Find Things To Do With Your Free Time At Home

Being a dad means making a lot of changes in life. For one thing, you now have a person who is utterly dependent on you and your partner for everything in life – and that can be quite an awe-inspiring concept to get used to. For another, you’ll have a lot more time at home than you used to, when you might have free time, but you can’t necessarily just go off to the gym or down to the pub of an evening. Spending more time at home is a definite feature of fatherhood.
Creative Commons by Adam Selwood

Life changes with the arrival of that first bundle of joy!

The trouble is that if you’re not used to spending a lot of leisure time at home, once you have to because your baby or child is upstairs sleeping, you can find that you don’t have that much to occupy you in the evenings. In the early days of parenthood, you’ll probably just appreciate the times that the baby’s actually sleeping and you can flop on the sofa and relax, but once the whole family has settled into the teatime, bathtime, bedtime routine, sometimes the evening hours can stretch out ahead of you with not much to do before it’s an acceptable time for you to go to bed yourself!

But whenever you feel a little bit bored, don’t forget there’s a whole world of entertainment at your fingertips via the internet. And there’s always something new to try. Take casino games as an example. You might never have considered going to a land-based casino, especially if you didn’t know how to play any of the games. Now though, with sites such as bgo, Mr Green and Caesars, you can login to play at any time and learn how to play something new. Always seen yourself as a roulette player, but never had the chance to play? At bgo, you can play the games for fun without placing real money bets until you feel confident in what you’re doing, and then you can switch to playing for real at any time.

For those times when the kids have been running you ragged all day, it can be really nice to just zone out with a few rounds of playing the numerous slots games you’ll find online. No need to think through your next move; just click Spin and see what happens. As long as you’re sensible with the amount that you bet, playing online gambling games can be a great diversion in the evening, and makes a change from watching the usual TV fodder.

Of course, it’s not the only thing to entertain you online; those ‘at home’ evenings can be a great time to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

There really is very little that you can’t find out how to learn or teach yourself to do via the internet. For example, you might always have had a yearning to paint watercolours, but never wanted to commit to going to a course of lessons. A simple google search and you’ll find a whole host of different YouTube tutorials on how to start painting still life watercolours. Think of any other craft or skill and you’ll find people willing to give you free instruction online. Trying something out this way may be the start of a consuming new hobby – or you may just satisfy the ‘itch’ to try out a particular skill and then move on to something new.

Many men find that being a dad brings certain limitations to their usual routines, and of course, you have to adjust to being a dad and not putting yourself first. But instead of fighting against a thing such as spending most nights in, embrace it and find something fun to do with that time.

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