Are There Really Three Justifiable Reasons Why You Can Kill Your Own Child?

Details are still emerging about the horrific scene in the outer Melbourne suburb of Wyndham Vale which occurred on Wednesday 8th April 2015 local time…

When I saw the photo of the car that had been driven into the lake in Wyndham Vale killing three of the four children on board and sending the driver to hospital, and after hearing that it was a woman driving with children on board, it reminded me of one thing; Ebony Wilkerson, the mother who tried to kill her kids by driving into the ocean at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Now when I started writing this post early this morning I wasn’t going to speculate on this. In fact the original working title of this was “Wyndham Vale Lake Tragedy – The Time Line of Social Media Speculation.” I wasn’t going to jump in and suggest that it was the woman was their mother, but you know, in these days of instant updates and the 24 hour news cycle, heaps of others will…

I wasn’t going to do that. I was merely collecting a few tweets from Twitter to show how a breaking story develops over the day and how speculation on social media is rife. But I don’t have time to get my posts written throughout my working day to hit a deadline.

And now that police have confirmed that is was the mother driving, further speculation can be made by many by the mainstream media and on social media….

But even before it was confirmed it was the mother, there were plenty assuming that was the relationship between the woman and the children in the car…

I will admit that I assumed it was the mother driving too. If you think about it, how often are four children driving around with someone who isn’t one of the parents? Sure, it could have been an aunt, grandmother, older sister or other family member, or even a family day-carer or a nanny taking them for a drive, but if you were working the odds, it would be a pretty safe bet to put money on the fact that the woman would be the mother of at least one of those children.

And yes, I will also admit that as further details emerged yesterday and this morning and I knew the number of children that had lost their lives, I was reminded of this…

Robert Farquharson was the father who, almost ten years ago on Father’s Day 2005, drove his car into a dam killing his three sons in what was deemed a revenge killing against his estranged wife.

I changed the title of this post while I was sitting eating my lunch reading through some stories on the Internet about this case. And I also saw a few headlines being posted on Facebook from media outlets, so I went and had a look at what other people were saying about this story. Comments that I read reminded me of two of my previous posts about parents killing or trying to kill their own children.

Back when the mother drove her car into the water Daytona Beach, Florida I wrote a post called It Is Not Okay For Fathers, But For Mothers Killing Your Kids Is Justified based on the fact there were plenty of people, mostly other women giving justification for this mother to kill her children if she was the victim of domestic abuse.

But as I wrote just two months earlier when a father killed his own child on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia, There Is No Justification For Killing Your Child…

Now I don’t really need to explain this to anyone, but that means;

  1. you don’t kill your children to take revenge over your estranged partner who may have more or all the custody of your children,
  2. it means that you don’t kill your children to protect them from your partner that you are escaping from,
  3. and it means that if you can’t cope with bringing up your children, whether you are in an otherwise happy relationship, or you are a single parent struggling on your own, you still do not kill your children.

And yet, there are still some people who don’t get that. There are some people who believe that you can justify the killing of one’s own children.

Screenshot of’s Facebook page


It’s not okay. You should never show compassion towards someone who has attempted to kill or successfully killed their own child. By doing this you are telling all those other mothers and fathers out there that if life gets too tough, if you want to get even, or if you are somehow trying to protect your child from domestic violence by killing them (read that last bit again, because as you will see in the case of the mother from Florida, people actually said that, and there was no hashtag of #irony to be seen) this is justifiable.

And it’s not. It is never okay to kill your own child.

Never, never, ever…

Wyndham Vale Lake Car Accident Mother Children Dead Kids
The three children that have been confirmed as dead in the Wyndham Vale tragedy. Photo courtesy of ABC News. Click on this link to read more.

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