Five Conspiracy Theories That Nobody Is Talking About

Recently I wrote a post called The Conspiracy Theory To Believe If You’re Not A Conspiracy Theorist which is about the moon landing and whether it was faked. It was nothing more than a jocular post based on a thought that I’ve had for many years about some people possibly not really believing in the conspiracy with all their heart, but doing so with the intent that if ever a government agency was to prove the unbelievers wrong by taking them to outer space, it’s those who shout the loudest that NASA would pick to discover the truth. The real truth that is…

There are many famous conspiracy theories that you will find discussed all over the internet with bloggers and vloggers alike dedicating their whole life to uncovering the truth. From the New World Order and Illuminati, to diseases created by scientists to sell you overpriced cures, from theories about world leaders being shape-shifting lizard people (or Reptilians) to chemtrails, fluoride and other “hidden nasties” within vaccinations produced for mind and population controls, there are plenty of conspiracies that are being shared and discussed daily.

But there are some that no one is talking about. Why? Well that’s because no one knows about these conspiracies. These are theories that I have discovered over the years and have evidence to back it up.

So without further ado, here is five conspiracy theories that nobody is talking about…


1. The Reason Why The United States Isn’t Using The Metric System

Remember that episode of The Simpsons called Homer the Great where Homer stumbles upon a secret group called The Stonecutters, and after he is discovered to be The Chosen One they celebrate with a meal and a song? Of course you do. The song opens with these lines;

“Who controls the British crown?

Who keeps the metric system down?

We do, we do!”

It is NOT the Stonecutters who keep the metric system down
It is NOT the Stonecutters who keep the metric system down

The only thing is, this is NOT true. With all but three countries of the world using the metric system, and the United States being the largest and most prominent of those countries, the question has to be, why, when the metric system is so much easier to use than the imperial system does America reject it?

The reason why the USA hasn’t changed is because the Country Music Industry is paying the American Government to keep imperial measurements because it’s so hard to use “kilometres” in songs, but using the word “mile” or “miles” is easier. From the fact that it’s a one syllable word that can be dropped into many lines, and that it rhymes with so many more words than kilometres does, you can see why they will keep campaigning to Congress to keep the imperial system.

And it’s not just the Country Music Industry, but the whole American Music Industry at large that is in on it. I could come up with a list of pop, rock, jazz and “songbook standards” songs a mile 1.60934 kilometres long that use inches, feet and miles, ounces, pounds and stones, or gallons, but struggle to name one single song that uses centimetres, kilometres, kilograms or litres.

2. The Reason Why You Need To Preheat Your Oven

When you look at the cooking instructions on things like frozen pizzas, frozen chips (oven fries) or wedges, roasting items, and many other items that are recommended to be cooked in the oven they always suggest you preheat your over for 15 to 20 minutes. But when it comes to cooking these items, I never preheat the oven. I do it when baking cakes, but never for cooking any other item.

So why do the likes of Edgell, I&J, Bird’s Eye, and McCain, to name but a few tell you to preheat the oven? It’s simple; they are paid off by the energy companies so that you use more electricity or gas which makes them richer.

Do you really need to preheat your oven? Photo credit: Pixabay

The truth is, although you do have to cook the items a few minutes longer than they suggest, instead of preheating your over for 20 minutes and cooking your oven fries for a further 20 minutes, cooking them starting off with a cold oven at the recommended temperature for 25 minutes is just as good. And you have saved yourself 15 minutes worth of power.

3. The Reason Why There Is Always Unpopped Popcorn

Whether you are cooking it the way grandma used to on the stove top in a pot of oil, using the bags of microwave popcorn, using one of those air poppers, or even buying the over-priced popcorn at the movie theatre there is always unpopped popcorn. Every. Single. Time.

You would think that in 2016 there would be a food technologist would would have come up with a way for every single kernel to turn into a light and fluffy edible piece popcorn. Surely there is some way we can GMO the hell out of corn to make this so. Come on Monsanto, I’m looking at you. Can’t you come up with something?

Well, maybe they have. In fact, I know that they have. And here’s where this gets interesting. Whilst Monsanto have often been a prime target of the conspiracy theorists for their genetically modified foods and their lobbying of governments that allow them to get away with selling deadly pesticides, their money and lobbying skills is no match here against an organisation that trumps them; the World Dental Association.

The World Dental Association is the international organisation which is funded by the American Dental Association, the Australian Dental Association, the British Dental Association and all those other dental associations around the world whose primary role is to look after their members; those being dentists and dental technicians.

Whilst the World Health Organisation is often spending time and effort fighting against Monsanto because of their deadly chemicals, the World Dental Association pays off all the popping corn kernel manufacturers to make sure that they don’t use GMO corn so that in every batch of popcorn you make there will be some unpopped kernels left over.

Why do they care? Well, it is because they know that we’ll chomp on those hard pieces at the end, especially those one that look like they’re on the verge of popping, and when we do, this will cause our teeth to crack or have the “skin” of the kernel get stuck deep within the gum and it will force us to visit the very expensive dentist.

There is always left over popcorn
There is always left over popcorn. Photo credit: Flickr

4. The Reason Why Some Mainland Americans Want Hawaii to Become Its Own Nation

Although surveys conducted within Hawaii itself with native Hawaiians, whites and Asians being the responders suggest that the majority of them want Hawaii to stay an official state of the United States, there is a movement within mainland Americans, mostly* registered Republican supporters to have Hawaii become its own country.

Normally it is the conservative or right wing political followers that want their country to keep control of external territories. Margaret Thatcher and the Falkland Islands is and example of that. So one would naturally think that the right wing conservatives within the Republican Party would want the “great” country of the United States of America to remain in control of the Territory of Hawaii.

Wrong. Nope.

You see, although he can to the top job via his role as a senator of Illinios, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii as his birth certificate proved. And whilst there are some (Donald Trump, I’m looking at you) who still don’t believe it, those Republicans who DO accept that piece of paper as being true think that it’s not too late to have Hawaii secede from the Union and become its own country and then have the last eight years of Obama’s presidency wiped from the history books.

And although he hasn’t mentioned it publicly, it’s the first bill that Trump will push and sign.

*all Republican supporters to be honest.

Obama holidaying in Hawaii.
Obama holidaying in Hawaii.

5. All Bloggers Make Up Shit Just So They Have Something To Write About

Most bloggers start their blog because they have opinions that “need” to be heard. And then, over time, the ideas dry up, the rage they once had is gone, and the reason why they started blogging gets lost in the abyss of trying to write stuff that goes viral, is poignant, and that touches people in a positive way. And then comes the money. Some get paid to write sponsored posts. And sometimes they get pitched things that they shouldn’t really promote or shouldn’t really write about, but they do because the money is too good to refuse.

And then there are those bloggers whose whole blog is based on a lie as I wrote in my post “Why Would A Blogger Create a Fake Story?

And when they have finally scraped the bottom of the barrel the best they can come up with is a random listicle where they come up with five conspiracy theories that nobody is talking about because the fact of the matter is, they are all fake. Well, except for one of their claims.

A Typical* Blogger. Photo Credit: Pixabay
A Typical* Blogger at work. Photo Credit: Pixabay

*not really a typical blogger at work

What’s your favourite conspiracy theory?

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