The Best Way To Introduce Your Kids To Star Wars: LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales

It’s school holidays here in Sydney, Australia. It’s the second two week holiday break for our school year and the month of July is smack bang, right in the middle of winter. But if you judge the climate from the temperature and conditions we had last weekend, you wouldn’t know that was the case. Take a look at this photo of our first born having a mock lightsaber battle with me on Sydney Harbour.

The father/son lightsaber battle on Sydney Harbour. Yes, I *am* wearing a Darth Vader hoodie...
The father/son lightsaber battle on Sydney Harbour. Yes, I *am* wearing a Darth Vader hoodie…

We went to the amusement park Luna Park which is right on Sydney Harbour, on the north side of our famous bridge. After spending some time in the sun and running around Coney Island a few times, it even became “take off your jacket” type weather. And we all know that working on your winter tan is a must…

Later that evening I got a call from one of my mates. I could sense some disturbance in his voice…

“You’ve just showed your kids the Star Wars movies, right? What’s the best order to watch them in? I went to Google and read a few different opinions but I thought maybe I should call you and ask because I know you’re such a big fan…”

I was touched. I mean, since starting this blog I have really wanted to make this a place where I can offer advice, especially to dads that are struggling with parenting problems. And there is no bigger issue that the modern father faces than the order in which to show his young children the Star Wars saga.

As I wrote in my post Is Introducing Your Kids to Star Wars Really About Them or About You? my wife suggested that we show the kids the original trilogy first because she felt the prequel trilogy was going to be too scary. But I thought about it logically, and showing the kids the episodes so that the story is running in order is better for their young minds to understand.

The thing is will the prequel movies, there are things that happen that, if the whole saga was filmed and released chronologically would not have happened I believe. But those things were put in because of the expectations of fans of the original trilogy. Some of these things were the equivalent of in jokes that you would see on episodes of How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory when they do flash back episodes. In jokes that, had these shows have had they been going for 10 years or so before they actually started, these jokes would not have made sense. It’s knowing what happened in the now, or in the future that makes those things funny. I think that describes certain plot devices within the prequel trilogy making them quite poignant.

My regular readers might remember that in February this year I jumped on a plane to San Francisco to attend a conference for Dad Bloggers. As a special treat, one of the event sponsors, that being LEGO®, took us on the Friday night to the LucasFilm headquarters where we got an exclusive chance to preview the rough cut of the first episode of the brand new LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales series. I wrote about that in my post called The Most Amazing Night Of My Life – LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales.

Back then I could only tell you a little bit about what we saw in George Lucas’ private theatre, but now, the time has arrived. Well, for those in the United States at the very least.

On Monday, July 6th at 6:30pm (check local listings), the first episode LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales Exit from Endor will be shown. For my readers in Australia and other countries around the globe, stay tuned because I have put in a request with the PR company who is promoting this to inform me about the viewing date, time and network in different regions. Especially in my home country. Especially for me to watch…

But the best thing about this series is, if you aren’t ready to show the kids the full movies but you want to get them up to speed before Star Wars: The Force Awakens aka Episode VII is released this December, this five part series is a good starter.

The first episode and the rest of the series are showing on Disney XD.

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And if you want to read more about Star Wars, click this link to get all the stories…

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