The Reason Why The Storks Movie Will Annoy 24,109,178 Australians

We still have a few months to go before the new 3D computer-animated comedy film from Warner Bros. Animation is released. This new film from the makers of The Lego Movie is called Storks. Starring the voices of Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, and other actors who I don’t know by name, it looks like it’s going to be a really funny movie.

Well, that is except for one major minor mistake that is bound to annoy me and, let’s say, about 24,109,178 of my fellow Australians…

When I saw the first trailer which Warner Bros. Pictures called on their YouTube channel the Storks – Official Announcement Trailer, I thought that this is going to be one hell of a funny movie. And yes, it seems that official announcement trailers, those trailers that aren’t actually clips from the movie are a thing. Deal with it. Some of these 90 second clips are often funnier than the 90 minute movies the are promoting.

Though many of his fans as well as the American television industry think of Kelsey Grammer as Frasier first and foremost, fans of The Simpsons, like me love him as Dr. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger (Ph.D.), otherwise known as Sideshow Bob. Whether he is acting in a live action television show or movie, or voicing characters such as Toy Story 2’s Stinky Pete the Prospector, Kelsey rarely makes changes to his voice or the style in which he delivers his lines, but each and every character remains unique, and he often steals the show with his deadpan delivery.

Although I listed him second on the list of actors I know who have voiced characters in this film, I based this on the order of the cast as listed on many sources on the Internet. The truth is, however, I could have easily have put him first and forgotten about Andy Samberg altogether because, until I googled him to find out where I might know him from, he’s not an actor whose name has been on my radar.

Now that might sound like I’m being mean to him. It might sound like I don’t care about him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Meh, truth is, I don’t really; but now thanks to the film Storks, he is on my radar for a completely different reason…

The Reason Why The Storks Movie Will Annoy 24,109,178 Australians

Andy Samberg will forever be known as the voice actor who annoyed 24,109,178 Australians.

You need to watch the Storks – Official Trailer 2 and pay attention at the 1 minute and 4 second mark when he’s introducing three other characters.

Did you hear it? Well, if you’re not an Aussie, chances are you weren’t phased by it and therefore it didn’t stick out. But to me and my fellow Australians, we all distinctively heard Andy Samberg’s character Junior introduce this character’s name incorrectly.

storks movie emu

This is an emu. That is em as in team without the t of course, and u as in you; or as shown in the dictionary, ē′myo͞o.

The e in emu has the long e sound with the pronunciation character shown as ē as in bee. Everyone gets that bit right.

But the e doesn’t stand alone in this word. It is not broken down in syllables as e-mu, rather the word is broken into the these syllables; em-u.

Take a listen to how it’s supposed to be pronounced.

Now I have to admit, Andy isn’t the only one who has gotten this wrong. I have heard many Americans pronounce the word wrong like this news presenter on Good Morning America did.

So one could easily state that it is regional dialect. But no, because there are some North Americans who can say it right such as the presenter on Eyewitness News.

Sadly, however, no one told his field reporter the correct way to say it.

But of course, I say this all with my tongue pressed firmly in my cheek. I’m not going to let a major minor thing like this ruin what looks like another fantastic CGI movie that will no doubt make us all laugh, cry and have a thousand more emotions rush over us from what are basically nothing more than two-dimensional drawings, rendered in a way to make us believe they are real.

The movie is scheduled to be released worldwide on the 23rd September 2016, except in Australia where we’re getting the movie on the 22nd September 23 2016. That should make about 24,109,178 of my fellow Australians happy.

2 thoughts on “The Reason Why The Storks Movie Will Annoy 24,109,178 Australians

  1. Fair enough on the pronunciation of Emu annoying you. My wife is South African, and you should see what hell I catch for pronouncing African names and animals wrong, and not being able to identify a correct “wild” zebra from a bred in captivity one, all by stripes alone; yes, there seems to be such a difference.

    However, what annoys me the most, is the fact that the storks in the movie don’t even bare a passing resemblance to real storks; not even close for that matter. If storks looked like albatrosses, then maybe, because that’s what these movie copies look almost identical to.

    However, have you ever seen a real life stork? They’re huge, ungainly on the ground, and pretty, well, VERY, VERY ugly. But, if it weren’t for the lowly stork, man may have never taken flight when it did, as the brothers Lilienthal studied storks in flight on their annual migration to Europe, including the airfoil of their wings, and patterned humankinds’ first man carrying gliders off of such observations of stork behaviors and flight. People like the Wrights then based their work upon the Lilienthal’s experiments with flight, and here we are today; able to drink a coffee while speeding at nearly the speed of sound at 10,000 meters in the comfort of an easy chair. Imagine, all because of the super ugly, super ungainly, non-photogenic stork.
    These movie facsimiles though? I just wish they had made them appear more like real storks, so kids don’t think that every time they see an albatross at the beach, that it must be carrying a human baby, and I have to answer a litany of stupid questions on the subject.

    But, I can tell you this. If me and my wife’s first child arrived in the bill of one of the real monstrosities that is a stork, I’d be more apt to shoot it at the doorstep, than to check its mouth for offspring.

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