How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Christmas

Do you know what today is? Well, if you’re reading this the day that I have posted this post, it is exactly three months until Christmas Day. That gives you exactly 90 days to shop.

Some people are really organised. That might be you. You might be one of those crazy smart people who have already planned what you are Santa is getting your kids from Christmas. And then again, maybe you’re like of the normal un-organised lazy other people who haven’t even thought about it yet.

A couple of months back I was contacted by a PR company to see if I was interested in a product that they were representing. The product was described as an award winning environmentally friendly building toy made from recycled wood pulp and was compatible with brick toys such as LEGO®, KRE-O® and Mega Bloks®. Was I interested in this product? Was I ever. After all, they wanted to send me a couple of the sets for my kids to play with, and who am I to knock back getting free stuff?

Back in February when I went to the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, I met with PR people and brands who were very interested in working with me. When I handed over my business card however, the fact that my address says “Sydney, NSW, Australia” or something to that effect on it became a bit of a turn off. And in the months since I returned home after that conference I have had a few brands contact me to do work with me with their first email to me saying “we can send you a free sample” which is great until I write back “send the items to Modern Father Online, 42 Wallaby Lane, Sydney, NSW, Australia” (not my real address obviously) only for them to say, “oh, you’re in Australia. We’re looking for North American bloggers only…”

Thanks. Oh but for the tyranny of distance.

When I received the reply from the PR company telling me the product was on the way, I was over the moon. And when I received the product at my post office, I was even more excited. And so were my kids, especially the almost 7yo who I promised could be the one to open the box and be the star of my videos.

Now here I am, 452 words into this post and I haven’t even mentioned the name of the product. And I bet you’re hanging out to know what it is.

YOXO. For the record, that’s pronounced yock-so. But you knew that. YOXO might sound like a funny name, but when you see the pieces inside the kits, some being giant Ys, some being big Os, and others being Xs, you can see that the product’s name matches the look of the product.

A screenshot of the website.
A screenshot of the website.

Both my boys love watching those unboxing videos and building videos on YouTube for hours so I told the eldest that we were going to make a video. Now I’ll let you into a little secret. This is the first unboxing video that we’ve done, and even though I prepped my son for the video and told him he has to act surprised, during take one of the video, he went and spoiled it in the funniest way. I uploaded the outtake video on my Facebook page and embedded it below.


Here’s the first of two videos we made showing the arrival of the product at out house, and then building of the two sets that we received. The post continues after the video, so keep scrolling down.

The thing I love about this product is that it’s so simple, and yet so much fun. And that fact that it’s made from recycled wood is great.


If you still want to know more about the product, watch this video from YOXO themselves.

The funniest thing was, a few days later the 4yo found the box that the YOXO was shipped in and he found a new way to play with it (scroll to the bottom to see my random kid). In fact, it’s exactly what the founder and CEO of YOXO mentioned in that video above. And since receiving and building these, we’ve started collecting toilet rolls so we can build our own creations.

And here’s how you can tell that YOXO is a progressive company, and one that truly cares not only about the environment, but about their customers and the kids and their families who will be enjoying the toy. We will be taking advantage off this and printing out the instructions and printables to use on our new creations.

YOXO offers free downloads so you can build even more of their designs
YOXO offers free downloads so you can build even more of their designs


After the older child made both sets, the younger one enjoyed playing with them as well and I think that this is a toy that is favourable to both of them. And I’m sure that Santa might even leave another set underneath the Christmas tree this year. Now to log onto the YOXO Shop to start my environmentally friendly Christmas shopping. And if you’re in the United States and Canada, there’s a long list of toy stores that carry this toyline. Click here to find a store near you.

Our youngest playing inside the box.
Our youngest playing inside the shipping box from YOXO.

LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, KRE-O® is a registered trademark of Hasbro and Mega Bloks® is a registered trademark or MEGA Brands, Inc. These excellent toy companies are not affiliated with YOXO.

Please note, this is a sponsored post by YOXO but the words and ideas are all my own. 

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