What’s Small, Smells Nice and Will Be a New Addition to Our Family?

Back in July 2013 I wrote a post about having a third baby. I had ruled it out back then but my wife was still open to the idea. Here we are 15 months later and we’re still a family of four.

So is another baby on the way now?

No. The decision to stay a family of four is locked in. It’s set in stone. There will be no more babies in our house unless of course they are just visiting.

And now that decision has been finalized we can start looking at the other new addition to our family that my wife has been bugging me about for a while; her new car.

When I bought my new car just on two years ago we considered keeping my old SUV and selling her small sedan. My thoughts were, if we did end up having another baby we would need to have a bigger car for her to carry three kids. Alas, we sold it.

We bought her car when she was pregnant with our first. Before that she had a two door convertible but that was never going to be big enough to carry a baby seat, large stroller and all the other items you need to carry when taking babies and young kids around.

But now we don’t need two SUVs. And with our youngest almost over needing a stroller every time we go out we can look at getting her a car that is more compact, has great economy and has all the latest safety features and technological gadgets to make life easier.

When looking for a new car I feel confident when the specifications list safety features such as Anti-Locking Braking Systems (ABS) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). And the higher the ANCAP safety rating the better, and if the car has a maximum 5-star rating, that is definitely a car I would consider buying. And that is something you really need to consider when buying a small car, especially one that is going to be carrying around your loved ones.

The Ford Fiesta and Focus are small cars that offer those safety features to meet our family’s requirements. Not only that, but these cars offer the latest technologies such as SYNC™ Connectivity System, Bluetooth® and Voice Control.

We are yet to make the decision and haven’t really even started test driving yet but when we do, both these cars will be serious contender.

 Please note, this is a sponsored post for Ford Australia but the words and ideas are all my own. Happy driving.

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