The Record No One Wanted Anyone To Break

As a species us humans love to push the boundaries. As a collective, we are in awe of those who push themselves to break records. Who can jump higher, who can swim or run the fastest or who can memorise the order of the most decks of cards (yes, that’s an actual thing). Human achievement is what keeps our species moving forward, no longer evolving in the true sense of the word, but becoming harder, better, faster and stronger (sounds like some good lyrics).

We love and admire those artists who painted the masterpieces that are reaching over a $100 million at auctions, those sporting heroes that kick the most goals, score the most tries, and run the most yards or metres. We admire those entrepreneurs who developed the technology that has enriched all our lives, and connected the world so that we are no more than a split second from the news or action.

And then sometimes there are some people amongst our population that break records that we would rather not have broken.

There was a time, the 29th April 1996 to be exact when an Australian held the record for killing the most amount of people in a mass shooting rampage in the Western world. His killing of 35 people put him second on the list of worst spree shooters or mass shooting rampage killers behind a South Korean man before he was knocked back to third place in in 2011 by the mass shooting of 69 innocent people in Norway (with a total of 77 killed by that killer after he killed 8 people in a bomb attack).

Now, because of the arsehole in Orlando, “our” killer is bumped off the podium into fourth position. That’s not a good thing. I’m not impressed by this.


A few years back I wrote a post called Does Australia Have an Inferiority¬†Complex? where I talked about how us Aussies love it when we are mentioned on the world stage, and sometimes it seems like we even “feel the love” of those in other countries when one of our own citizens is the victim of a tragedy and their name and out country’s flag is shown on the list of victims.

But I know that something we are not proud of is having someone who is up there on that list of mass shooters. Our government was not proud and they changed our guns laws so that this record would never be broken again.

As an Australian I love that we have some many individuals or teams on top of the world rankings, or in the top ten at the very least. And whilst this might sound flippant, I have always wished that our mass shooting back in 1996 kept us in second position. I wish we weren’t surpassed in 2011 and I also wish that we weren’t surpassed again last night.

And it’s not because I want an Australian person’s name to be high up there in the record books. In fact, I’m not even mentioning any names in this post because I am disgusted by these people and I think that they want to see their names in headlines, even if they are killed whilst carrying out this atrocity. They want to be remembered, even if it’s for a heinous crime.

I simply wish that the last mass shooting “record” would have been set on that day back in April 1996 and it was the last time someone made the record book. And sure, one could ask “so you’d be happy if all killers that follow only killed 34 or less?” Of course not. Killing one person is one person too many.

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