7 Reasons Why Summer Is Better For Parents

We are exactly two weeks to the day away from Spring here in Australia. It’s great that we’re heading towards the hotter months, I’m really looking forward to Summer this year.

Yes, to those not in Australia, it DOES get cold here. I even drove through snow about four hours west of Sydney for two days a few weeks back. And here I am, with merely a fortnight to go, and I still can’t shake this “dreaded lurgy” that’s given me two bouts of man flu over a five week period, and two cases of laryngitis over a three week period.

I am sure that, barring those parents that might be avid skiers or who love the colder months for various other reasons, the vast majority of parents would agree with me that Spring and Summer are the better seasons to be raising kids than Autumn (Fall) and Winter. So here’s my list of 7 Reasons Why Summer Is Better For Parents.

7. Less Washing

Well smaller clothes to wash. I find it somewhat ironic that there are so many more clothes to wash during Winter mainly because it takes longer to dry the clothes, au naturale (that is, out on the washing line) than it does in Summer. Sure we have a dryer that can be used occasionally (man, they use up power and strip cash from you like nothing else) but we prefer to do an early morning load of washing that will hopefully spend the day drying in Winter. Hopefully.

But Summer, when you have a few shorts and tees as well as underwear and socks (although, less socks because Summer footwear and socks are not friends), those few little items can dry in minutes. I remember about two years back when Sydney reached its hottest days on record, our washing took 30 minutes tops to dry those days. If only it was that hot in Winter. #irony

Summer washing... happened so fast... Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Summer washing… happened so fast… Photo courtesy of Pixabay

6. It Doesn’t Matter If Your Kids Are Nudists

What it is with kids and nudity? Both our boys like to get out of the bath or shower and run around, dance or simply just stand there, sometimes looking at themselves in their ceiling to floor high mirrored wardrobes, sometimes not. And in Summer, that’s fine. I mean, once they’re no longer in night nappies, kids can sleep naked for all I care. But Winter is totally different.

It. Is. Freaking. Cold.

And yet, they still take their sweet time between getting out of the bath or shower and getting dressed for bed. Granted our fully ducted heating allows them this opportunity when we have it on upstairs before bedtime, but still the little one will cry out “I’m cold, cold, cold, cold, cold…” and yet do nothing about changing that by dressing in his warm pyjamas.

This was the best photo I could find. Seriously, I'm note about to put naked kids on my website... Photo courtesy of Pixabay
This was the best photo I could find. Seriously, I’m not about to put naked kids on my website… Photo courtesy of Pixabay

5. It’s Inevitable That Kids Will Get a Cold, And So Will You

As I said in my opening, I have had a few colds and flu this year, and I’m chalking it up to the germs that the kids bring home from school and preschool seeing that I work from home and not getting germs from my colleagues. And it really sucks when you get sick with a stuffy head cold and you have to look after sick kids as well. Actually, it really sucks when you are really sick with a stuffy head cold and have to look after healthy kids. Healthy kids that you don’t want to pass YOUR germs onto. Man I hate Winter with a passion for this reason alone…

I spent many a Winter's day on the lounge watching television and "trying" to get better... Photo courtesy of Pixabay
I spent many a Winter’s day on the lounge watching television and “trying” to get better… Photo courtesy of Pixabay

4. Summer Dinners Can Be Quick And Easy, And Often More Fun and Cheaper

As I have mentioned before, I am the family chef so I do all the meals. Now this may be just one of my funny little quirks, but since moving out of home I have been a salad and raw vegetable eater in Summer and a steamed, char-grilled or roasted vegetable eater in Winter. That’s just how I roll.

Making salads to have on the side to complement a the main protein item such as sausages, grilled fish, barbecued chicken or steak is a lot of fun. I can make some crazy salads that really bring out the chef in me rather than some boring old mash, peas and broccoli slapped on the plate in winter.

And now that I have become a vegetarian who is also looking at vegan options, the salads are really going to be the centrepiece of the meal, rather than the thing on the side.

And fruit salads are great in Summer because all those fruits that you love to put in your favourite fruit salad are generally so much cheaper in Summer. $9 for one punnet of strawberries in Winter? No thanks. $5 for three punnets in Summer? Yes please.

AS the Wiggles sing, fruit salad, yummy, yummy... Photo courtesy of Pixabay
AS the Wiggles sing, fruit salad, yummy, yummy… Photo courtesy of Pixabay

3. Six Weeks of Not Having To Make Sure Your Kids Are Up And Ready For School

I have three alarms set for school days. That’s the 7am “you better wake up alarm.” Then there’s the 7:30am “if you aren’t already out of bed and have gotten the kids out of bed, you better hurry up and do it” alarm. And the last alarm is set for 8am when it’s “drop everything including your half eaten breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth and be ready at the door” alarm.

It can be a mad house some mornings, especially in the colder months when no one wants to get out of bed, and sometimes, we’re not even feeling 100% to want to get out of bed, even if the central heating has come on to warm the house.

That six week stretch of not having to chase your kids to get ready for school is like a vacation on it’s own, even if you’re not actually going anywhere on Summer holidays…

Searching Pixabay for a photo to represent relaxing and it showed me this cat laying on the lounge. And I say, fair enough.
Searching Pixabay for a photo to represent relaxing and it showed me this cat laying on the lounge. And I say, fair enough.


2. The Kids Can Play Outside And You Can Have Peace and Quite Inside (Or Join Them Out In The Sun)

Winter is not the time to send the kids to play outside all day. It can be cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. And then they’ll catch a cold, and then you’re back to that inevitability of you getting their colds…

And whether it’s out in the backyard, down the street or at a local parks with their friends when they’re a little bit older than the age my own kids are now, or whether you take them to the free council run and owned mini water playgrounds that are opening up all over the country (we have three within a short drive from our house) where the kids can cool down and you can sit back and relax, Summer is definitely a season to spend much of your time outside soaking up the Vitamin D.

Do you have those free water playgrounds the councils are installing near you? If not, get onto your local council. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Do you have those free water playgrounds the councils are installing near you? If not, get onto your local council. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

1. Water Pistols, Water Balloons and Swimming Pool Games Aren’t Just For Kids.

We always said that we were never going to get guns for our kids. And then one Summer the kid a few houses up came over with, not a “water pistol,” but what you could really call a “water semi-automatic ground to air ballistic missile launcher.” So not to be outdone, we went and bought a bigger water gun. One that, ironically, a three year old kid can’t actually use when the one litre plus water tank is full. But, not to worry. When your kid can’t take on the older neighbour kid in a water gun battle, Dad will only be too happy to help.

So I “fired” upon the neighbour. And then I “fired” upon my own boy, who ran away crying to Mummy, not actually getting the concept that on the hottest day of the year, you WANT to get wet.

water balloons
Water balloons including that new fills 100 balloons all at once device will be on the to-do list this Summer… Photo courtesy of Pixabay

So do you prefer Summer over Winter? Do you believe it’s easier to parent in the hotter months as well? To finish up, here’s a few photos of last year’s Summer fun and I’ve included one of my favourite photos of my first born.

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