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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just to say how absolutely DELIGHTED I am that the iVillage site upheld my written complaint to them and deleted your gross, sexist comments about wanting to screw other women, then your attempts to intimidate, gaslight, minimise and shut me down. You must be FUMING 😀 So funny when men who are used to bullying women into silence just don’t get their own way. Like watching a toddler throwing a tantrum. The days of women turning a blind eye to gross, sexist comments are well and truly past. Sorry you missed the 1920s, but welcome to the future. Equality, dignity and freedom for women and they won’t be tone policed, condescended to, gaslighted or minimised. What a shame for men like you 😀

    PS, do feel free to scream, shriek and abuse me to your heart’s content. I won’t be returning to your blog ever again. And I certainly won’t be returning to check your reply. Just didn’t want to clutter up the iVillage comments again with any further derailing nonsense, as your desperate attempt to spruik your blog and shoehorn something gross in caused a lot of distraction.

    Hey, what do you know, your obvious attempts to spruik your blog bore fruit. You got a hit from me 😀

    Educate yourself and try to learn something. Here’s a great site. You should know though, if you try any of your bullshit commenting on there, they will rip you a deserved new arsehole 😀 Good luck! (PS, that’s not my real email address, naturally. I would not be daft enough to give it to someone like you!)

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