The Reason Why The “Circumcise Your Son To Look Like Daddy” Argument Is Pointless

The debate on whether or not to get your son circumcised has raged on since before the Internet came along, and now we’re in the age of online debating, it won’t go away.

One reason given in the argument that always rears it’s ugly head (pun intended) is the one where those men who are circumcised, or mothers whose partners are circumcised suggest that they should have their sons done to so that they look like Daddy.

Sweet. I get that.

I don’t get that at all…

Does Daddy shave his pubic hair; by that I mean completely off? One might suggest that waxing will achieve the look so that Daddy’s pubic region is completely bald just like his inquisitive son’s pubic region.

How is the question

“Daddy, why do you have hair there?”

not seen as one that’s too difficult to explain to your child, but

“Daddy, why do I have skin covering the top of my penis and you don’t?”

is too difficult to answer?

And just how often is that question about Daddy’s foreskin, or its absence there of being asked?

Maybe just so that there’s no awkward questions could consider having pubic hair grafted on your toddler son so that when he’s old enough to start questioning why that whole region doesn’t match Daddy’s you won’t have to deal with that. Don’t laugh at that suggestion, I’m just trying to help those dads who need help explaining why they might be different than their son.

In short, that reason and that reason alone is one that I won’t accept as a valid point in the debate. Even as a non-believer I’ll allow the “because it’s part of our Faith to do it” as a response worth considering as a reasonable point in the argument. I mean, that’s the reason why Jesus was circumcised, right?

Seriously dads, how much time are you expecting to spend “quality time” comparing your genitals with your son’s anyway?

Why was Jesus circumcised?
Why was Jesus circumcised?

3 thoughts on “The Reason Why The “Circumcise Your Son To Look Like Daddy” Argument Is Pointless

  1. Wonder if the make kids-sized merkins? Might be easier than grafts ;-). Or perhaps people could just use the simple explanation that it “looks different because mummy and daddy didn’t want to subject you to an unnecessary surgical procedure” ….

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