Thanks for visiting my website. Originally in this section I wrote a short manifesto as to why I am writing these blogs and articles but then I wrote an actual blog about it so you can read that here. But you don’t care about the “why” when reading someone’s “About” page, you want to know the who.

My name is Darrell. I have a wife and (at the time of writing this) two boys, but that could change if my wife gets her way…

When I am not writing or spending time with my family I work full time selling industrial pumps.

In my past life I wanted to be a rock star. Not a musician or just a member of a band, but a fully fledged, card carrying, groupie magnet rock star. I play the guitar, bass, keyboards and occasionally sing. I have a home studio where I put down my ideas for new songs, but since becoming a dad in November 2008 I have only done that a few times. Once the kids are older I hope to go back to that and involve them in the writing, playing and recording process.

I enjoy virtually every sport but am not a sports nut – that is, I don’t spend hours on the couch watching Fox Sports or ESPN, but I do like to have the cricket on throughout the summer and try to watch my teams in the NRL and AFL when I can. My thoughts on our boys playing sports is this; I will encourage our boys to participate in whatever sport they wish to. But it will be their choice.

So that’s what this website is about; my experiences as a modern father, my thoughts about parenting, and news from around the globe that I find relevant enough to share with you, and I’m doing it all online…

Darrell Milton – Writer, Editor and Publisher.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Afternoon,

    As a mother with two teenage daughters, I commonly find myself referencing the information on Modern Father Online. I wanted to give you a quick shout and let you know that I appreciate all of the great information and tools you have provided me to acting as a responsible parent to my children. I shared your website link with my group of Moms on my facebook page, who I know will find value in your site.

    I wanted to also share a resource with you that helps parents overcome the often overlooked and avoided initiation of coversation regarding texting and driving. I came across this information last week, and used some of the information to talk to my two daughters, Chloe and Stephanie. The page has a ton of great information on approaches to take, and was extremely easy to read. Heres where I found it: scottgottlieblaw.com/talk-to-teens-about-distracted-driving

    I wanted to see if you could take a look, and see what you thought. Could you let me know? Maybe this is something you could also share with your audience?

    Thank you,

    Donna Fitzgerald

  2. Hello,
    My name is Tanya. I am doing online marketing for different brands.
    I wanted to contact you about the possibility of contributing on modernfatheronline.com.
    I was wondering if we could contribute a sponsored post with dofollow links on your website. What would be the price for this option?

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you for your time.

  3. I read your write up on why we should celebrate Thanksgiving and I was appalled, totally appalled. I think that Australians should not be adopting American cultural traditions just because they seem to be fun. Because every time we Australians do this we lose a bit of what it is to be an Australian and that worries many Aussies including me.

    I, and many other Aussies, don’t want to see Australia turn into America. Therefore we oppose this Americanisation of Australia and will therefore continue to oppose this creeping take up of American culture and traditions like Halloween or Thanksgiving.

    I think that we Australians should be proud of who we are as a distinct and separate people with our own unique history, culture and traditions. We shouldn’t treat who we are as a people with such disrespect and contempt by carelessly adopting other people’s culture and traditions and trying to make them our own just because they seem fun. If we don’t defend who we are then we will lose our unique culture and identity and then ultimately we will also lose our sovereign right to exist as a distinct and separate people too and that is what is really at stake here. So I think that this rush to celebrate all things American is ultimately a threat to our sovereignty and so it must be opposed.

    Because if we don’t defend who we are we will ultimately lose everything.

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    Hope this email finds you well. My name is Deborah Lansing, I’m a blogger outreach coordinator working with various brands. We’re looking to expand our network and find bloggers that are interested in becoming brand ambassadors and engaging with brands relevant to their audience.

    Do you have a media kit or pricing information/guidelines for sponsored blog posts, paid social posts, etc?

    We can keep the info on file and contact you when a relevant campaign arises. Thanks!

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