A Car For All Seasons

It’s almost four years since I got my last car and my lease is coming to an end. After having an SUV for five years and loving the flexibility of that type of vehicle I always knew that getting another one would be my number one priority. I’ve written before how I think every family should have one, especially those with babies and really young kids because you can carry so much in them.

The fact that most SUVs have a four-wheel drive (4WD) option is a bonus but not a necessity. Both of the SUVs that I have owned (albeit, my current one is actually owned by my company, not me, but I picked it) have been 4WD, which has been beneficial when driving in the snow; both recreationally and even for work. Driving back from the Central West in the middle of winter, police only let those with 4WD vehicles continue the quick way back to Sydney as all other cars need chains on their tyres to be able to drive safely. I know driving in the snow is not something us Aussies do every day, or for some at all, but having just returned from our first family snow trip, it proved to be another advantage of having the 4WD feature.

In the last seven years, in addition to carrying a boot full of luggage for family trips, I have carried lots of pumps and spare parts for work. Depending on the size of the pump, sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to carry a decent sized one in the back of the SUV, but at other times I need to hook up my trailer which, whilst not being a big task, and not really being a hassle, it’s a big task and a hassle.

I also have to carry the stands for trade shows we do.
I also have to carry the stands for trade shows we do.

The upside to that is, the bigger the pump, the bigger the sale or service work, so I’m definitely not complaining, but really, having something more practical like a ute (or pickup truck for those non-Aussies) is a serious consideration. But which one should I get?

I’ve talked to a lot of people about the pros and cons of the ones that they have, but sometimes the pros come from the driver being bias to that make or model, and the cons, well, those can be swayed by the individual owner or their vehicle having problems that others don’t experience.

In the age of Dr Google having “all the answers we’re looking for”, it seems like an easy task to simply ask “which dual cab ute is the best?” and hope for the best. But it’s not that easy. The problem with googling your “symptoms” to see which disease you have, if in fact you do have one, is that you can often land on a website that looks professional and knowledgeable, but in reality the writer is no more credible on the topic they are writing about than me claiming to be a parenting expert.

The fact is, I don’t claim that. I’m just a part time blogger giving opinions, writing life stories, and sharing links to websites owned and run by organisations that are more professional than what me and my fellow bedroom bloggers are.

Dr Google can't tell you which sites are credible and which aren't
Dr Google can’t tell you which sites are credible and which aren’t. Credit Pixabay

That’s why I feel comfortable going straight to Motoring.com.au and clicking on the Comparison menu tab. On the front page of the Comparison page, the first two top trending posts just happened to be about 4WD Dual-Cab Ute Comparisons, which is exactly what I’m looking at getting.

For me, it gives me the ability to carry to big industrial pumps and accessories I sell every day, and the flexibility to throw boogie boards, towels and sand castle building equipment in the back for the weekend trips to the beach in the summer, and toboggans, skis and snowman building protective clothing (a.k.a. ski gear) in the back during winter. Having the 4WD capabilities means that we can drive along the beach to a secluded spot if we want to, or drive to the top of the Mount Kosciuszko ski fields without having to stop at the chain bays or inspection points like the two-wheel drive vehicles need to.

But deciding which one is best for work, which is best for play, which gives me the most features without breaking the bank, and which has the best economy to save on running costs beyond the day of purchase; those things can only truly be shown to you by reading those articles on Motoring.com.au.

a car for all seasons

This post was in collaboration with Motoring.com.au. All the ideas were my own.

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