Why Do Parents Share This Meme, And What Are They Trying To Say?

I have seen many parenting sites post and friends share this meme on Facebook and Twitter and I’m kind of confused as to why you would share this.

If Your Child Can Operate A Smart Phone, They Can Use One Of These Meme. Originally source unknown.

I know why parenting websites would share this. It is because it will make the parents that follow these pages want to write their own experience in the comments, especially those parents who have already got their (young) kids well trained at using these items. Because, in this modern world of parenting, we all want the whole world to know what a great parent we are, right?

(Right is the correct answer).

This interaction helps that Facebook page increase its exposure and organic reach. And of course, some of these parents who follow the page, or see this being shared in their friend’s news feeds will end up sharing it as well. And that’s even more organic reach to help promote that Facebook page. Hey, I’d love to have reach like that, but I am not a fan of stealing memes and posting them uncredited or as my own. Or, as I have seen some pages and websites do, cut out the pictures in the middle, add their own twist to the phrase, add their website’s logo and/or website address, and use the stolen artwork to promote their own site. But enough about why Facebook Pages users steal this image and post it to get interaction and shares of their page.

What I want to know is this; why would you as a parent share it? What are you trying to say when you share it?

I guess, if your own child is over the age of 13 and has their own Facebook account, and particularly one that they access from a smartphone, then it is possibly a good way to remind them that if they protest about doing chores, especially if their response to your “pack the dishwasher” request is “I don’t know how to use it”, then maybe it’s not all that hard to be taught how to use it because they’ve managed to work out one bit of technology.

But when your own child or children are younger than the age that they can have their own Facebook account, who is your share aimed at? Are you trying to shame your fellow parents who you know have kids that do sweet fuck all around the house? Or those parents who wish their kids did more but struggle to get their kids to help out?

Are you trying to tell the world “look how fucking awesome I am? My own kids may be young, but they can use a smartphone AND operate a major appliance and as well as cleaning apparatus.” Is this what you are saying?

A third reason for sharing it might be to end an argument between parents where one of them suggests that their 4 or 5 year old IS old enough to sort the laundry and pack the washing machine, and the other parent suggests that their child is not. Because you know, there’s no better way to sort out an argument about dirty laundry than by airing your own dirty laundry on social media.

If you have shared it, I’d love to hear your reason for doing so? Maybe you’re just one of those people who need to share something you see and you really don’t give a lot of thought into what you share, and who the thing you are sharing has been shared from, or whether the meme or photo is stolen and being shared without giving credit to the content creator.

Below is a gallery of screenshots I took from Facebook showing people and pages who have shared it publicly. There were plenty more but I stopped at these few to give examples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “Why Do Parents Share This Meme, And What Are They Trying To Say?

  1. Maybe the idea is to shame parents into teaching their kids to get off their electronics and be productive? A subtle dig to those that are enabling their kid’s laziness? Some people just share everything they see. very annoying

  2. Maybe the idea is to shame parents into making their lazy ass kids get up and do something productive. A subtle dig at them for enabling a generation of sloths? Probably nothing that deep though. People will share anything

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