I’m now considering that the TV might “break” and be “sent away” for a couple of weeks….

    I’m failing.

  20. First off I prefer Elsa, not saying I dont like Anna I do but Elsa speaks to me. After Frozen came out I spoke with some people in groups im in a the general vote was Elsa. But not because she’s blonde, or pretty, or magical but because she struggled and finally broke and admitted she was beaten, gave up decided to live for herself and not others and then allowed herself to be loved in the end. I and others I know struggle with depression and anxiety we fight everyday to remain calm and be happy. We see ourselves in Elsa, I personally wept the first time I heard Let It Go, because I relized I will never be perfect and thats ok. I dont have to listen to what others think of me and live my life to please them. I can be who I am and be happy about it. Whenever I see somthing with Elsa on it or hear that song I smile and tear up. Because I know I can be who I am and not feel bad. Im glad little girls love Elsa because she shows them its ok to be different and live for YOU not your friends or peers. She also teaches you cannot do it alone, Elsa’s curse is only broken by Anna’s love. And through Anna’s love and guidance Elsa learns to love herself as shown in the Frozen Fever short. Elsa is not all about sparkly dresses and magical powers, we are all Elsa in one form or another.

  21. People have their opinions, but as a 30+ woman and a mother of two Frozen-obsessed kids, I have a lot more sympathy for Elsa. Simply because…regardless of who saved who at the end of the movie, or who “ran” away from her problems (albeit because she had no other choice at the moment), Elsa had always been the far more selfless and the more mature one of the two from the very the beginning. Sacrificing her own youth and happiness to protect her little sister weren’t easy and it’s not something “less” than what Anna did to protect Elsa at the end of the movie. To live a painful life you didn’t want FOR someone IS love. As Olaf put it, love is putting someone else’s needs before yours. How else would he know that if not for Elsa? Elsa love others, what she didn’t know was how to love herself.

    And yes, Anna is the protagonist, the hero, the main character…no one’s denying that. But really, when all is said and done, in my humble opinion, Elsa is really the one with a story worth telling (and animated). Plus, what’s wrong with being blonde, graceful and elegant? Because it’s unrealistic and the girls in our society aren’t like that? Please. Some girls or even guys are just naturally graceful and elegant because they practiced diligently (ballet or something else) and it becomes a part of them. Remember, there’s no ugly people, only lazy people. If people like Anna for being more like them, or for her clumsiness, then by all means. It’s not that I don’t like Anna, she’s fun and loyal…I just find Elsa far more admirable in most other aspects, and so do my kids. Though I do have to say Elsa owes it to Anna for her happiness. So cheers for the sisters? Why fight when we can cheer for both?

      1. We can’t ignore that somewhere deep in all our psyche that there is a bias and division between brunettes and blondes both for men and women. I personally blame Hitler for spreading false ideas that blonde is superior when it is not. But, even closer to the beginning of mankind when the first humans had dark hair and it was only later when the mutant albino gene enter the gene pool. There were what was called the albino wars when albinos fought against dark haired warriors. So somewhere this runs deep within us all and the division to this day still exists. I will never teach my daughter that blonde is superior or support movies or shows that do show this bias because it’s just plain wrong.

      1. I relate to BOTH unlike YOU. Elsa is severely overrated and praised to the highest heavens whike Anna is underrated and beaten into a pulp.

    1. I think both are equally beautiful, but in different ways. Elsa has that delicate, composed beauty while Anna has the adventurous, open beauty.

      I am a mix of Elsa and Anna. I am the oldest sibling in my family and I struggle with depression and autism. I have no interest in making friends or find love anymore and I feel more at peace at home most of the time. But I can be immature than my younger siblings and I run and jump around a lot. I also like to go outside once in a while and be around people.

  22. I definitely prefer Anna over Elsa, although both of them are amazing! It’s just that I see a lot more of myself in Anna mainly because she is just so bubbly, fun, adventurous, clumsy, and still needs to learn so much more about the world, just lke me. I can never dislike Elsa because I see so much of my older sister in her, from her (my sister’s) personality to her interest in snowflakes. (my sister loves snowflakes!) And thats why my sister prefers Elsa. I wish more kids prefer Elsa for her personality rather than powers. Many kids my age and under(I’m 14) prefer Elsa because, yes, she has powers. I find that a bit sad though. Children think powers are all you need. Same goes for those superhero movies as well. Of course, there are the kids who prefer Elsa for who she is rather than powers, and I applaud them for that. Either way though, I’m team Anna all the way!!!
    Anyways, wonderful article and so well-written!

    1. I prefer both. Elsa is overrated as heck and Anna is severely beaten down by many Frozen fans.

      I relate to Elsa’s introversion and having a uncommon condition to conceal, at the same time I relate to Anna’s feistiness and bravery.

      Too bad too many people prefer one sister over the other. Mainly the ones who prefer Elsa over Anna irk me.

  23. My work colleagues started a collection for another co-worker’s three year old daughter who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. We were told that she loves the movie Frozen. Over the past week or so, more and more Frozen toys, blankets and clothes were being donated and I suddenly realized every doll, every clothing item, and blanket were of Elsa. There was an Olaf, Kristoff and even a Sven doll, but no Anna. When discussing the gifts I realized that most of my colleagues had not seen the movie and were buying the gifts without knowing the story or the characters. It made me wonder why, and all I could think is the difference in hair colour. Let’s face it they do look very similar, as do all the Disney princesses. The main differences are the outfits, complexion and hair….wait, one does have a tail! Merida has the most distinct features, with a rounder face, rather than the typical heart shaped face. My search for an answer led me here and I thought you might find this tidbit in relation to adult’s preference interesting.

    1. Thanks for this comment Lynda. My post has taken off more than I hoped for and has opened up the discussion highlighting things like you’ve mentioned. I enjoyed reading that and later tonight when I get to relax I’ll take some time to think this through. Thanks for your comment.

  24. I was just wondering about this as we were trying to find Anna toys in the frozen section at the toy store and they were overwhelmingly either just Elsa or both Elsa and Anna. Most of the Anna’s didn’t even really look like Anna. My daughter (3) couldn’t care less about Elsa really. Anna she is gaga over though. I’ve decided I’m glad she does. I’m choosing to take it as a sign that the girl’s got her head on right. 🙂

  25. I had come up with the same questions here in Australia almost to a word when of course Anna is the real hero of the story. Putting it bluntly, I think Elsa’s popularity and appeal over Anna to girls demonstrates the inherent shallowness of most females, even at a pre-pubescent age. Seriously.

    Am I going to get flamed for this 😉

    1. I think it’s a reflection of cultural preferences. The girls are a product of their socialization. I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but I have red/blonde hair and my son is red. You notice the stereotypes when you are one of those who is being stereotyped. Watch most kid’s shows and the bully almost always has red hair, often freckles, and overweight. The kids who get bullied the most are being portrayed as the bullies! Look at Nancy Bobofit in the heroes of Olympus character. Anna is the red headed step child! That is a bit OTT, but you get the point.

  26. Watching Frozen again for the umpteenth time I am reminded why Anna rules in our house. As does Star Wars, Lego, minecraft and Harry Potter amongst other things. Sure my 3 nearly 4 year loves a good princess but even she understands that Elsa basically flounces off and leaves the very non magical Anna to pick up the pieces. That is the story in a nutshell. One sister has a hissy fit, the other sorts it out. I agree with a previous commentator that Mulan rules. Both my kids love her too. She kicks arse, no magic in sight. Magic doesn’t help you when the chips are down and you need to summon courage, encourage friendship and draw on all your strengths. This is despite being totally teenager like and falling for the guy that gives you compliments. Who hasn’t? But she sorts that out. Interestingly we are in a minority in our circle. It’s all Elsa love sound here. It Anna remains the hero here.

    1. So agree!!! In a way, Anna’s the one who’s more powerful in “Frozen”. Love is, after all, the most powerful magic there is! 🙂

    2. Anna isn’t a Mary Sue, Elsa is a Mary-Sue than her! People like Elsa too much just because she is “more beautifuller” than Anna and has magical powers!

      People don’t give Anna enough credit, instead she is reduced to a spoilt, selfish, lovesick brat who is so stupid that she could die in a blizzard!

      I met people who wanted Elsa to freeze and stab Anna to death!

      1. You’re a big fat liar. Plus, you can’t really relate to Elsa because you’re not an introvert. Instead, you’re a whiny extrovert.

  27. My 6 year old just said Elsa is her favorite because she has powerful magic…I said, but Anna is strong, determined, considerate and fun….she smiled and said, but Elsa has the magic!

    1. Yeah, sadly people just want characters with magical powers. As for the people without magical powers, they view them as “ordinary people who can’t do anything.”

      How shallow the world has gotten…

  28. Honestly though I am going to say, I don’t see Anna as a better role model for girls. She falls in love with the first guy she meets and then the second guy she meets… she doesn’t escape from anything she is rescued by a man or her stronger more independent sister.

    1. Elsa is not a better role model either, she wears makeup and dons a sparkly, slinky dress. She even ran away from her problems instead of facing them.

      So many stupid Elsa fans here!

      I love Elsa but I hate how people wet their panties over her!

  29. I’m everyone who favors Elsa over Anna, who gets on my nerves with her silly behavior and screams. Besides, Elsa’s more serious and introverted like me.

      1. Um, a lot of people prefer Elsa over Anna. In fact, she’s WAAAAAAY popular over Anna.

        Elsa also has an attitude problem that needs to be addressed, Anna may be “stubborn as a mule” but Elsa is “prickly as an urchin.”

  30. Every time someone talks about how awesome Elsa is I get so upset haha… I know its a kids movie and I shouldnt get so emotionally involved on who the favorite one is, but why her?? It makes no since to me. She honestly does nothing in the movie but runs and hide. The only reason she finds strength to stay is because of Anna. I read someone saying they don’t like Anna because she is an air head that falls in love easily.. But hello! She has been trapped in her castle dreaming of falling in love. So it makes perfect since she’ll fall in love with the first guy who shows interest! Then Elsa runs away and Anna has to save the day. Even after Elsa struck her heart Anna uses her last bit of strength to save her sister! But who cares about that because she doesn’t sing ‘Let it go’ so no one pays attention to Anna.

    1. Oh get over it! Elsa fans are here to stay no matter what. Besides, Elsa will always rock and NOT Anna, who irks the hell out of me with her screams and attitude problem.

      1. Oh shut up, hypocrite, there will always be people who favor Anna over Elsa. Stop shoving your fanaticism for Elsa down people’s throats, Elsa stan!

      2. ^ You callin’ him a hypocrite?! You’re the hypocrite here ‘cuz you’re the one shovin’ your damn opinion down my throat just because he told Anna fans to get the hell over the Anna hatred and Elsa love. They’re entitled to their opinions as you are.

        How you’re hypocritical is that you called other people who don’t share your opinion biased and narrow-minded. If you ask me, you should shut the hell up and let Elsa fans and Anna haters express their opinions all they want.

        This isn’t your website, which means that all Anna haters and Elsa fans can post whatever the fuck they want. If you can’t respect that, then you get the hell off here and put on some big girl pants.

  31. For my personally I relate more to Elsa in personality wise more than Anna (I am 25 myself). With that being said I still love how relatable Anna was especially with the messy hair part when she wakes up (since I am not a morning person myself I can relate to it super well). Although I might not anywhere as perfect, poised or elegant as Elsa, but I see more of myself through her character, probably because I am just as much as an introvert as her (I have never had much friends when I was younger, in fact I was always bullied in school until the almost the end of High School, always feeling like I was a outcast that never fitted in no matter where I go), plus I personally struggle a lot with depression, anxiety and fears as well. Although Anna might be more outwardly brave and stand as a true hero in the story (which I absolutely see and understand this point of view). But as someone who constantly have to fight my own battles and inner struggles (with depression, anxiety and fears), I think Elsa is also a hero on her own, as she have her own inner struggles, anxieties, fears to battle, fight and overcome, to learn not only how to love others around her, but also learning to love and accept herself for who she is (which is something that I struggle with as well). Seeing how she battles through these inner struggles and eventually overcoming them, really provides me with a sort of hope that someday I will eventually overcome mine’s also, this is the biggest reason why I love her so much till this day.

    Lastly I am not coming on here to start any argument, just want say how I feel since I love Frozen so much. And I will forever love both sisters, Elsa and Anna (cause they are both as great and compliment each other very well, Elsa is super lucky to have a lovely sister like Anna who is willing stay by her side no matter what and help bringing her out of her shell when needed ♥ ♥ ♥ )

  32. Hey, thanks for writing this article, i was also very keen to know why so many people favoured Elsa over Anna and i think you’ve nutted it out really well. I’m also interested in Psychology and hoping to study it as well in the near future, as i find these kind of conundrums really facinating. I personally prefer Anna, despite Elsa’s character and the way her dress look. (this is coming from the mind of a guy who’s very fond of Frozen and wouldn’t hesitate to put on an Elsa or Anna dress, despite his tall exterior) looking forward to seeing more of your stuff 🙂

  33. I can’t believe the frothing Elsa stans who get so buttburt over people expressing their opinion that Elsa is severely overrated and Anna is severely underrated.

    Do people look beyond Anna? No. They dismiss her as a f%@king spoilt brat who bothered Elsa to play. They keep blaming her for starting the events of Frozen even though Elsa was also in on the cause. Their parents and Chief Pabbie are also to blame for the events of Frozen, they didn’t provide proper advice on how to control Elsa’s powers and raising Anna into a mature person.

    Even worse is that they give Anna hell for falling in love with Prince Hans, ignoring the fact that no one paid attention to Anna. Also the way Anna yelled at Elsa was pretty justified, Elsa could have talked to the door so Anna could understand why Elsa is acting so distant to her. BUT NO. Elsa chose to ignore her for 13 YEARS.

    And I hate how people give Anna little credit for her bravery and kindheartedness, they instead focus on her immaturity and stupidity.

    But what about Elsa? She keeps acting so cowardly and cold, but people claim she is so selfless and more mature than Anna. Which she is not.

    Elsa shuts out people who love her, she runs away from her queenly responsibilities, she doesn’t listen to when she finds out she put Arendelle in an eternal winter, she doesn’t even try to fix the winter she started, she almost kills the guards, and she doesn’t apologize to her sister and kingdom for what she has done afterwards!

    Such narrow-mindedness and bandwagoning from Frozen stans! This is why I HATE FROZEN NOW! Good luck spreading the biased “facts” that Elsa rocks and Anna sucks, Elsa stans!

    1. Anna’s not brave nor kindhearted. Anna’s fearless, but that’s because she’s too stupid to actually take caution or have any inhibitions. But fearless does not mean brave. One can only be brave if there is a fear that calls upon bravery to conquer. Anna wasn’t courageous either. Courage is when the right action is taken despite how unpleasant, undesirable, painful, etc. the action may be. Everything Anna does is done because Anna wanted to, not out of obligation or responsibility. Anna’s extremely rude & inconsiderate when you examine each scene. She wants to play so she asks her sister who she has played with before to play. That’s okay, but Elsa declined. Sure, it was a little tragic at first to lose a playmate without explanation, but when Anna still harasses Elsa to take care of her boredom, Anna’s pretty stupid for still not getting the message after two years of pestering. Anna craves attention, yet considers herself lonely in a castle with a slew of servants. Sure, they may be busy, but according to the lyrics of “The First Time in Forever”, Anna doesn’t even consider them “actual, real-live people” with lives and stories and feelings. When Anna bumps into Hans at the docks, what is her initial reaction? She’s angry, annoyed & disgusted that she was pushed like that when she wasn’t bothering to look & only changed tune when she saw she bumped into a handsome hunk. Anna meets Kristoff yet cannot offer any pleasantries or even proper posture & eye contact. Anna meets a talking snowman, & what’s her first reaction? Kick it, of course, because that’s what sweet girls do to something that has not attacked or threatened them /s.

      I don’t think you can comprehend Elsa’s mindset though. She suffers from depression & anxiety. Those two diagnoses may sound like just names for excuses like “he’s special” or “she doesn’t speak English”, but it’s much more complicated than that. Elsa refused to interact with Anna or anyone out of fear that she may accidentally hurt them. It’s like she has a highly contagious disease, but instead of explaining this to Anna everyone believed it was for the best (the trolls kinda said so). Things would have been a lot easier with an explanation, but for whatever reason there is none. Anna may learn why Elsa was so distant for all those years, but she can never understand Elsa’s burden. Elsa flees not out of fear for herself, but out of fear of harming others. Anna didn’t understand it, but asking Elsa to undo the eternal winter is like asking someone sneeze or cough to reintake the breath they released while sneezing or coughing. Sure, they can often control their sneezes & coughs, but making coughs & taking away coughs is completely different.

      I hope you will read this & reevaluate your opinion. In other news, what are “stans”?

      1. Oh enough, I have read canon sources that Anna is a sweetheart and brave.

        Shut up trying to force your opinions on me as facts! I have enough of you Elsa stans ruining Frozen for everyone!

        Anna didn’t really consider them real-life people because THEY NEVER TALKED TO HER WHEN SHE ASKED THEM TO.

        I do understand Elsa, but I find Anna overhated.

      2. http://frozen.disney.com/anna

        ‘Anna is the most caring, optimistic, and determined person you’ll ever meet. When she set out on a dangerous mission to save both her sister, Elsa, and their kingdom of Arendelle, Anna proved that only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.’

        ;^) What a Elsa fanatic you are. Stop trying to act you’re the smart one and tell me HOW MUCH ANNA SUCKS AND THAT ELSA DESERVES THE LOVE SHE GETS!

        It’s YOUR opinion, and I have MINE.

        IF THIS BLOG OFFENDS YOU, go somewhere else where there is pro-Elsa and anti-Anna. You Elsa stans(rabid fans) are ruining this blog, SO GET OUT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!

        I LOVE ELSA too, too bad your head is so stuck up Elsa’s frozen rectum to see that.

        I’ve seen your belittling and BIASED comments about Anna, you ASK ME TO “REEVALUATE” my opinion, as in *cough*force me to change*cough* *cough* *cough* my opinion *cough* *cough* *cough*

      3. WOW, all I can say is that you’re an IDIOT for thinking that Anna is a whiny, spoilt, weak ditz and that Elsa is a SUPER-DUPER ROLE MODEL for running away from her responsibilities!

        Your arguments are have so much holes in them that it’s impossible to see if you are trying to sound smart OR you really are that STUPID as you claim Anna is.

        You should be ashamed of yourself along with the brain-frozen rabids who preach that Elsa is the “best” character who “needs no man” to save her yet she is knocked out by Hans and the Duke’s guards very easily.

        BTW, I sent a message to you on Twitter. I’m thinking about blocking you, because you you’re obviously brain-dead and can’t accept an OPINION different from YOURS.

        Go on a debate with me, I will PROVE YOU WRONG about what you said about Anna and Elsa.

      4. Evelyn, your emotional reaction is actually so hilarious it borders on adorable.

        Character descriptions, summaries & the like are not always accurate. For instance, a trailer calls Prince Hans “the nice guy”. They tell, but what is shown is contrary to what is stated. Anna is depicted more as a rude, inconsiderate noble than as caring or sweet. I provided support behind my stance in the original response.

        How am I forcing opinions onto you? How is anything I have stated biased?

        We never saw Anna ask to talk to the staff. Not knowing the staff were people with lives & families is the ultimate insult. It is impossible for Anna to “not know better” when she is an extreme extrovert.

        I am not offended, should I be? Are you offended?

        So far, other than the official character description, you have not provided any evidence to refute my claim. Prove me wrong, but please do not resort to casting insults.

      5. You insulted me first. You tried to force me to believe that Anna is a selfish, bratty princess and that Elsa is a sweet, selfless victim. Which means you are the one who hasn’t watched the movie correctly.

        When I get overemotional, it’s because the person I face is rude, condescending, and being a phony intellectual. Those people annoy me to know end, especially if they pick on little kids for having the “wrong opinions.”

        Your tone of voice towards me suggests you look down on me like a child with a low IQ. You insulted me first, that’s why I felt the need to defend myself and other people. I am 18, I am no child who needs to be spoonfed by an adult anymore.

        I haven’t seen an ounce of the creators speaking so negatively on Anna, I’ve seen them praise her as a strong female character who happens to be as likable and sympathetic as Elsa. Anna represents the archetypical Disney Princess: selfless, warm-hearted, and brave.

        Anna was just a child when she bothered Elsa to go and play. She wasn’t be a spoilt brat or anything like that, she was just a kid wanting to have fun with her sister.

        And Elsa shouldn’t have accepted that offer, she should have just told Anna off. So it was Elsa’s fault too by your logic. Anna may have jumped too fast but Elsa should have watched where she was aiming.

        You have stated a lot of things that are biased. I can list them out for you if you like.

        Where did you get the idea that Hans was “nice?” Pray, tell me? Where’s the link? Where’s the trailer? You haven’t provided ANY PROOF to refute my claims. That’s YOU being the biased one, NOT ME.

        On the other hand, I have provided canon sources. Such as that official Disney site source.

        The reason why Hans is said to be “nice,” is because the creators wanted to fool the audience to think he would be a typical Disney Prince Charming.

        However, this does not apply to Anna. Anna is genuinely as sweet, charming, but adorkable as the creators presented her to us. The parts where she is being annoying and naive is PART OF HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Do you want Anna to be another one of those Mary Sues who have no flaws and are overly special?

        That’s the part that makes Anna likable and sympathetic just like Elsa.

        She never gave up on her sister, which is why she keeps knocking on her door. She even left her alone when Elsa told her to go away for 13 years straight. She tried to be patient with her at the Coronation. She was the only one who knew Elsa wasn’t a monster. She ventures out BY HERSELF and only a horse, thinking it is all of her fault Elsa lashed out. She even performs the ultimate act of true love which saves herself and ELSA in the end.

        And you claim that Anna is “not kindhearted nor brave” and that “being fearless and being brave” are two different terms?

        You claim that Elsa was right for leaving the kingdom because she was “selfless”?

        The movie proves otherwise. If you try to force me to like Elsa but hate Anna, then I’m going to continue to refute you until you leave.

        I’m tired of people emotionally manipulating me. You included.

        Lynda was right about you. You cannot accept opinions. You look at yourself as the only “reliable source of information.”

        You made racist and insulting comments about Anna due to her being a redhead with blue eyes wearing green clothing. That counts as racism towards Lynda’s son and herself.

        So tell me: Who is the one being “hilarious and adorable” now?

      6. You know what, Evelyn/Eve? You’re such a whiny little baby who acts like a friggin’ four-your-old. Did your parents fail to give you attention when you were younger?

  34. Okay, let’s be brutally honest here: the most deciding attribute to preference is appearances. We do not like to admit that we are shallow, but a huge amount of preferences is based upon aesthetics rather than innate features. And that’s okay. So it goes to say that a huge reason to the love for the character Queen Elsa is how she looks, regardless of age or gender. But, for the sake of enjoyment, I’ll examine each of the sister’s design & explain how so many people consider Elsa to be superior.

    First let’s start with the topic that heats me up to the point where I detract from social interactions: hair. Elsa’s hair is exotic to many. Natural platinum blondes are a rarity that is signature of Scandinavia, the setting of the film. The chignon at the coronation was elegant, but for many the loose braid is far more glamorous. I actually prefer the bun for selfish reasons as in that style Elsa has bangs, but that’s one of the great things about Elsa’s hair- it’s so versatile!

    Anna’s rat’s nest of a head is horrendous. I want to consider Anna a blonde as official descriptions label her as strawberry blonde, though apparently many people believe she’s a brunette (also acceptable as described in the article) or redhead. Her hair color is as definitive as her eye color & is clearly disputed. It’s one thing for a character to be strawberry blonde or auburn, but it’s another when the hair color is never depicted as categorically blonde, red, or brown across media & merchandise. I prefer to see Anna being portrayed as a saturated blonde to accompany her lively demeanor, but it is extremely irritating to see her with rust red hair or any kind of red hair for that matter. We already have two other Disney Princesses with red hair and blue eyes (not counting Giselle) so if Anna is added to the line with red hair it would be unrepresentative of pretty much every population & would perpetuate the belief that the Disney Princesses are more or less clones (albeit with red hair instead of blonde). I personally love red hair & would love to see a Disney Princess with red hair, green eyes, & heavy freckles but Anna’s character is so unfitting to be blessed with such characteristics. Instead of Anna’s hair looking like a bit of every Caucasian, it comes across as an unrealistic hair-dini trying to upstage the rarity & uniqueness of Elsa’s ultra-light blonde. It’s really crazy to say that Anna’s hair looks far more unnatural than Elsa’s, but it’s true! Again, platinum blonde is signature to Scandinavia so it’s fitting. The King did have blonde hair too, so it is genetically possible. However, the King & Queen could never produce a daughter with such red hair as Anna is often depicted especially when they already had a daughter with rather pale hair. Anna’s hair is so unrealistically red I almost want to believe she does a cruddy dye job to herself every few months.

    The fashion is obviously critical to marketing as well. Elsa’s signature Snow Queen ensemble had everything going for it: simple yet sparkling, pastel bright, blue yet effeminate, sexy yet classic, a modern yet timeless shade of cyan. Pair it with Elsa’s platinum locks with a gold hue & her crystalline blue eyes & it’s perfection.

    Anna’s fashion was, like her hair, a miss and a mess. Anna’s traveling outfit is the more iconic outfit not just because it was the primary costume for her in the film, but the blue top & skirt combination was super pretty with her blue eyes & the magenta cape was far more expressive of her personality. However, give Anna red hair & you just want to fling off the magenta cloak- there’s very little complement between it and the braids that sit upon it. It’s Ariel & the pink dress all over again! But the directors & artists assigned Anna with the WORST signature/favorite color: green. For a character is supposed to be bubbly, warm, & plucky, weighing her down with old, cold Earth tones just to evoke “youth” & “life” backfired immensely. And greens in the marketing world? Anybody who works with girls’ toys knows that you don’t put green in the pink aisle; green doesn’t sell! Worst part is, you have what may or may not be a redhead, put her in green, but give her blue eyes?! To me, that’s a travesty! If you are going to wear green, at least have earth-tone eyes (I have blue eyes so I seldom wear green)! Jewel tones tend to not work with someone who is supposed to have warm tones, & green is like the worst jewel tone. While I do like the vertical lines on the coronation dress’s skirt, many people are turned off by the colors as they claim it is the color of vomit or snot (true). Frankly, regardless of what you put Anna in, if the hair color is closer to orange than yellow or brown, Anna will look terrible. Anna’s hair doesn’t work any which way, neither does the green color scheme that the creative team keeps trying to push onto the character.


      Anna did leave Elsa for some space, but Elsa was still being cold to her. No one let Anna out, that’s their fault. Anna thought Olaf was a threat, that’s why she reacted out of fear.


      Stans are those frothing idiots who can’t accept opinions and harass people who don’t share the same opinion as them.

      1. If you do not wish to communicate with me, then why did you reach out to me via Twitter?

        How am I disrespectful? Narrow-minded? Biased? A bigot? Pseudo-intellectual? Commenting in all caps does not convey rationality.

        Anna gave Elsa space, but she did not pursue other relationships. Fo soneone who is swinging, climbing, running & leaping around the castle like a jungle gym Anna was certainly physically capable of running away. Anna could have easily escaped the confines of the castle & mingled with the villagers even for one day, but for whatever reason Anna never attempted to break out.

        Olaf was not a threat in any way. Kristoff did not react with violence when he’s possibly the most pro-violence character in the film.

        I am not making Anna anything; the film was the most damning to the character. I just analyze what was presented in the film & write my conclusions.

        What opinions am I not accepting? How am I harassing?

    2. As a strawberry blonde with a red headed son I find your comments rude and disrespectful. Saying you “personally love red hair” amidst your hateful vitriol does not change the overall judgemental and rude message. BTW Anna does have freckles, even on her shoulders. I have people who don’t believe that my hair colour is natural – not that it matters, but red hair can be quite bright naturally. The creators were trying to maintain some cultural accuracy in the costumes and I think they did an amazing job. Green and earth tones happen to be very flattering for many redheads, with any eye colour.

      1. Don’t listen to her Lynda, I’ve tried to talk to her, and she won’t listen. What a hateful, spiteful, and racist little brat Kimmy is.

        She thinks that Anna is “not brave and kindhearted” and she also mocked me saying, “Sweet little girls love to kick Olaf”, don’t they? And when I said that Elsa was wrong for running away? “Oh, Elsa just wanted to protect people. she is superrrrrr selfless!”

        “I hope you will reevaluate your opinion.”(Kimmy says in a fake-sugary voice) > “Your opinion is wrong, I hope you change it because I am smarter than you.”

      2. Kimmy P. acts like she is the intelligent one, but in reality, she is a shallow, racist, self-absorbed, and bigoted pseudo-intellectual who thinks she is always right.

        How is “fearless” not the same as being “brave”?! Has she skipped elementary school or something?!

        Also, how is Anna “not brave nor kindhearted?”

        The Disney descriptions already said she is an optimistic, kind, selfless, naive but not stupid character.

        Also no one sees Anna’s suffering for 13 years. Being so unloved by everyone, that’s why she didn’t know what love is! She develops in Frozen, that’s the point!

        Kimmy P. is a total hypocrite! I can’t stand the words that come from her stupid mouth!

      3. I love red hair, just not on/for Anna. She does not look good with red hair & doesn’t deserve the rare beauty. It’s not expressive of her character. She doesn’t deserve freckles either, unlike Rapunzel.

        Green & earth tones are beautiful on natural redheads, but not Anna. Her hair looks more fake than her sister & Elsa is a very light blonde. For someone who you want to view as plucky, youthful, & bold, green is not the color to do so.

      4. No, you have not actually conversed with me until now. I have not yet had an opportunity to respond to your replies until today when you finally responded.

        How am I hateful or spiteful? Self-absorbed or shallow- since when? Hypocrite- not sure what topics I was being two-faced on. I do not recall ever claiming that I am intelligent- please show me so I may apologize for acting without modesty. And I would absolutely LOVE to hear how I am racist! Little brat is flat-out name-calling.

        The mocking was to show the fallacy in your perspective that Anna is a sweetheart. I offered an explanation for why Elsa fled, but your mock-back is not a rebuttal in the slightest. Do you or do you not agree with the premise that Elsa fled to prevent further harm from being inflicted on

        Fearless, brave, & courageous are synonyms, but synonyms differentiate down to the specifics. For example, saying that something is cute is not the same as being sexy. Both are synonyms for attractive, but cute is typically innocent & sexy is, well, not.

        One of the most severe problems with the character Anna & by extension the film is that Anna experiences no character development. Anna knows what familial love is.

        Beyond her parents’ deaths & not knowing why Elsa no longer plays with her, Anna never suffered during the thirteen years before Elsa’s coronation day. Anna basically lived a life of an only child. Snow White, Cinderella, & Rapuunzel were far more restricted. Heck, Jasmine’s situation was bleaker than Anna’s & she’s quite the spoiled princess herself.

        I literally have not spoken a word. How is my mouth stupid?

      5. I also analyze, look up facts, and draw conclusions.

        You also insult me, so you’re no different.

        I’m sorry, how is calling nice and kind a “fallacy”? the creators already said she is and she stays like that throughout, unlike Hans who was an evil sociopath hiding under sheep’s clothing.

        If I stop with the name-calling and the insulting, would you at least listen to what I have presented on the table?

        Are you going to mock and belittle me again if I stop insulting you?

        Anna does face character development. She starts out as this naive girl maturing into a more sensible person.

        I don’t find her a lousy character, and I can prove to you why.

        Ever since she was 5, she had her memories of Elsa’s powers erased. And she was locked in by her parents with no idea what true love is. Not even the staff bothered to reach out to her, they only cared about their jobs.

        How is Anna harassing Elsa? She was asking her to go play with her. But for some reason, Elsa just tells her to go away or ignores her.

        You call asking someone to play with you harassment? That’s petty.

        Also the reason why Anna might not have wanted to go outside is because she treasures her relationship with her sister. She doesn’t want her sister to be alone without her.

        When her parents died, Anna was the only sibling to attend the funeral, Elsa still stayed locked in her own room. Even though she is afraid of showing her powers to others, that’s not polite to not attend your parents’ funeral. Elsa’s parents looked after Elsa a lot more than Anna, why shouldn’t Elsa just attend?

      6. Get a damn life, Evelyn. You act like mission in life to troll the crap out of those who aren’t like you. Well, how about you get trolled and see how you like it, you spoiled brat?

      7. You know what, Lynda? I think that you and Evelyn ought to screw each other like the self-righteous and deluded lesbians you are.

    3. “Anna’s rat’s nest of a head is horrendous. I want to consider Anna a blonde as official descriptions label her as strawberry blonde…”

      “…prefer to see Anna being portrayed as a saturated blonde to accompany her lively demeanor, but it is extremely irritating to see her with rust red hair or any kind of red hair for that matter.”

      “We already have two other Disney Princesses with red hair and blue eyes (not counting Giselle) so if Anna is added to the line with red hair it would be unrepresentative of pretty much every population & would perpetuate the belief that the Disney Princesses are more or less clones (albeit with red hair instead of blonde).”

      “I personally love red hair & would love to see a Disney Princess with red hair, green eyes, & heavy freckles but Anna’s character is so unfitting to be blessed with such characteristics.”

      “…but Anna’s character is so unfitting to be blessed with such characteristics. Instead of Anna’s hair looking like a bit of every Caucasian…”

      “However, the King & Queen could never produce a daughter with such red hair as Anna is often depicted especially when they already had a daughter with rather pale hair. Anna’s hair is so unrealistically red I almost want to believe she does a cruddy dye job to herself every few months.”

      “But the directors & artists assigned Anna with the WORST signature/favorite color: green”.

      “Worst part is, you have what may or may not be a redhead, put her in green, but give her blue eyes?! To me, that’s a travesty! If you are going to wear green, at least have earth-tone eyes (I have blue eyes so I seldom wear green)!”

      “…many people are turned off by the colors as they claim it is the color of vomit or snot (true).”

      “Frankly, regardless of what you put Anna in, if the hair color is closer to orange than yellow or brown, Anna will look terrible. Anna’s hair doesn’t work any which way, neither does the green color scheme that the creative team keeps trying to push onto the character.”


      1. Evelyn, I agree, Kimmy seems to be a lost cause who speaks only in absolutes. It’s good to have strong opinions backed by facts, but I think some people rely too much on just their way of thinking. As we get older we realize life is more grey than black and white. The arts are exciting because they expand our minds and make us see things from different perspectives. Frozen at the heart of everything is a story about the human condition. Both Elsa and Anna have character flaws and strengths, but they are both (in my opinion) very likeable characters. It’s their relationship that takes centre stage. This is a love story about sisters! They are both beautiful – and yes, Disney needs more diversity.

      2. How am I harassing people by voicing a dissenting opinion? How am I delusion & closed-minded?

        Pardon me Lynda, but what absolutes do I speak of?

        I have strong opinions. They are subjective. That’s what opinions are though- subjective.

      3. Kimmy are you a psychologist and a geneticist? You seem pretty comfortable with diagnosing Elsa with anxiety and depression, and you seem to know exactly what hair colours an animated couple can produce in their children. Wow! Impressive. You might want to throw a few ‘I think’, or ‘I believe’, or ‘it’s my option’, in your crazy arguments so you don’t read like a ridgid know-it-all.

        I think your arguments do show your biases and your baiting Evelyn shows a mean streak.

      4. Then explain to me why you said to me: “I hope you will read this and reevaluate your opinion.”

        So you’re saying my opinion is wrong? Yet, you say you have your own opinion?

        And before you claim that I am “harassing” anon and the others. They were the ones who went to this page in the first place.

        They attacked the people who were just minding their own business! What did people like Annalover do to get harassed?! She didn’t harass anyone for having a different opinion! All she said was that she believes Anna is better than Elsa!

        If you don’t like Anna and feels she deserves the hate she gets, then this page is not for you.

        It is disrespectful to the people who think Elsa does not deserve the love she gets so much and that Anna is the one who’s misunderstood.

        As I said, if you don’t like this article, then don’t read it.

        And I do relate to Elsa, it’s just that I don’t go fanatical over her, she is also just a fictional character. People need to stop shoving her down our throats.

      5. I have taken psychology courses & do actually suffer from depression & anxiety myself. Certified psychologists would diagnose Elsa with both with her deep feelings of despair & fear.

        The genetics is elementary. The mother is brunette with no traces of color. The father is blonde with a bit of color. They produce a blonde offspring with little color. Therefore, the mother must possess one brown chromosome & one blonde chromosome. The mother can never produce a red haired child when she can not possess a red-haired chromosome.

        And don’t give me any of that bogus “Elsa’s blonde because of her magic” reasoning when Anna’s turned straight-up white after being afflicted with ice magic.

        I am going to have a bias on something entirely subjective. Some of it is built upon a novice understanding of genetics, but it is still overall opinion.

        Do you feel Evelyn is behaving approriately?

      6. Both my parents had brown hair with no trace of red. I have a blonde sister, and my other siblings have brown hair. My paternal aunt had red hair and both her parents were brunettes. The gene that causes red hair is recessive. It’s believed that over 40% of Europeans carry the recessive gene for red hair. It would be possible for Anna’s parents to produce a red headed child. Plus, this is fiction….you know, suspension of disbelief and all that stuff!

        I think it’s crazy to argue over whether Elsa was a better character than Anna or vice verse. My son and I enjoyed watching this movie, and we both loved that a redhead was represented in a positive manner. I especially liked that Anna had freckles. It’s so rare to see an attractive redhead in film with freckles.

        Both of you are entitled to your opinions. However, I think Evelyn had reason to be upset about how you argue your case. When I read your posts you read as if you are intelligent, but your writing style is (using your word) mocking.

      7. It is extremely clear your emotions are clouding your ability to reason. You claim to love a character more due to the character’s unpopularity. It’s like reverse bandwagon. There may be a name for this phenomenon. I have it a bit too when it comes to Prince Hans. I would hope that by exposing Anna’s character would allow you to break free from this haze. Anna is a lousy character & nothing you have stated has suggested otherwise.

        I would say posts qualify as harassment when they offer no substance to the conversation & primarily consist of demanding someone to shut up & name-calling. From what I have seen, that applies to a majority of yours.

        Most of those posts were from over a year ago. You have awoken the dead.

        Why do you get to say who is & is not welcome in the conversation? That ruling is up to the author, the moderators, the administrators, & the hosts.

        It is disrespectful to share a negative opinion in an article about preferences? The internet doesn’t have safe spaces around these parts…

        There’s a lot to love about Elsa. Most of those who believe Anna is superior are grossly misinformed.

      8. See? You’re trying to force us into hating Anna by presenting your so-called “facts” into our faces. I’ve had enough of people not looking deep into Anna’s character as to discern why Anna yelled at Elsa during the coronation. How would you feel if your sister didn’t explain to you why they are avoiding you? It would have been that simple. Elsa should have wrote a letter and slipped it under the door, how hard is that?

        So you’re saying that people who like Anna more are “grossly misinformed and biased” but people who like Elsa more AREN’T?

        What kind of logic is that?

        And about the name-calling and insulting, I apologize. I have a tendency to act out if I see a mean person come my way.

      9. Evelyn, did you even stop to think before you posted all that condescending bullshit on this webpage? Clearly, you can’t think straight because of your blatant fanaticism and hypocrisy. If you ask me, you really were harassing other people don’t share the same opinion. That goes to show what a prejudiced little bitch you are.

    4. People who jump on the Elsa bandwagon claiming she is a “strong female Disney princess” are clouded by emotions as well. They don’t realize that her shutting out people is making people hurt more. They don’t realize “Let It Go” is meant to be a villain song of Elsa abandoning her responsibilities once she’s ran away from her kingdom.

      People who praise Elsa so much are mostly misinformed. I have been diagnosed with Depressive Disorder NOS, Asperger’s Disorder, and Expressive Language Disorder.

      I have heard from anti-Frozen fans that they have been harassed by many Frozen fans with insults like: “Kill yourself”, “drink bleach”, “you Frozen haters suck”, and so on.

      What’s wrong with pointing out Elsa’s flaws? They have written comprehensive articles about why they believe Elsa is a bad character who gets too much credit for her actions.

      So it’s not okay for Elsa to be bashed, but it’s okay for Anna too. Talk about fandom hypocrisy.

      Both sisters are the star of the movie, both are meant to be likable and sympathetic by the creators, no one should fight over which sister is “better.”

      In fact, you are the one clouded with emotions to understand why people prefer Anna over Elsa.

      Stop trying to change people’s opinions.

    5. Look, I’m sorry. I’ve calmed down now. I am not going to call you names anymore. I admit I was in the wrong, I was not in the right mood back there. I admit that I was being childish.

      Even when I’m calm, my opinions stay the same, but I can talk peacefully if I am not in a foul mood.

      I’ll try not to be harsh when I give out refutes to your statements.

      1. Too late. You alienated me and you deserve no forgiveness. If I’m the maker of this blog, I’d ban your ass for good.

  35. I’m going to be very honest here, I love both sisters but I agree with Lynda on this one. They shouldn’t be pinned against each no matter what the reason. Both Elsa and Anna are complex, flawed characters with backstories that drive the plot of Frozen. Both of them are the main protagonists who suffer from some kind of issue: Elsa with her powers and self-esteem and Anna with love and communication. Both of them are the catalyst to the events of Frozen with Anna bothering Elsa to play with her and Elsa obliging with little resistance. Both of them creates a safety hazard which begins the estrangement of the two sisters. Elsa creates an ice floor which many can slip and fall and Anna won’t stop jumping around while at a dangerous height. The combination of these hazards ends up with Anna getting shot in the head with Elsa’s powers. Elsa in her despair, loses control of her powers for the first time in the movie. The parents then rush to the sisters and drive to the Trolls’ location to heal Anna’s head. However, even though the Chief heals Anna, he also takes away her memories, which leads to the selective-amnesiac Anna today. The Chief unintentionally frightens the family by showing them a vision of Elsa being killed by townspeople if she cannot control her powers.

    Scared and overprotective of their daughters, the King and Queen separate the two sisters’ bedroom and reduce the staff to avoid the word of Elsa’s powers coming out. Elsa is told to stay in her room to control her powers while Anna is neglected to roam the castle on her own, with a hole in her memory unfixed bybher family.

    For 10 years, as Elsa grows older, her powers become stronger as a sign of her maturity. She grows fearful and more distant from her parents as they try to help her. Anna still roams the castle, though it is unknown if she is allowed outside or not. She tried talking to the remaining staff in the castle, but they only cared about their jobs for the most part. She might have talked to outside people, but she cherished her sister the most. Which is probably why Anna stays in the castle all her life, waiting for a reconnection from Elsa.

    And then the parents die in a shipwreck, Anna attends the funeral while Elsa continues to stay locked in her room, fearing exposure of her powers to the townspeople. Elsa continues to heed her parents’ words as she prepares for the coronation. She stays locked in her room as always to avoid hurting Anna again and be deemed a “monster” by the public. Anna stops coming by Elsa’s door after her last attempt failed to coax Elsa out. But Anna still roams the castle as always.

    When coronation day for Elsa arrives, Anna is very excited for the castle gates to open. After many years of isolation, she runs out of the castle and bumps into Hans. She takes a liking to Hans as her “Prince Charming.” Meanwhile, Anna pays her sister’s respects by attending her coronation. Elsa struggles to conceal her powers while holding the ornaments with her bare hands, she succeeds and the party starts afterwards.

    Surprisingly, Elsa is the first to greet Anna after 13 years of refusing to talk to her. Anna greets her back, though rather awkwardly. After both sisters lamented the time when they weren’t alone, Elsa says it will never happen again. Anna tries to ask her why, but Elsa just yells a bit, saying that “it just can’t.”

    Anna storms off in the brink of tears, trying to search for a reason why Elsa was behaving this way towards her. Anna bumps into Hans again and they conversate about how their older siblings made them feel unloved and underappreciated. Anna feels much better talking to Hans, thinking that Hans is the only person in the world she can relate with. They spend the night together before Hans suggested she marry her. Anna in a desperation to find love after many years of loneliness, agrees.

    Anna tries to act polite again to Elsa at first, despite Elsa’s cold refusal to her earlier. Elsa refuses Anna’s marriage to Hans, saying it is not true love. Anna denies this and begins to lose her patience once again. Elsa, continuing to keep her cool, denies the marriage again and tells her guards to close the gates as a way to get the people out again.

    Anna, in an act of impulsivity, grabs one of Elsa’s gloves and refuses to give it back. This clearly upsets Elsa and makes her feel exposed. Anna, clearly on the brink of tears selfishly tells her that she does not want to live unopened anymore. But Elsa, on the brink of tears, coldly tells Anna to leave the castle if she is unhappy with her loneliness.

    Anna is more hurt by this response, but Elsa continues to walk away to avoid any further confrontation. But to Anna, it seems like Elsa is neglecting her again for no probable reason. Anna finally explodes in sheer anger after 13 years of being ignored by her sister. The partygoers watch as Anna indignantly shouts at the newly-crowned queen in front of them. Finally, Elsa’s bottled-up feelings explode, which results in her revealing her powers to the ballroom.

    Anna, shocked by the revelation, tries to make sense of the situation in front of her. Elsa stands against the door in fear as she looks at the stalagmites her powers inadvertently created.

    Elsa runs out of the castle, but is met with the oblivious townspeople who cheer and clap for her. This only aggravates Elsa further due to the large amount of people standing in front of her. And she reveals her powers to them by accidentally freezing a fountain. The townspeople back away in fear and awe and the Duke and several guards confront her.

    Elsa desperately tries to warn them to stay away from her, but unintentionally blasts them with her powers. Seeing that the townspeople are very fearful of her now her powers are revealed, she runs away to prevent anyone getting hurt bybher powers. When Anna tries to plead for her to come back, Elsa runs towards the North Mountain instead, unknowingly trapping her kingdom in an eternal winter.

    While the people in Arendelle still condemn Elsa as a monster, Anna is the only one who knows Elsa is not a monster. Despite Elsa ignoring Anna to protect Anna from her powers, Anna still shows she loves her sister no matter what. Anna ventures off on her own, not trusting the people to go with her in case they try to hurt Elsa too. Anna leaves the kingdom in the hands of a stranger, Hans with no second thought, but with the motivation to save her sister and stop the eternal winter.

    Meanwhile, Elsa enjoys her newfound freedom and isolation while throwing away her responsibilities to the wind, thinking that since she is not around people anymore, she won’t hurt them anyways. She creates a new home and dress for herself as she sings about her new life.

      1. This was several weeks ago, I clearly apologized to the people I was mean to. I was just stressed out and lost control, okay?

        And my comments were not meant to harass others. You are the one harassing me even though I said I was sorry.

        You are insulting me with curse words and such.

        I am aalready done with this conversation, I politely asked the author to delete all of my comments, don’t believe me? Look for it.

        I am being patient with you, I’m not insulting you this time, which proves that I am capable of reasoning.

        And yes, I have left this conversation weeks ago, I apologized to Kimmy P. I never attacked her again, I moved on.


      2. Look, I’m sorry alright? I was being childishly angry at that time. I calmed down since then alright?

        Please stop harassing me and Lynda. We were defending ourselves and our opinions from Kimmy P. We weren’t trying to bully anyone.

      3. Evelyn, I read one response by ‘someone’ and recognized that this was the worst type of internet troll. Do not take what they say seriously. You explained yourself to Kimmy and apologized. You did the right thing. People who write anonomously are not worth reading. At the end of the day it was a movie that we all enjoyed enough to get passionate about!

      4. You have no idea how hypocritical you are, Lynda. Evelyn was too being a troll and she was harassing others, especially when she told anonymous to shut up. Whenever I see someone being a troll, I troll that person in return because I take everything personally and seriously whether you like ti or not.

        When I was younger, I was harassed and bullied a lot. And that’s why I can relate to Elsa and not Anna. Besides, I had my share of harassers online more than once. So you better think twice before calling me a troll.

        Plus, it’s ironic that you called Kimmy/Kim a rigid know-it-all when you sounded like one yourself. In fact, you were trying to force your way of thinking on others by refusing to respect their opinions. If people want to respect your way of thinking, then respect theirs.

        As for you, Evelyn, you deserve to cussed out with your carelessness. Now believe me, I don’t enjoy cursing. But when some jerk misbehaves online, I will be rude to that person in return. Besides, I’ve been dealing with jerks so many times that it jaded me and turned me into a defensive person.

        Believe it or not, I have little or no patience for jerks and am not slow to anger. In other words, I’m not quick to forgive. So if you get on my bad side and you apologize for it, MAKE UP FOR IT!!!

      5. Another thing to tell you Lynda is that Evelyn/Eve didn’t do the right thing when she let her anger get the better of her. How ironic it is that you claimed to support gray thinking when when Evelyn’s irrationality is black and white. If you advocate grey thinking, you better not advocate Eve’s anger.

        As for you., Evelyn, being stressed out gives you no right to take your rage out on others because doing that can provoke them into attacking you. That’s what my mom told me. Take my dad for example. I angered him for many times without intending to and he abused me physically. There were even times when I didn’t do anything wrong but he just beat me up anyway.

        And if you read this, think before you post irrationally. But if you respond to me the same way that you did last year before apologizing, be prepared for me to chew you out.

        So think about why I told you gals.

      6. Someone; I do not have a preference for either Anna or Elsa. So I don’t care which sister you, or anyone else for that matter, prefer and why.
        Evelyn was writing in an emotionally vulnerable way, and I felt Kimmy was baiting her. Evelyn did get carried away in her posts, but she acknowledged this, and apologized. End of story.
        If you really do empathize with victims of bullying, you would not become the bully.
        BTW – Your vast vocabulary is a lovely touch. Your parents must be proud.
        Based on your previous angry and creepy comments, you can be assured that I will not be reading your response.
        Happy Trolling!

      7. I wasn’t the one who started it, I’ll have you know, Anon harassed the author of this post first, so I fired back. I was only trying to protect the author from harassers who don’t share the same opinion as him. Why didn’t the Anna fans too call out Anon for harassing the author? That’s what I’m saying.

        You didn’t call out Anon for harassing the author, which proves that you can’t accept opinions different from yours either. Sure, Anon’s posts were over 3 years ago, but I can’t let this problem be ignored.

        Kimmy P. says I had no substance and evidence? No, she’s lying. I have provided plenty of evidence of why some people prefer Anna over Elsa. Yet, she lets her own bias and inability to see why people prefer a character over another.

        I can see why people prefer Elsa over Anna, but the way she tries to change my opinion shows her true colors.

        And yeah, I get that Anna is annoying and improper, but that’s just what makes her human. Humans make mistakes, no one is perfect. And Elsa is not overly trusting like Anna, that’s great, as Hans was proven to be a bad guy.

        Anna has no character development? I disagree otherwise, she does not know what love is due to how the servants in the castle never taught her what love is. She starts out as this naive romantic until she meets Kristoff, sees Hans’ true colors, and Olaf instructing Anna on what love is. Anna just had to be more patient and empathetic to know the meaning of true love. And her ultimate sacrifice of true love was what helped Elsa know how to control her powers in the end.

    1. Lynda, please. It was my fault I brought you into this. I was wrong. I was the one being the harasser around this site.

      What ‘someone’ is saying is true, I was being a jerk for shoving my opinions down people’s throats. I acted irrationally and without thinking.

    2. Someone, I need to speak to you. There is someone flaming Frozen posts and harassing those who like Anna. I suspect it is Kimmy P. again.

  36. Ironically, I found this post while looking EVERYWHERE online for the Deluxe Frozen Baby ANNA Doll that I can not find. However the Deluxe Frozen Baby Elsa Doll is available at almost all stores. That made me wonder if they didn’t make as many Annas for that very reason that Elsa is more popular. Who knows? All I know is that the only ones of Anna I can find is for $100 & up while the Elsa one is less than $20. My three year old loves Anna.

      1. I didn’t come back for a long time to this website. And I wished I could delete every single comment on this site. Looking back, I felt ashamed for what I did.

        I admit that I deserved to be cussed out for acting like a jerk, but that is my coping mechanism when I get out-of-control angry.

        And I certainly do not like Anna and Elsa that much anymore. Reading the arguments on both sides, it’s very clear to me that they contributed to the problems of Frozen in some way.

        I am debating with Kimmy P. on Twitter if you want me to prove to you how surprisingly calm I can be.

        I am sorry for what I did, don’t blame Lynda for this. I was the one who brought her into this mess. It was my fault in the first place that I thought I was doing the right thing.

      2. I’m not actually a jerk. And I am not a troll(someone who lives to cause pain and suffering).

        In fact, I happen to be nice most of the time, though I have an ill temper.

        And yeah, I’ve been bullied too. But I stayed nice most of the time, though I have become jaded and hardened just like you.

        I can say the same to you, if you still continue to harass me even though I stopped posting hateful comments on this page, I won’t forgive you either.

      1. Well, then I respectfully disagree. Not to change your opinion or anything. I’m genuinely sorry for the way I treated you. I should’ve known that you were only expressing your opinions on this page.

        I do like Elsa, want proof? I stood up for her when there were people who hated her. I told someone named ‘Fire And Ice’ that she isn’t a monster, but she said it was just her opinion. So I left her alone. And then I spoke with Rey-Rey on Tumblr explaining to her that Elsa isn’t really the bad person she thinks she is, but she states it is also her opinion. So I left her alone too.

        But I also like Anna too. She may have been childish, annoying, seemingly unbearable, but she does genuinely love her sister. If Anna didn’t have those flaws, she would be just a generic Disney princess with Mary Sue-like grace and beauty.

        She goes through lengths to get to the North Mountain. She provoked Elsa in the ballroom, but it was because she wants her loving sister back. Anna apologizes it for it later when she sees Elsa in her palace. And after Elsa accidentally shoots her in the heart? Anna still chooses to stay with Elsa in the palace. Anna blames Elsa for shooting her when she was with Hans? Well, Anna didn’t know better. She didn’t develop proper social skills while wandering the castle all by herself.

        But Anna ultimately chose to save Elsa from Hans even though Elsa shut her out for 13 years straight and threw her out of the palace. That shows Anna does genuinely love her sister and it shows that she feels terrible about trusting Hans so easily.

        With all of these positive qualities backing up her negative ones, I can’t say I hate Anna all the way. Neither with Elsa, I could also understand why she also makes bad decisions like Anna does.

  37. With the new movie coming out this comments section will probably come to life again. I was 22 when visiting Disney World. I got to ‘meet’ Anna and Elsa because my brother wanted a photo. Did you know the little girls queue with their parents for SIX hours to meet the princesses? My brother is special so we got VIP entry, so only 15 minute wait. The kids line up for Elsa but getting photos with Anna also comes with the package. Anyway I’ve always been Team Anna but despite myself, ended up fawning over Elsa’s dress and complimenting her. She looked FAB-U-LOUS with glitter snow diamonds entwined in her hair and everything. Anna was played by a gorgeous western model too but they made her character act like a total bumbling idiot, like even tripping over herself. I really think if the writers gave her a pretty fairy dress too, like shiny dark pink or purple instead of that Ugly dirty green and poo brown Shrek like dress, she would be more popular with the youngsters. I thought you’d find this little story funny, that I a grown 22 year old harcore Anna supporter was reduced to a fawning Elsa fangirl in that moment. I wonder if they’ll give Anna something nicer in the sequel to bring her up to par. It’s definitely the dress :’D

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