Is Google The Coolest Company Ever? Google Maps Goes Pac Man

A nice short and sweet post for you today. Last year my first post of April was about the a prank that I pulled on many occasions but sadly offended someone. I wrote Did My April Fool’s Day Joke Overstep the Mark? to remind myself that I wouldn’t be playing that prank any more even though I know that it will be played by others as I witnessed today on my wife’s cousin’s Facebook page.

But today is not about the pranks I pulled although I did pull two this morning in some Facebook groups and although one fell a little flat with someone calling me out on the whole April Fool’s Day prank thing early, the other one went swimmingly to plan. But I pulled the plug on that very quickly because, well…

that escalated quickly

Yep, it escalated quickly. Some might say too quickly.

A little later in the morning however, as I was looking at where a regional area of New South Wales is in conjunction to my home office, I noticed the Pac Man option next to the satellite option on Google Maps. So naturally, I clicked it. And what appeared before my very eyes was a playable Pac Man game on the map of the small country town I had just looked up.

And then I got really excited. What if I could play Pac Man around the streets in my own suburb. What if I could make Pac Man and his nemeses, the ghosts run around my very street. So I pressed “home” and Google Map’s magical GPS locating device landed on my house and this is what I was presented with;

Google Maps - Pac Mac
That’s Google Map’s April 1st Pac Man with the yellow arrow pointing to where my house is.

How freaking cool is that?


So is Google the coolest company ever?


Did you play Pac Man on Google Maps today?

One thought on “Is Google The Coolest Company Ever? Google Maps Goes Pac Man

  1. Google is an enigma; it’s both the coolest and shadiest company at the same time. Turn Google Maps into beloved arcade game? Awesome. Hack into web browsers to secretly track user information for advertising purposes? Not so much.

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