What Do All These Attractive Women Have In Common?

What do all of these attractive women have in common? I’m going to start this post with a slide gallery for your consideration before we move on…

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All of these women are teachers. Points if you guessed that.

All of these women are American. Points if you guessed that too.

The clue is in the types of photos that are amongst the photo gallery, and the worried look on many of those faces; that might give it away.

If you couldn’t tell that some of these are mugshots, then maybe you might recognise the setting of three of the photos; they’re in court rooms.

Do those hints give it away?

All of these women have been charged with, and many found guilty of sex offences against students. Did you guess that right?

Most of these women had male students, young teenage boys as their victims. At least one of them had a sexual encounter with a female student as well; yes a young teenage girl was also a victim. So this story is not about crimes against young boys; gender does not play a part in the story of the victims, but gender does play a part in the story of the perpetrators.

“Victims?” I hear you ask. “Surely you jest. These boys are lucky to have sex with these hotties…”

Yes, yes. We’re all thinking that, aren’t we? But no, these kids ARE victims.

Let’s pause my story here for a moment because whilst I have been collecting these photos from news stories – mostly from Huffington Post, but some other sources as well – my good friend Aaron Gouveia the smart-ass former newspaper reporter (his words, not mine) from The Daddy Files wrote this excellent piece that trumped me last week and took the words out of my mouth. You really must read it for the surprising Hollywood twist in the middle of his article. Go on read it. I’ll wait.

I hope that you are reading this sentence having clicked on the link to Aaron’s article. It’s really that important that you do before you read on. I’m serious.

You’re done? Great. Welcome back.

Now I’m not trying to make light of the issue here with my facetious prompts for you to read what Aaron wrote, but I believe the issue that he raised is a very important one. This issue highlights that whilst yes we DO have a problem with some (not all, but some) male teachers taking advantage of their students, the crime is NOT the exclusive domain of the “balding, older man – maybe a creepy science teacher” that Gouveia described as the typical perpetrators of sex crimes against students, or at least our “go to” when asked to describe the archetypal offender.

And of course it is that exact train of thought or mindset that goes into making these crazy decisions by one of the state governments or at least proposing the idea as I wrote about in this article Should Men Be Banned From Working In Childcare? Yes, a state government in Australia actually took some time to discuss the possibilities of banning men from working in childcare. But there’s no talk about banning women.

In some schools male teachers have to have a female teacher’s aid in the classroom present at all times. Do you think that the idea of having someone to watch over these women has ever been touted? Although, when you look at the case of the accused Louisiana teachers Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess who had a threesome with a male student, would there be any point in having two teachers when these two saw it fit to gang up on their victim? One might suggest not.

The United States is not alone in having female teachers as the wrongdoers as this recent 2014 case in Victoria shows along with another from 2012 in New South Wales.

By no means are both Aaron and I trying to be misogynists or women-haters. That’s neither the stance from both he and I who are unashamedly Feminists. This is not even an attack aimed at women to deflect any wrong doing that males teachers have been founded guilty of doing.

Child abuse is wrong no matter the gender of the victim, or the gender of the perpetrator.

I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m not a court reporter. Besides what I have read in the online newspapers I know as much about these cases as anyone else who has read the articles about these crimes. Also, I’m not a criminal psychologist. Sure I’m studying a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) at university, but I am only one unit into a 24 unit undergraduate’s course. I haven’t interviewed the victims and I haven’t interviewed these women. But having said that, I don’t think it would take a million studies or a genius reviewing these studies to work out this much; it is more likely that the victims in these cases were wilful participants in the acts of sexual intercourse or other physical interactions, but that doesn’t make it right.

So how do we stop this? How do we protect our boys from these sexual predators? Is education the key? Do we need to teach young boys that having sex with a “hot” female teacher doesn’t make them a legend, rather it makes them a victim?

Do we put a ban on attractive women being teachers? That’s a hard one to judge when beauty is in the eye of the beholder therefore opening it up for “less attractive” women to be banned, or for a school principal with “high standards” only a very small percent of females being banned from teaching. Those are ridiculous ideas for me to have even suggested.

Maybe it comes down to male teachers teaching boys, and female teachers teaching girls. But that wouldn’t have helped in the case of Michelle Smith White who had sex with her female student and the other multiple cases that I have read on online news websites.

And of course, there are no more famous cases of sexual child abuse on young boys than the hundred of charges brought against many male teachers (Brothers) in the Catholic schools around the world including those that are being held up as vital evidence in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse currently in the courts in Australia.

So what’s the answer? I truly don’t know. All I know is this; it is unfair to label all men as sexual predators and ban them from being early childcare workers or subjecting them to needing a teaching aid present full time so that they don’t get the opportunity to groom a student in their class. We need male teachers. We need them as the male role models in those kid’s lives who live in fatherless houses. That’s not knocking single mothers. That’s not suggesting that they aren’t doing a great job playing a dual role in their child’s life, but seeing that male teachers might be the only authoritative male voice that some of these kids will experience before entering the real world, it stands to reason that men must work within the education system.

Where I guess we are lucky these days is that many young teenagers are so obsessed with social media and telling everyone about what’s going on in their life, hopefully if a teacher does start grooming them they will have spilled the beans on Facebook or Twitter and someone will be alerted to the tryst before it goes too far and gets out of hand.

Whilst I have only included 23 female perpetrators of sexual abuse against their students in my gallery,  if you are interested in reading an extensive list you can click here to read Huffington Post’s Teacher Sex Scandals section or check out The 50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals. 


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