SPOILER: The Plot Of Frozen Fever Has Been Released.

So every news outlet is reporting that Disney has released some sneak peaks of the movie Frozen Fever and I’m sure Frozen fans the world over are quivering with excitement. Or maybe not. If I remember correctly, the cold doesn’t bother them anyway…

Disney has stated that the short, which will premier before their new live-action Cinderella feature in cinemas this coming March, that the movie will incorporate one new song. With the average length of the songs in Frozen being three minutes long, but the more popular numbers being the length of “the perfect pop song” which is three-and-a-half minutes, that leaves only half the film for some dialogue. So what exactly will be happening?

The plot revolves around Anna and Kristoff planning a birthday party for Elsa, but Elsa’s icy powers seem to cause some grief before the party begins. So what could the rest of the story include? Well based on the five pictures that have been released, I have put together the whole story. I have also included some running jokes that should be used in this short film.

Frozen Fever Birthday Party

It’s the morning of the big birthday party for Queen Elsa. Kristoff and Sven have woken early to put the finishing touches on the decorations for the party. Everything looks lovely but Anna is nowhere to bee seen so Elsa goes to look for her.

Frozen Fever Anna Bed

Anna is still asleep in bed having spent most of the night doing the finishing touches to the birthday cake. Elsa comes into Anna’s room to wake her. Anna tells Elsa that she’s worried that something will go wrong and ruin the birthday party but Elsa assures Anna that everything will be okay. Anna tells Elsa that she enjoyed making the large birthday cake but is worried that there won’t be enough dessert plates to serve the cake to the guests. I love the banter in this scene;

“But Anna, I thought we had ten thousand plates…”

“Oh Elsa, we do. But those are all salad plates. I guess whoever bought our crockery must have been on a health kick.”

At this point of the short movie, Elsa breaks into song and is later joined by Anna for a rather optimistic duet called “(It’s gonna be) A Perfect Day.”

The song ends with Anna and Elsa opening the door of the palace only to find that Olaf was a little too eager to get started on the cake. Throughout the song we get flashes of him eating away at the icing.

Frozen Fever Olaf

Anna is very disappointed and runs into the palace in tears. Elsa tells Anna that everything will be okay, but Anna doesn’t buy it.

“Elsa, did you see the cake? It’s ruined and I don’t have any frosting left to fix it…”

“Frosting you say? Well I might not be able to help with the frosting, but I can conjure up something frosty.”

It’s at this point that Elsa’s powers go a little off track. I’m not going to spoil this bit and tell you exactly what goes wrong and how it is fixed. That’s the best part, and you’ll have to wait and see it.

Frozen Fever Elsa Magic

But I’m sure you know that in true Disney fashion, it all concludes with a happy ending. The party goes ahead. Anna and Kristoff are sitting together eating the luncheon. Anna notices that Kristoff took a little more food than what he was intending to eat.

“Oh Kirstoff, I think your eyes might be bigger than your stomach. I don’t think you’re really going to finish all that’s on your plate.”

(Laughing and holding his belly, Kristoff replies with a couple of in jokes)

“No, my stomach is definitely bigger than my tiny eyes. Your eyes however are definitely bigger than your stomach.”

That’s a reference to Anna’s big eyes and tiny waste that many critiques jumped on after the release of the first movie. (Kristoff continues)

“But here, would you like to finish my sandwiches…?”

“Well I was saving room for the chocolate fondue, but okay.”

Frozen Fever Portrait

Although I’m not going to give away the most exciting bit of the movie, I will let you in on this little secret though; Anna does eventually forgive Olaf for eating the cake.

“I’m veeeeeeeeeeery sorry for ruining the cake that you worked so hard to make Anna.”

“Leave me alone Olaf. I wish you had taken that summer holiday you had planned.”

Elsa enters into the argument and is quite angry that Anna is holding this grudge even though the birthday party went according to plan and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“Anna, will you just Let It Go?”

“Okay, as long as you don’t break into that song again…”

Everyone laughs. The movie ends with the whole gang posing for a birthday portrait.

So, are you excited about the new Frozen sequel, albeit just a short one?

Picture credits http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Frozen_Fever

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